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Box Art

Thursday - March 12, 2015

Ghost of a Tale - Environment Update Posted

by Couchpotato, 03:38

Developer Seith released a new update this month for Ghost of a Tale this week. This time we get a look at his work the game environment. It looks good in my opinion.

Hello everyone! I’m still hard at work on the game’s environments and things are moving forward smoothly, although it’s quite intense; balancing artistic ambitions with gameplay layout and technical feasibility…

While I was going through my stash of screenshots I found some old ones (well they’re from last year) and it was quite the eye-opener to see how far the project has come.

Here’s an example with the keep’s courtyard you get to explore when you escape the jail (I hope I don’t need to tell you which one’s the new screenshot.

Monday - March 02, 2015

Ghost of a Tale - Large Update Posted

by Couchpotato, 03:33

Developer Seith released a new update last month on the Ghost of a Tale website.

Welcome to a new game development update! This will be a lengthy one, so please bear with me. In order to make your reading more palatable I’ve interspersed a couple of screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly productive. Paul and I met to lock everything in terms of quests, story and structure. The result is an even clearer understanding of the game’s scope.

Regarding that topic, it is interesting to note how much the game has evolved since the Indiegogo campaign. At the time I only had a very rough idea of what I wanted the game to be, but many important elements were still up in the air.

Friday - January 23, 2015

Ghost of a Tale - Moving to Unity 5.0

by Myrthos, 12:55

Seith mentions on the Ghost of a Tale site that he is moving to Unity 5.0 and that he likes the new lighting engine.

Hello everyone! This is going to be a quick update to tell you that I’m currently in the process of converting the game’s project to Unity 5.0 (beta 20). I’m not even using any fancy Global Illumination yet, but the new lighting engine shines through:

ScreenShot 2015_01_22 12;32;41001_cropped

This is a rather involved task but it is also indispensable for Ghost of a Tale to move forward. The reason is we’re going to need the new navigational mesh abilities which should allow us to achieve our goal of streaming the game’s environments instead of having to put loading screens at select locations.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ghost of a Tale is my first game ever, therefore it’s not going to be a sprawling epic tale. In fact, it is the very first step on a longer journey, for us as well as for Tilo.

If the game meets with success then we will be able to keep on telling this story with greater confidence. So this game is going to happen in a single (rather large) location with environments going from subterranean caves to the top of high towers (think “Ico”). And everything is consistent from a spatial point of view.

So it is important for us to be able to tap into Unity 5’s new capabilities regarding pathfinding across several streaming interconnected locations. Plus this new version has a lot of improvements in many domains (lighting, physics, animation, etc…). There are still many issues that I need to fix for the Unity 5 conversion to be considered complete, but I am confident that this the right choice. And I really hope it will pay off in the long run!

In addition he also mentions the new ability to set a banner to fire using a candle and has some pictures showing just that.

Wednesday - January 14, 2015

Ghost of a Tale - New Magazine Feature

by Couchpotato, 04:32

The next update for Ghost of a Tale has information form the games developer Seith about his game being covered in a magazine, and shares a few images.

Hi all! And Happy New Year! This is just to show you that the press is taking note of Ghost of a Tale. For example here we have FOUR full-color lavish pages in the latest issue of “The Game” (#4), a French magazine dealing with video games and their creators.

Some of the pictures are from older builds and don’t quite do justice to the current look of the game, yet I believe it serves as a wonderful introduction to Ghost of a Tale for anyone unfamiliar with it.

Friday - December 26, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Holiday Update

by Couchpotato, 05:59

The next development update for Ghost of a Tale has information form the games developer Seith about how keeping the games code compact helps development.

Hello everyone, welcome to this general update regarding the current state of development! Since the end of Gamescom in late August I’ve been working very hard to basically deconstruct a lot of what I had done in a hurry and re-code quite a few things (almost) from scratch, in order to make them much more solid and modular.

Saturday - November 01, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Design Update

by Myrthos, 01:46

In this development update of Ghost of a Tale, Seith walks us through the process of designing a Blood Spider.

