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Question Valkyria Chronicles: Tips & Tricks

November 16th, 2014, 12:01
Don't try to steer the Edelweiss-tank with A/D; use W/S and mouse only.
Enable VSync as well.

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November 16th, 2014, 16:48
Okay, I'm adding some of my own. General ones.

- Don't bother to get A on missions/skirmishes until you learn mortar command and until your squad is elite (level 11+). Well… Skirmish #1 is easy to get A before that (just run your scout).

- Keep 30 FPS locked as rate of fire on automatic weapons is tied to FPS and instead of wounding your crew instadies if intercepted. Wait for the patch on this.

- To unlock hidden traits officers need to complete their sidequest missions. Recruits need to perform a few kills or just let that recruit to get KOed then call Medic to pick them (apparently while treated the journalist interviews them and you discover the trait).

- You don't need to put a full squad on a mission. For example for skirmish #3 besides your tank and officers (for AP), all you need is one engineer.

- Aces are enemies with a name. Killing one rewards you with a special weapon or tank upgrade, IMO all of those items are crap (at least till chapter 12, I'm there currently).

- Unlike other games Steam achievements are not useless here, they're in fact ingame medals and you can receive them eventually in cutscenes from a princess with special weapons sometimes. And while ace weapons are rotten, these medal reward weapons are usually better than those you currently use. So don't neglect chasing achievements here!

- Scouts are OP. Level them first, use them everywhere, get close, crack defenses with headshots!

- Snipers and lancers (yours and enemies) can't return fire nor can intercept anyone, but are deadly in their turn so clear them first.

- There is not quicksave and quickload during fights. But this is not a retarded checkpoints game. You can save every turn! So do it. Why repeatng a fight if you missed a lancer so he went behind edelweiss and…

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