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Default Current movements in digital distribution

July 31st, 2014, 23:11
I'll just sum up things with a few sentences for each.

Music industry?
You love a score? Good. iTunes (no need for any apple macine), find, buy for 1 buck, play anywhere, anytime, no storage needed!
Of course special collector, live recording and physical gadgets are not available, but well.

Movie/TV industry?
Now here things get complicated. Let's say a movie did it's theatres cycle, series aired on their "mother" network and are now sold on optical media and digitally. Netflix - not available everywhere. Hulu - the same story. Amazon video on demand - no can do. A few days ago I mentioned Crunchyroll, it's available worldwide, but you can't watch everything because some content is - locked for your region. WTF?!

Games industry?
If you live where I am, you can't buy Batman Arkham City on Steam. Region locked. But you can buy it elsewhere, for example on Gamersgate, then register on the same Steam! Okay, WTFL… oops… GFWL and it's wild worms were the culprit. But it's not the only crap digital distribution example and Steam is not the only online store that does this (because of cretinism that says something is legal and copyright and all those words you don't give a damn what they stand for, you just want to buy a game).

Oh and game released one day in one region, tomorrow in another region, a few days later in another… Digitally? Hello, we're not receiving it by FedEx or Pony Express, we're receiving it instantly! What are they doing?!

The result? Music piracy = ignorable. Movies&shows/games piracy? Growing, exponentially!

Believe it or not, the word of wisdom comes from - Australia.
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said something you won't easily hear from any government official.

Want to get rid of piracy? Make the bloody content "more available and cost affordable to users"!

I'm with him 100%.
Your thoughts?

Toka Koka
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Yesterday, 00:07
Of course words of great wisdom come from Australia; what else would you expect knowing that's where I live??!!

If God said it, then that settles it!!

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Yesterday, 13:16
This would sort itself out if we got rid of the monetary system
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