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Default European parliament calls for a breakup of Google

November 22nd, 2014, 00:18

This is so antitrust all over the place it is not even funny. Android is little but spyware and a mean to force people to give all their information to Google, to force ubiquity of their own services and to muscle all manufacturers into helping them attain this goal (carriers will refuse an Android phone that doesn't have Google's Play store and other Google apps on it). This is a company that needs to go the AT&T way. It has so much power and it is so arrogant it is utterly disgusting.

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November 22nd, 2014, 15:46
I'm not sure, but I guess that this is partly a cultural thing as well.

The U.S. never had a state of fear & suppression like Germany had with the Nazis, and then with East Germany.

They had the McCarthy era, but who remembers that ?

In my opinion, WWII is the reason why we Europeans act so much differently than the U.S. does.

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November 23rd, 2014, 07:56
Alrik, I actually heard that theory just a couple of weeks ago on the radio!

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November 25th, 2014, 03:51
The biggest mistake the US made was requiring its large tech companies to spy on foreign heads of state and businesses interests from friendly nations in the name of national security.

Now all these countries see US tech companies like Google as a threat to their national security and economy. Brazil and Mexico's heads of state knows the NSA accessed their emails, and that the NSA used the tech companies to spy on their private industries, like the oil and natural gas companies.

So now they are ordering companies like google to keep data physically located on their soil (loss of US jobs), launching satellites and fiber routes specifically to bypass the US, and advocating for the break up of US companies which are competitors to their own state-backed alternatives.

And people like to blame Snowden but he was never the problem here (quite the opposite). There was no way spying by all the biggest companies, involving more than a hundred thousand people, and all the largest tech companies, was ever going to be kept secret. Anyone who thought such a secret was ever maintainable should have lost their job a long time ago.
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November 25th, 2014, 06:53
For google:

For Apple:

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