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Friday - July 25, 2014

Fallen Enchantress: LH - Patch & New DLC

by Couchpotato, 15:05

Stardock announced they have released today they released a new patch for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, and released a small free DLC for the game.

“Adversaries” Update Now Available For Stardock’s Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

More than a year after the game’s launch, Stardock releases extensive free update for lauded fantasy strategy game -

Plymouth, MI – July 24, 2014 – Stardock announced today that version 1.7 of its critically acclaimed fantasy strategy title, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, is available. The “Adversaries” update improves CPU-controlled factions’ strategic acumen as well as introducing class-specific items for all five unique hero types, like Commander-only banners that boost the entire army’s capabilities. Download the patch free of charge through the Steam client, or purchase Legendary Heroes at

The “Adversaries” update, released for free more than a year after the critically lauded Legendary Heroes’ May 2013 release, is arguably the game’s biggest patch to date. Nearly every aspect of the game has been touched: Heroes, economy balancing, monster behavior, and of course rival AI are all significantly enhanced by the patch.

"Stardock has always been committed to the long-term support of our games," said Derek Paxton, vice president of Stardock Entertainment. "One of the great things about our games is that players stay committed and playing months and years after release. It's only fair that we do the same."

For a complete change log please visit:

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a turn-based fantasy strategy game that takes place in the world of Elemental, a land recovering from a cataclysm caused by the war of magic that saw the great civilizations of the world destroyed. While the world and people have begun to recover, foul creatures, bandits and worse have come to dominate the land. The fledgling civilizations of the world must first vanquish the monsters that freely roam the world before their kingdoms will flourish.

To learn more please visit:

Friday - April 25, 2014

Fallen Enchantress - Leader Pack DLC

by Couchpotato, 05:02

Stardock sent out a new press release with information about a new downloadable content pack called 'Leader Pack' DLC for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.

'Leader Pack' DLC Now Available for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

Fifth DLC Release Adds Monarchs, Tyrants, New Abilities and Powerful Heirlooms to Stardock’s Fantasy Strategy Game

PLYMOUTH, MI – April 24, 2014 – Stardock released today the latest downloadable content (DLC), the Leader Pack, for its critically acclaimed turn-based fantasy strategy game, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. The Leader Pack is available now through Steam for $4.99 at, directly through Stardock, or through other retailers.

The Leader Pack adds an all-new sovereign to each of the game's 10 factions. These leaders provide fresh gameplay experiences with new abilities and items. Prove might makes right with the hardy but magically impaired General Tarth, bring death magic to the kingdoms of men with Sanjo of Gilden, or absolve Lord Relias' mistakes by leading Altar to glory as Shirayn.

Players can also customize their own sovereigns with additional traits and equipment. Treasure Hunters have supernaturally good luck at finding loot, leaders with Lifeblood heal their own wounds with every spell cast, and anyone wielding powerful Ruvennan Bracers is destined for glory on the battlefield with their dramatically boosted combat capabilities.

Stardock has also continued its legacy of supporting all of its players with patches and free post-release updates for all of its games. The v1.6 patch for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes released on Tuesday, April 22, and includes additional modding support, balance tweaks, and new unit abilities for all players regardless of which DLC packs they have purchased.

Friday - November 01, 2013

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - The Dead World DLC

by Couchpotato, 03:07

Stardock announces that The Dead World DLC for Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes is now available. Here are the details.

Design your own undead army or lead the Empire of the Dead to dominion over the living in the latest DLC for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.

The ancient sorcerer now known as Morrigan the Risen returns to leave another black stain on history as he leads the Empire of the Dead in his skeletal form. All-new mechanics change the way undead empires form and grow; they grow their population by spreading cemeteries and mausoleums rather than farming food like lesser races. Undead casters enjoy all-new spells, including the abilities to feed on the lifeforce of friendly units and even conjure a powerful but temporary army from nothing.

