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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

In 2008 a remake of the classic Sierra game was released by AGDInteractive Studio.....
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Developer: Sierra Entertainment
Genre: Non-RPG
Platform: PC
Released at 1990-11-01

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Quest for the Unicorn

Quest for the Unicorn was Mike Riley's second foray into rogue-like games. He began writing the original version in the late 80s and released version 1.0 around 1990. Quest for the Unicorn was based upon the engine that he had written for The Land. He had updated the engine to support a more expansive world than what the original engine could support.    ....
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Developer: Unknown
Genre: Roguelike
Platform: PC
Released at 1990-08-01

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Fantasy CRPG, the first produced by SSI.....
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Developer: Quest Software
Genre: RPG
Platform: C64, Apple II
Released at 1984-01-01