The first question I always ask myself is this one: does this design belong specifically to Ghost of a Tale? Meaning does it have enough personality with the right mix of cute and dark? This question is closely followed by another: did I see this design plastered all over contemporary games? Does it have a modicum of originality?

Now it’s not always possible to make something which stands out from all the other clones you saw in countless games and movies. And sometimes it does seem like the mainstream video game industry puts a fine point in making sure creature designs reference each-other and never stray too far from an accepted norm.

Usually when spiders are concerned in movies and games the designers go for the tarantula (“mygalomorph”) look. A very meaty, brown, beefy kind of spider. So that look was done to death.

My first spider design was okay but it didn’t feel enough like a “real” spider to me. More like some alien monster. And as it stands it lacks appeal. Maybe I’ll end up reworking that approach at some point in the future but I wanted to try something different. So I went back to the roots of any design work: gathering documentation.

Saturday - August 30, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Back From GamesCom

by Couchpotato, 07:00

Seith has posted a new update on the Ghost of a Tale website about being back from GamesCom, and shares a few links to some previews of his game.

We’ve been back from Gamescom for a week now and it was a blast. Of course I was a little anxious as to what the gamers’ reaction would be. As I said in the previous post, up to now Ghost of a Tale was just a couple of pretty screenshots. And from one day to the next it became something real that players were experiencing first hand (even though it was just a demo).

The media coverage was quite extensive and we had articles on many websites (RPGWatch, PCGamer, IGN, Rock-Paper-Shotgun, Gamekult, GameInformer, Destructoid, IndieHangover and many more in many different languages). And that doesn’t even include quite a few threads on various forums like Reddit and Neogaf, interviews by German media and the mentions in a bunch of podcasts and on Youtube.

Basically for a lot of people Ghost of a Tale completely came out of the blue. A lot of them noticed the game during Microsoft’s press conference and went online to find out more about it (and watch the full trailer). So a big thank you to Microsoft for that!

As to anyone wondering what’s the deal with Microsoft: they simply heard of the game and decided they also wanted to see it released on their new console. So they sent us development kits free of charge along with the means to pay for the port of the game. And that’s it. So Ghost of a Tale remains at its core an indie PC game which is also going to be released on Xbox One thanks to Microsoft’s help.

Thanks again to all of you who continue to follow the game’s development. And keep sending us good vibes, they are very much appreciated! :)

As a side-note I found German gamers to be very polite and thoughtful! Which made for an extra-nice overall experience. We had a lot of people playing the game and on average the demo itself was about 15 to 20mn long. Although some people spent almost 45mn to do everything and Cyrille holds the speedrun record of 2:38 !

Thursday - August 28, 2014

RPGWatch Feature - Ghost of a Tale at Gamescom

by Myrthos, 23:40

I talked to a couple of indie developers at Gamescom. One of them was Seith, who is working on Ghost of a Tale, which features a minstrel mouse, which is a lead character you do not see often in a role playing game. Given that I was looking forward to learn what he has accomplished since the Indiegogo campaign and interview him, resulting in this article.

The game has no combat mode in which you can fight with your opponents. It is a non-violent game and you will need to find other ways than fighting to defeat your opponents. Next to sneaking, running or hiding, you could for example also drop things on them. Not only do you need to use your skills to pass the rats, but you will need it as well to solve other problems. You are after all only a small mouse and many things aren't that easy for you. Like a key that is out of your reach, but can be obtained by dragging a stool from another room to climb on, thus shortening the distance to the key

Thursday - August 14, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Gameplay Trailer

by Couchpotato, 02:24

Here is the promised one minute Gamescom trailer for Ghost of a Tale.

Ghost of a Tale is the adventure of Tilo, a tiny minstrel mouse, exploring a mysterious and dangerous world.

Wednesday - August 13, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Gamescom Fact Sheet

by Couchpotato, 01:44

The developer of Ghost of a Tale Seith has released a new fact sheet for the game.

Fact Sheet

Ghost of a Tale is a 3rd person action adventure game for PC. Set in a medieval world inhabited only by animals, the story follows the quest of Tilo – a courageous minstrel mouse – searching for his lost family. Combining elements of classic adventure and exploration games with highly immersive visuals, Ghost of a Tale weaves an epic yet intimate story.