Fearsome monsters await in the Dead World. Undead varieties of the already-terrifying half-spider Brood and the never-before-seen hell knights challenge adventurers and armies alike. A new hand-crafted map holds carefully placed secrets to discover.

The Dead World DLC Features

  • A brand new faction: the Empire of the Dead, led by the nefarious sorcerer Morrigan the Risen. Undead ignore food, growing their population by building cemetaries and mausoleums and by reanimating slain foes
  • New spells for undead casters – summon a powerful but temporary army, feed on the lifeforce of friendly units in battle, and more
  • New undead empire fully implemented in faction/army creators – design your own skeletal and spectral troops
  • New custom map: The Dead World
  • New Hellknight monsters – powerful mounted undead knights with enchanted gear
  • New Risen Brood monsters – skeletal undead half-spider monstrosities

Start your journey into darkness with the Dead World DLC for $4.99 Get it from Stardock or Steam

Don’t already own Legendary Heroes? Get it from Stardock or Steam

Saturday - August 17, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Retail Version Released

by Couchpotato, 02:00

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes now has a retail release as of today. Here is the announcement from Kalypso.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes out Today

Bracknell, UK – 16th August 2013 – Kalypso Media is pleased to announce that Stardock Entertainment’s 4X fantasy strategy title Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is now available to buy as a boxed retail version across the UK and EMEA* distribution territories for Windows PC. To celebrate the boxed retail release, Kalypso has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing some of the thrilling action and new enemies in the game.

After a devastating cataclysm has precipitated the world of elemental into an era dominated by death, chaos and destruction, new civilizations have risen from the ashes. In Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes you will forge a new empire in a world sundered by powerful magic. Mighty champions and grand armies will fight under your flag to face terrible creatures, complete quests, rediscover lost secrets and expand your kingdom in your bid to rule the world of Elemental.

So there you go those that want a boxed copy enjoy.Smile I also have a new Launch Trailer. 

Thursday - August 15, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Review @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 00:25

PC Gamer is late with their review for Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes. So if your still interested read on.

It’s a solid turn-based strategy game. You begin with a single hero, found your civilisation and employ strategies both aggressive and diplomatic to further your aspirations for world domination. Through expansion, subjugation and the wielding of grand magics, you move armies across the battlefield to kill wandering creatures, gather lost treasures, carry out quests and capture towns. These are familiar game mechanics, and though highly competent, Enchantress never really feels like it’s pushing the boundaries.

This standalone expansion passes the fun test in a way the previous games didn’t. Though it was inconsistent in presenting an engaging world, I still found myself deep in the just-one-more- turn mindset.

Friday - August 09, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Retail Release

by Couchpotato, 01:01

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes is getting a retail release according to this Kalypso  press release.

Retail Version of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Announced

August release date confirmed for UK and export territories

Bracknell, UK – 8th August 2013 – Kalypso Media and Stardock Entertainment are thrilled to announce that Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, the highly acclaimed 4X fantasy strategy title, will be releasing across Europe on 16th August for Windows PC. The launch of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes sees Kalypso Media continuing their publishing deal with Stardock Entertainment to release the boxed retail version across Europe and EMEA distribution territories.

After a devastating cataclysm has precipitated the world of elemental into an era dominated by death, chaos and destruction, new civilizations have risen from the ashes. In Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes you will forge a new empire in a world sundered by powerful magic. Mighty champions and grand armies will fight under your flag to face terrible creatures, complete quests, rediscover lost secrets and expand your kingdom in your bid to rule the world of Elemental.

Features of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes:

  • Legendary Heroes: Champions seek you out based on the amount of Fame your kingdom has generated.
  • Exciting Levelling System: Your sovereign and champions evolve through a skill tree that visually allows you to plan what kind of hero you want him or her to be. Make your mage into a powerful Necromancer, or train your Assassin in special attacks that bleed the life from your enemies.
  • Tactical Depth: Additional special skills, combat mechanics, spells and various maps promise intense battles with endless hours of fun.
  • Countless Monsters: The events of the Fallen Enchantress have raised the dead and caused forgotten creatures to return to the surface of the world to spread terror.
  • Large Maps: Gigantic sized maps deliver truly epic games.
  • Impressive Graphics: A powerful graphics engine delivers stunning visuals while improving performance on older machines.
  • Own Worlds: Use the included modding tools to create new improvements, locations, quests or factions. Design new spells in the Particle Cauldron and entire worlds with the Cartographer’s Table.


