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Default BAMN - 2D RPG for Windows

July 21st, 2015, 04:30
Hey guys, I'm looking for some feedback on a RPG that I've been working on.

BAMN is a 2D rpg developed in c++/SDL for Windows. It features 12 dungeons, 3 side quests and 2 small towns.

Some of the game features:

* Trigger additional round actions by meeting battle requirements. These can include having certain combinations of status effects or the current the status of the team.

* Scroll system to enhance character stats and abilities.

* No items can be used in battle or the menu. There are no heal potions, etc. You have to use your abilities to manage your team. There's a Charge ability to regain MP points in battle. Defending in battle makes you invulnerable to status effects and speeds up their removal once you are inflicted with one. Since there are no usable items, there's also no sales people and new inventory can only be gained by advancing in the story.

* There are no towns in the game. There's technically 2, but not in the traditional sense. They have no inns, no sale stores, etc.

You can download the game from IndieDB:
BAMN Download

Just unzip and run.

2 screenshots:

All feedback is appreciated.
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