Equipped with a mouse’s talents for stealth, quick-thinking, agility and disguise – and a love of music – Tilo must explore a dangerous world, solving mysteries while evading the clutches of his enemies. For Tilo is no great warrior: He can’t fight his huge, lethal adversaries directly!

Key Features:

Sneaky – You can creep through the world almost silently, avoiding the patrolling rats and other predators. But even the sneakiest of mice can be spotted! When an enemy gives chase you must move quickly to find a safe place to hide.
Sneaking makes Tilo more aware of what’s around him, and the dangers that may lie ahead: Enemies’ footsteps can be heard more keenly, while chests, barrels and other items reveal themselves as possible hiding places for the adventurous mouse.

Smart - Tilo’s world holds many secrets and puzzles for you to solve. You’ll be using your brain and keen powers of observation to make your way past the perils that await you. Sometimes, when all seems lost, you can still count on Tilo’s trusted lute to get out of trouble.

Curious - Tilo’s body language will alert you to useful items nearby that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you look well enough, you’ll find a variety of hats – as all mice do, Tilo has a love for hats – and other articles of clothing scattered around the world which he can wear. Sometimes, dressing in the right disguise will help you to move unseen through the world, and explore seemingly inaccessible areas.

Agile - Mice are famous for being exceptionally nimble! When confronted by danger, you can scamper swiftly away or leap out of reach. You can even use a sharp burst of speed to outpace Tilo’s foes. Skillfully use the environment to slow your enemies or lure them into traps! The choice is yours…

Sorry no links for you guys as this is just a PR statement. You can visit the games web page for more information if you still don't know what the game is about.

Friday - July 25, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Gamescom Trailer Finished

by Myrthos, 15:23

In a new update for Ghost of a Tale, Seth explains that the Gamescom trailer is done.

Hello everyone! With August very soon upon us this might end up being the last update before Gamescom. I’ve just wrapped up work on the reveal trailer yesterday at 3AM. It was back-breaking work, but it’s done and I’m happy with the result. I want to thank Paul for his indispensable help on finishing the trailer and obviously Jeremiah for his hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

The trailer is an important element to get right because for a lot of people (I hope at least) this will be the first time they’re introduced to the world of Ghost of a Tale. You guys already know about the game of course, but it’s still pretty much unknown to the wide gaming audience.

It’s a difficult act to balance as Ghost of a Tale is definitely not a AAA game. People expecting the scale of Skyrim or the action of Dark Souls are not going to find it. Instead they’ll find a small game with elements of exploration, action, stealth, adventure, and I hope the charm and heart which I think so many bombastic AAA games lack nowadays.

Here’s a screenshot for you (it’s HD resolution so you can make it bigger). It’s not part of the trailer, just some dark, humid location in the demo.

So now I’ll move on to working on the playable demo we’ll show on our booth (Hall 10.1 Aisle C No: 51). It’s going to be at pre-alpha stage, meaning a lot of elements are not there yet, like the questing and dialog system, inventory, etc… But the mission for Gamescom is not to say “here look at our game, it’s almost done!” but rather to simply raise awareness. And despite the fatigue, the bugs and the long hours I have to say I love how the game is shaping up. What is shown at Gamescom is going to be but a fraction of what Ghost of a Tale has to offer…

Wednesday - May 14, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Gamescom 2014

by Couchpotato, 05:51

The developer of Ghost of a Tale Seith has a new post on his website with information he will be at Gamescom 2014 with a playable demo build of the game.

Hello everyone! This is a quick update to let you guys know that Ghost of a Tale will be officially presented at Gamescom this August in Cologne (Germany). There will be a playable demo so please come by our booth and try the game for yourself!

We will of course announce more details as the date approaches. Just to be clear: the demo is going to be a work-in-progress but it should give a pretty good idea of the finished product.

I won’t hide from you that the amount of work to be done until then is absolutely staggering. It is going to be a race against time on so many levels for everyone involved in this adventure.