Saturday - June 22, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Map Pack DLC Released

by Couchpotato, 00:09

Stardock's released a Map Pack DLC for Legendary Heroes. The DLC is being sold through Stardock and Steam. If you own the Fallen Enchantress Map Pack DLC you should receive the Legendary Heroes Map Pack DLC for free.

Play on maps custom designed by Stardock's artists and developers. The pack includes a new, hand-crafted map for every map size, plus new stamps to spice up random map generation. It also includes the full Anthys map, a gigantic map that contains the entire known world of Elemental (at least as of ~150 AC).

The 5 maps include:

• Clash - Play against a single opponent on a balanced map, or discover a ship and explore the nearby islands.
• Crucible - Four opponents with a common area between their starting positions, can you hold the center and take out your enemies?
• Dust Bowl - A dangerous map with few fertile positions. But the land isn't empty, hordes of monsters have claimed it.
• The Wildlands - 10 Wildlands on one map. Can any empire rise in a world ruled by monsters?
• Anthys - Play across the entire world of Elemental on this map that is over twice as large as the largest maps in FE: LH.

The Map Pack DLC is available to buy through Stardock, Steam, and other third parties distributors.

Own the Fallen Enchantress Map Pack DLC?

Owners of the Fallen Enchantress Map Pack DLC were given the Legendary Heroes Map Pack DLC for FREE. Check your Steam account or your “My Downloads” page.

Saturday - May 25, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Review Roundup #2

by Couchpotato, 00:41

It's time for round #2 for reviews for Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes.

411mania- 8/10

Overall, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is an enjoyable game that doesn’t quite have the right mixture for what it’s trying to accomplish. It is fun, but things in the game aren’t put into detail, so you don’t know why you’re doing them. It is rough around the edges somewhat, but is still worth a look, if you’re a fan of the 4X genre. Especially since the Civilization 5 expansion (Gods and Kings) kind of stunk.

ztgd- 8.7/10

Fans of 4X games and RPGs should really look into Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. The amount of customization and the way city building and character progress is handled left me coming back for just one more turn. There are a few missteps here and there, but nothing game breaking at all. There may be a few times you will get dealt a bad hand in the random generated world, but you will be having so much fun taking on quests and building your starting city that you won’t mind too much. For $40, you get one rather addicting fantasy game with Legendary Heroes and I can’t suggest it enough.

thecontrolleronline- 7.5/10

Legendary Heroes also doesn’t perform very well at times, hanging between turns for just long enough to bother you. This is especially evident in larger maps, like that of the Scenario mode which features many more factions than a standard game. In case you’re wondering, I am playing on a modern system that didn’t have any trouble running Metro: Last Light. I’ve also encountered some strange behavior from enemy units, that had them getting stuck on the map, only allowing me to attack them with one unit at a time, even when I had my whole army selected. Bigger, unfortunately, isn’t always better.

You won’t just be trying to conquer your enemies in each game, but you’ll also be taking part in a lot of random events. Quests often pop up when you enter certain areas and these can take you into special dungeons or send you off to find other items, across the map. If you like a good, long, deep strategy game you’l probably like Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.

gameranx- 9/10

It's been a long road, getting from there to here, but Fallen Enchantress: Legendary has finally delivered on the promise Stardock wanted to make with Elemental: War of Magic. It's an engaging game with a great deal of customization, replayability through an altering world filled with secrets, and a tactical battle system that finally feels tactical. For fans of the genre, and for those with fond memories of Masters of Magic and Age of Wonders, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a fun, easy way to lose countless hours. All it takes is just one more turn.

