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Today, 02:41
Well this is a bit about me and why I love this site.

Years ago I started grade nine not knowing what to think of going to high school in 1984 coming from a very small school out in the country. What I did know was there was a lot of talk about computers and our school had them. Though you had to be in grade 10 or higher to take the course I got my parents to talk to the school to get me into the coarse in grade nine.

In this class I met some very interesting people and one that became my best friend who was playing this game called Ultima 3. So for the next couple of months I begged and begged my parents to get me a a C-64. I never thought they would but that Christmas under the tree from Santa what was there…you know it a C-64 and the rest is history when it comes to RPG games.

Years removed from gaming, working to much I needed something to balance out life. From work, the family something just to relax with. I had played DA O by fluke on my children's PS3 and loved playing a RPG game again. Though how do I find out what is out there and what other people are playing.

I did some searching and found this place. I would like to thank everyone here for the last 4 years in letting me get back to what I really love, RPG's.

If I had not found this site and all the insight people have here both good and bad on games. I most likely would have never got back into RPGS.
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Today, 03:59
We're glad to have you here!! Thanks for your kind words.

If God said it, then that settles it!!

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