Monday - April 14, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Lore Update

by Myrthos, 11:58

Seith has updated the Ghost of a Tale website with information on the game's lore, of which little has been known up to now.

Welcome everyone! As promised this update is going to focus on the game’s lore, an aspect which has mostly been kept under wraps until now. As you all know Ghost of a Tale takes place in a medieval world inhabited by animals, each species ruling over its own kingdom. And among those kingdoms the Rats are considered one of the most powerful species. Although creatures far more fearsome exist, it is a well-known fact that, through sheer force of numbers, the Rat Army is capable of defeating almost any foe.

Today some say the Rats’ influence is so wide and far-reaching that it is more empire than kingdom. The origin of the Rat’s powerful influence can be traced all the way back to the War of the Green Flame, many centuries ago, when the world was teetering on the edge of the Bright Abyss.

No one remembers where the Green Flame appeared first. A force without conscience or thought, it killed and consumed all those standing in its path. The fallen would then grow the ranks of its army, becoming soulless puppets of the necromantic power. The great battle has passed into myth and legend now – but some facts are indisputable: the mighty Badgers of Baladhon fought and lost and even the Hawks of Halenvir fell from the sky. None of them could turn back the foul invasion.

When the news of the advancing army of the Green Flame reached the capital of each kingdom there was much debate. Some believed the Green Flame could be subjugated, used as a source of power. For others it was capable of nothing but death and decay. These quarrels took far too much time to resolve and when the Council of Asper finally stood together at last to face the Green Flame it was all but too late......

Monday - March 31, 2014

Ghost of a Tale - Development Update

by Myrthos, 11:58

The last development update for Ghost of a Tale was last year, but Seith delivers a new one  this last day of March to share with us the status of the development.

And here is a summary of things that are either new or improved (in no particular order):

  •  AI: I’ve implemented a new detection system for the enemies. Before it was a binary system which wasn’t entirely satisfying: you were either detected (and attacked right away) or you were not. The new detection system is much more organic and takes into account the player’s position, distance, speed, stance and whether you are hiding or not. There’s also a visual feedback icon on the enemy to let you know his level of suspicion (a little like in the Assassin’s Creed games). So now the whole thing is much more skill-based: it’s about how you balance the act of reaching a certain location without getting detected. Bottom line: it’s more fun!
  • Music: A while ago Jeremiah composed an excellent “combat” cue (actually several) which is triggered when you get detected by an enemy and I finally got around integrating it to the new detection system. Needless to say it adds a tremendous amount of tension and drama to the experience.
  • Animation: I mentioned before the “awareness system” in place for the player character; I’ve now added something similar for the enemies so that when they go somewhere (eg: patrolling from A to B) they actually look where they’re going. I know it may sound trivial but for me (as an animator) it really makes a difference.
  • Story: Paul and I worked a great deal on the story. It has grown in depth and scope and we’re focused on making sure we can explore it for all its worth. We’re also working on game design and we are now at a point where we’re testing individual mechanics to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Interface: We now have a first pass on the inventory and the song system. It feels nice being able to actually see what you picked up at last (icon and description). Still a lot of work to be done in that area but it’s starting to take shape. We also have a new dialog system in place (thanks to Tony for the support on his Dialoguer asset) which works really well.
  •  Visuals: All the game’s shaders have been converted to Physically Based Shaders using the new Shader Forge tool (thanks to Joachim for the support). What does it mean in plain English? Surfaces now look much more realistic in the way they react to lighting: stone, metal and wood actually “feel” like distinct materials.

Tuesday - December 24, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Christmas Update

by Myrthos, 23:17

The development of the game with the mouse, Ghost of a Tale has a new update.

When I started the Indiegogo campaign back in May I was hoping for some kind of closed alpha to be released right about now but it seems that was a little optimistic, as I’m still putting something together as we speak. I am aware that we live in a time where huge studios cancel or delay their games on a whim, without much apparent respect for their audiences. And sometimes when they do release their games they are crippled by strings of bugs, broken features and half-baked ideas. But let me assure you that I have no desire to follow in those tracks!