Thursday - May 23, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Now Avaiable on Digital Distribution

by Couchpotato, 02:27

Stardock announces the release of Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes is now available via digital distribution for $39.99 for newcomers to the series, or $19.99 for those who already own Fallen Enchantress.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes begins right where Fallen Enchantress left off. Your fame has spread far and wide bringing forth champions who will aid your cause in restoring civilization to the land.

Two New Factions.
The Objectivist Capitarians and the Industrious Urxen have been added.

Champions are no longer placed randomly on the map but instead are earned through fame that your civilization generates through its deeds.

New Leveling System.
Your sovereign and your champions now evolve through a skill tree that visually allows you to pre-plan what kind of hero you want him or her to be.

New Tactical Battle Maps.
Battles are now much more intense with far more special skills available and initiative being far more important. New combat mechanics - such as swarming increase the strategic options.

New Monsters.
The Legendary Heroes did not reach our lands alone. Their ancient enemies have arrived with them - including the nightmarish liches and their skeletal minions, banshees and the dreaded Garagoxi seek dominion over Elemental itself.

More Magic.
New spells like "Wall of Fire" and "Raise Horde" add new options and new dangers to battle.

New Quests, Items, and Equipment.
All of the factions will encounter new quests, gain access to new weapons, armor and equipment and discover many new treasures as they explore the world.

Huge Maps.
A new gigantic sized map delivers epic sized games.
Updated Graphics Engine.

The graphics engine delivers stunningly new visuals while improving performance on older machines.

Updated User Interface.

LOTS more.

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Review Roundup #1

by Couchpotato, 00:11

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes  has been officially released today and alrready there are a few reviews for the game.

rtsguru - 8/10

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a solid 4x game with a huge range of customisation for replayability. A turn-based 4x strategy game set in a fantasy universe with RPG elements. The game offers a solid foundation to get lost in, however feeling occasionally cliche the universe can feel bland at times. A great improvement over its predecessor.

everydaygamers - 9/10

Simply put, you will be enchanted by the game.  The more I played, the more I discovered, and the more it kept me coming back for more.  I can’t say that I’ve been this enamored by a fantasy strategy game since Heroes Of Might and Magic III.  There is a scenario-based campaign to fill the role of a story campaign.  If that’s not to your liking, you can simply customize a map, number of opponents and embark on a new adventure each time you restart.  Regardless of faction and setting, the game allows you to customize all of your units, their appearances and their equipment.  Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes  is wildly addicting and offers just enough variety to fuel the ‘one more turn’ golem inside you.  I went through a phase of not finishing campaigns by just restarting on new maps, with new factions and seeing what the game would throw at me.  It’s that depth and variety that kept me from being satiated and shows me that my time in the world of Elemental is far from over.  

I am very excited by what Legendary Heroes has done, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the post-release patches and updates.  If you like a little fantasy role-playing in your empire builder, then look no further than Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.  You can purchase Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes on Steam or directly from Stardock.  Don’t forget that the game is $39.99 and contains all of the content found in the original Fallen Enchantress.  If you have already purchased Fallen Enchantress, you can get all of the content from Legendary Heroes at the discounted price of $19.99.  For either price, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes will enchant you into hours of ‘just one more turn’.  It gets a 9 out of 10.

thunderboltgames - 5/10

Legendary Heroes doesn’t leave the greatest first impression. Its graphics make the game look like an HD port of something released last generation. Its story drops out once the game starts, leaving you stranded, without direction as to what you’re expected to do next. There is a scenario to play through, but it does little to add any sort of entertaining narrative.

At first glance the lack of direction appears to be a weakness, but in actuality Legendary Heroes requires you to assist it, to give it the direction it needs. The game thrives on customized scenarios just as much as it wants you to create your own unique army. To get the most out of the game it’s best to play around with the settings to make your own world.

