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Tuesday - November 22, 2011
Box Art

Tuesday - November 22, 2011

Fantasy World Engine - Races

by Skavenhorde, 12:23

Since the newsbit on KOTC 2 got a bit of attention and to make up my blunder in posting a two year old "update" on KOTC2 yesterday, I'm going to highlight some of the features in Fantasy World Engine aka KOTC 2. This information is nothing you couldn't find by going to the homepage, but KOTC was a great game and the sequel deserves to get some extra attention.

First up are the player races. In KOTC you had three to choose from, but for this one there are now nine different races. Your choices are human, dwarf, elf, halfling, kobold, half-giant, centaur, drake and mantis. Each comes with different strengths and weaknesses. Here are two charts showing the differences between the races.

The first chart shows the ability-score ranges for each race:

Races Ability Score Ranges


This chart shows details the ability score total (the maximum total you could roll for that race particular race), speed, size, natural attacks and special abilities:

Races Details

There is quite a lot of information to digest for this game so we're going to do this in bite-size chunks. Tomorrow I'll highlight another aspect from the game.

I'm also going through the updates as well to piece together everything that isn't known from the front page. There is quite a lot he's doing with the game and it's looking like he is going for roguelike complexity in this one.

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