Actually, given the fact that this is my first game ever (and that I’m still learning as I go) I’m very happy about the way things are evolving. Indeed I’m slowly reaching the feature-freeze stage where everything starts to gel and game mechanics just… work. Although one of the perks of developing the game 95% on my own is being allowed to change my mind and experiment with things without enduring the wrath of irate team-members. On the other hand if I break it, I have to fix it!

Still, I am glad to benefit from the help of great collaborators whenever the need arises (thanks Paul, Cyrille and Stephane)!

As a side note for a couple of months now I’ve been working with a new computer (bought with the campaign’s funds) and the speed at which I can develop the game has been greatly enhanced. It doesn’t look fancy but it’s got 16gigs of RAM, SSD drives and a GTX Titan graphics card. I am so happy about it because it makes the development process so much more effective (and enjoyable!).

In addition there is a new wallpaper to download and peek into the process of creating the game’s sets.

Tuesday - December 03, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Game Progress

by Myrthos, 12:10

A new update for Ghost of a Tale popped up with information on the progress of the game and a screenshot.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last update but that’s because work on the game is moving forward at a brisk pace. So here are just a few improvements since the previous update, in no particular order:

  • Started testing DX11 global illumination asset (called “Dynamic GI”) for potential future integration (thanks Chris!)
  • Integrated new camera with auto-corrective behavior (more on this at the end of this post)
  • Deepened the lore and background story elements for characters, locations and quests (thanks Paul!)
  • Implemented modular Actor AI with shared behaviors and waypoint system
  • The crystal crab is now functional (and quite scary)
  • Implemented traps game mechanics
  • Footsteps sounds now match the ground material under the actors
  • Implemented hiding spots game mechanics (really fun to use)
  • Implemented faction system for NPCs (player is no longer the de-facto target)
  • Stealth behavior is integrated
  • Implemented ladder climbing system (yay for verticality!)
  • Created new animation assets (player, skeletal rats, crab, etc…)
  • Created additional foley sounds
  • Implemented new props attachment and equipment system (great way to customize the character’s look)
  • Started testing a new DX 11 Unity asset (called “Fluidity”) in hopes of integrating it in the game (for cool pyrotechnics)

Tuesday - October 29, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Behind the Scenes & The figurines

by Couchpotato, 04:21

It has been a while since we have posted anything about the mouse with a lute RPG Ghost of a Tale. The games website has a bunch of a new information for anyone interested.

The figurines are back!

After several tests we’ve found the best way to protect them: we put them in a plastic bag and fill it with what’s called “exfoliated vermiculite”, which is basically powdered/crushed volcanic rocks. That substance is not organic (so it’s fine for international shipping), but it is also very light yet firm enough that it can maintain the figurine safely from all angles and safely absorb the effects of inertia.

Each figurine is numbered and they’ll be shipping early this week. And then an army of undead rats will be unleashed upon the world!

Perks have shipped!

Hey guys, this is a quick perks-related update: you’ll be glad to know the T-shirts and post-cards all shipped. So hopefully you’ll get them fairly soon (please allow the time for snail-mail to reach you before panicking!). I really hope you’ll like those…

Behind the Scenes

Since David suggested I do a post regarding the applications I use to develop “Ghost of a Tale”, here’s a quick breakdown of how my pipeline goes, starting with Maya.

Whether it’s character or environment I tend to begin with very basic poly shapes before I then move on to thinking about details. So Maya acts as a modeling software for very early stage exploration. Of course character animation also happens in Maya. I also developed an exporter for Unity which allows me to export models and/or animations with just one click. Let me tell you it’s a real time-saver!

Thursday - July 18, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Game Progress

by Myrthos, 12:49

Seith provided a development update for Ghost of a Tale, the game with the mouse.