You can choose a sovereign or build your own. Name him, or her. Name their kingdom. Decide what clothes they wear and what sigil is emblazoned on their banner. Give them a backstory. But that’s only the start of it. The experience of Legendary Heroes is highly user defined. It’s a sandbox for you to build your empire, for you to explore, and it’s up to you in regards to the how.


Monday - April 29, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Interview @ GamingNexus

by Couchpotato, 00:27

GamingNexus has an interview with Derek Paxton on Legendary Heroes. A soon to be released stand alone expansion pack for the franchise. 

Can you give us a high level overview of Legendary Heroes?  How does this expansion pack impact the core game?

Fallen Enchantress was well received by fans and reviewers.  Legendary Heroes is our opportunity to provide more depth in the areas players enjoyed, and to smooth off the edges of any parts that were rough.

Overall it changes the hero leveling system, adds a fame mechanic for gaining champions and adds a variety of new monsters, spells and quests.  We have also redone the way tactical combat occurs, adding the swarm mechanic and new special abilities to make the tactics of tactical combat more interesting. 

Why the decision to make this a stand alone expansion pack instead of a traditional expansion pack?  How did you come up with the pricing system for the game

Traditionally expansions require the base game as a pricing mechanism.  Publishers want someone new to the series to pay more than someone who already has the base game.  They don't want to price the expansion at $20 and have someone new to the series be able to pick it up everything for $20.  Likewise they don't want to price the expansion at $40 and have someone who bought the base game have to spend all that money again to get the expansion.  They want both players to have to pay $60.
In the retail world the only way to do that is to have the expansion cost $20 but have it require the base game.  There is no way for the guy at Best Buy to know if you have the base game or not and charge you different prices if you do or don’t.
In the digital world we don't have that problem.  We do know if you have bought the base game or not so we can charge people that already have Fallen Enchantress one price and players that are new to the series another price.
The advantage of that is that we skip all the complexity of games installed on top of games.  It's a headache for us, it’s a headache for our players.  It's a challenge when are patching each game.  Instead it's cleaner to make them separate installs and player can choose if they want to install one or both of them.
Are you at all worried about breaking up your fan base with all of the changes to in the expansion?

Not really.  We have a lot of beta players because we gave a free copy of Fallen Enchantress and Legendary Heroes to anyone who preordered War of Magic.  Add to those all the players that have preordered a copy of the game (which gets them into the Beta) and we have a large community that has been playing and providing feedback.  The overwhelming response is that Fallen Enchantress is a good game and Legendary Heroes makes it even better.

Saturday - April 27, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Preview from CGMagazine

by Couchpotato, 00:49

CGMagazine has a preview of Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes.


Fallen Enchantress owes such a tremendous debt to Civilization that, regardless of its generally enjoyable gameplay, playing it begs the question of why it was created at all. The tweaks it introduces feel more like an obsessively detailed mod than an original game.

This is too bad because the RPG components that colour elements of the gameplay show that Stardock is capable of delivering something inventive when it strays from the series it appears so enamoured by. While not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes' obvious aping of a well-established franchise proves a detriment of its own sense of individuality.

Tuesday - April 23, 2013

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Release Date

by Couchpotato, 04:29

Stardock has announced an official release date for their upcoming expansion Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes.

Stardock is pleased to announce that the release date to the expansion to its popular fantasy strategy game, Fallen Enchantress has been set as Wednesday, May 22nd.

The expansion, Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes, picks up where Fallen Enchantress left off. The world of Elemental is seeing new monsters invading the land and new champions have arisen to aid the player in their quest to bring order and civilization back to the people.

The expansion is loaded with new features including a new champion system, an improved tactical battle experience, a new leveling system, new monsters, more spells and quests, larger map sizes, improved visuals, smarter AI, Steamworks achievements and much more.

For Fallen Enchantress players, it’s only $19.99. For new players, they can get Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes for $39.99.

Information about

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

Developer: Stardock

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unlimited
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released at 2013-05-22
· Publisher: Stardock