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May 4th, 2015, 08:05
A new Kickstarter with a moderate goal of $10000.

Outland 17 - A Colonial-Punk Tactical RPG

Outland 17 is a Tactical RPG based on the American Revolutionary War. Inspired by XCOM but with its own unique visual flair & gameplay.
A three year passion project in the making, Outland 17: Void of Liberty is a tactical RPG inspired by the American revolutionary war. Lead a customized squad into open rebellion!

Drawing inspiration from other TRPG's, such as XCOM, we want to make something experimental with the genre by shifting the gameplay focus from movement mechanics to squad development.

With this shift you get a lot more personal with the characters you develop and a narrative opens up that you get to control.
Outland 17: Void of Liberty is a tactical RPG based around the American Revolutionary War, but set in the future when earth has become overpopulated. Space stations have been built to alleviate the burdening population and explore resource possibilities throughout the galaxy. Earth has offered impoverished people the opportunity to pay back their debts to corporations by working on these “Outlands.”

However, with indentured servitude comes demoted citizenship, ghastly working conditions, suspension of legal equality, and martial brutality. As in the 18th century, the strain of mercantilism, distance of the colonies, shift in values, and gap between classes have pushed the colonies to the breaking point.

G. Martin Wallace, citizen of the People’s Republic of Earth, hears rumors of civil unrest in the colonies. Despite official reports of peace, Martin Wallace decides to investigate these rumors himself. The game begins with Martin Wallace landing on Outland 3 and subsequently organizing a more effective force to counter the martial transgressions.
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9 days left.
$2833 are there - $7167 more to go!
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