On the other end, I’m happy to report that the game is making great progress (with the help of a few very talented people). So here are a few things that have been changed/improved since the alpha trailer:

  • Gamepad support has been fully implemented. I never thought I would one day utter those words, but I actually prefer using the gamepad to test the game now.
  • Several concept art pieces were created (thanks Adam!).
  • Player control and animation have been completely overhauled; better collision detection, smooth transitions, new interaction animations, etc…
  • Started implementing sneak mode (I can’t say much more about that yet).
  • Started implementing dialog/interaction support. This is linked to the game’s UI and is still very much a work in progress.
  • Dynamics are on! The mouse’s hood is now completely dynamic, it responds to the mouse’s movements; this saves a lot of work on the animation side and looks really neat to boot (thanks Enrique!).
  • New fur (thanks Dariusz!), cloth and environmental shaders with multi-layered POM and tessellation support (thanks Andy!). This allows the texture work to really pop.
  • New interactive bending vegetation (thanks Dominik!). Bushes and grass react to the player running through them. It really adds a nice touch.
  • Player character awareness system; it’s a mouthful to just say that the mouse is aware of what’s around him, even if the player isn’t. So if you run about and the mouse notices something he’s going to turn his attention to it. In other words his body language will clue you in about interesting features you might have missed.

And that’s it for now… :)

Of course some of those things you guys might take for granted in games nowadays. But the thing is, in Unity you have to create pretty much everything from scratch. It’s a lot of work, but on the plus side it also means that you can create exactly what you need.

Finally, just a little picture of our mighty hero for you:


Friday - May 24, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Interview @ Polygon

by Myrthos, 12:13

Polygon has created an article-style interview with Ghost of a Tale developer Lionel Gallat.

Gallat cites Disney's animated films starring talking animals as a major source of inspiration, naming the Winnie the Pooh franchise and Robin Hood specifically. He is also a fan of the Redwall books and The Secret of Nimh, both of which are stories of small mice overcoming hardships in fantastical worlds. Gallat loves these types of stories because they firmly belong to the imaginary world but still contain nuggets of realness to them.

"At no point during [them] do you wonder, 'Okay, is this a real world?' It's different," he said. "It's like a translation of things that we know. For me it's a mixture between something you can believe in, in terms of credibility, like the world, the water, the rocks, the architecture. But it's transposed through these fantasy characters and that makes it more fun, more interesting."

Gameplay in Ghost of a Tale is based on exploration and encourages players to discover what makes the world tick on their own.

"You are thrown into an adventure and you don't really know much about where you are and what you're trying to do," Gallat explained. "I'm not playing the trope of the amnesiac character, but you will have little nuggets of info at some points so you have a sense of what's happening and what your goal is."

Gallat added he wants to keep the interface as simple as possible, and will not add directional arrows on screen or include fetch quests that involve hunting down and talking to people. There may be a "little bit" of melee combat in the finished game, but Gallat is playing up the stealth aspect and wants to encourage players to find their own ways around obstacles.

Monday - May 20, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Funded

by Couchpotato, 00:03

The mouse with a lute RPG called Ghost of a Tale has been funded on Indiegogo with one day left to go.


That’s incredible! No, really; it is. Why? Because a month ago “Ghost of a Tale” wasn’t on anyone’s radar. No journalist was aware of anything in regard to the project. The campaign was a text-book cold start.

So you can all be proud of yourselves, because you’ve made it happen. In fact from my point of view that is the single most amazing thing about the whole adventure; to see that you, the backers, decided this could be a special little game worth helping. And that you acted on this feeling.

As I wrote on the main page, one of the reasons I started this campaign was to see if there were enough potential players that could be bothered; it was to be a stern (and very public) verdict on the viability of the project itself. And boy did I get a resounding endorsement!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have contributed to this campaign, whether from a financial or moral standpoint (and often both). As one of you said in a recent message, I shouldn’t think of this success as a heavy pressure weighting down on me as I work on the game, but rather I should think of it as an huge mark of affection for the project. And indeed I very much like the notion!

I will keep posting here any important updates until I can all direct you to an official site and community forums where you’ll be able to keep being involved in the creation of the game. Meanwhile, I am sure all of you will join me in breathing a long sigh of relief… :)


Saturday - May 18, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Wallpapers

by Myrthos, 01:23

There are still 3 days to go in order to reach the required additional 4.5 KEuro for Ghost of a Tale to get funded. With a bit of help that should be possible.
In the meantime there are some wallpapers of the game you can enjoy.

Yeah I know.... a newsbit on wallpapers?? It is indeed just a trick to lure you into pledging for the game where you get to play as a mouse.

Tuesday - May 14, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - How to Build a Crab

by Myrthos, 10:23

In the recent days four updates were added to the Indiegogo campaign for Ghost of a Tale, which just requires a little of 10 KEuro more to reach its goal of 45 KEuro in the next 7 days. The updates are about the steps that are required to create a crab from scratch.

For those of you interested in the more technical aspects of the game’s development I thought I would present the method I used to create the crab model. As a side note, I’ll have to spread that presentation over several updates, as Indiegogo only allows for one picture per update.

Before starting to work on the model, I always surround myself with visual references (photographs, paintings) and make mental notes of aspects I will emphasize in order to end up with a model that’ll be interesting enough.

It all starts with a simple cube (within Maya), followed by other cubes to roughly represent all the body parts and get a feel for the overall volume of the limbs. As you can see, it’s all very blocky and I do not worry about details at this stage. It’s best to check that everything looks as expected now (in terms of overall morphology), as it will become more difficult to change things further down the line.

Then I start to work on the body parts in Zbrush (bottom picture), simply refining the broad shapes. Again, not caring too much about details yet; just roughing in the main volumes. Note that at this stage I already know I’ll have to open the arms of the creature so I can get a better look while sculpting. But starting with the arms folded ensured that the crab would eventually be able to get into that pose later on.


And the result is this:

Thursday - May 09, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Interview @ Rock Paper Shotgun

by Myrthos, 18:27

Ghost of a Tale developer Lionel Gallat, who is currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo, has been interviewed by Rock paper Shotgun.

RPS: Let’s talk in a bit more detail about the game. What sort of game is it going to be, and what can we expect from it?

Gallat: You play as a little mouse. This mouse gets to an island and this island is populated by undead rats. Something has happened on the island that is not normal. You came to the island for a reason, though, and you have a quest, which is to get to the tower of Periclave, which is the name of the island itself. That’s the underlying struggle. When you get to the island you start to discover what had happened there, and why it happened. I think it will not be too much of a spoiler if I say you are going to meet a ghost. You are going to help him, somehow. It’s really about exploration, about discovering things, and it is not at all focused on combat. In the alpha trailer there is a moment where you get some kind of a weapon and start whacking at the rats, and that was fun to do, but it does not reflect the gameplay that I have in mind. It is about stealth. The mouse is not powerful at all, and it is engaged in a very dangerous adventure, it is perilous, and so it is really a game about exploiting this fact, not about fighting through enemies that are twice your size.

RPS: Can you talk about those gameplay mechanic ideas at all?

Gallat: Well there will be puzzles in the sense that you need to find your way through the island. There will be some mechanics and mechanisms which involve discovering things that are not of use at first sight, but when you look, really look, you find out their purpose. There is also going to be a good deal of stealth, and avoiding of confronting enemies directly, because that is not going to work. Indirect methods of confronting enemies will be important. We will have quests and objectives of course, but I think of it more like an adventure than like a Dark Souls or something.

Wednesday - May 08, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Interview @ IndieGameMag

by Couchpotato, 00:47

IndieGameMag has a new interview on Ghost of a Tale. We posted another interview earlier also. Both offer new information so be sure to read both.

If you search for the name “Lionel Gallat” on IMDB, you’ll find the name attached to a number of animated feature films: animation director for The Lorax, animation director for Despicable Me, supervising animator for Shark Tale, and the list goes on.

But more recently, Gallat has stepped away from animated feature films, and started developing a video game…on his own. The game is called Ghost of a Tale, and with one look at a screenshot it is easy to see that Gallat’s artistic skills have easily transitioned into the video game. Ghost of a Tale looks beautiful.

“As an animation director I was responsible for the animation of entire movies, leading 60+ [person] teams,” Gallat explained to IGM. “I was longing to go back to the nitty-gritty of creation; writing, modeling, painting, rigging, programming and… playing. I’ve already been in a position where I mostly tell people what they should do (and it’s probable [that] one day I’ll go back to that position) but today I’m having a lot of fun doing things myself for a change!”

Gallat, who is in the middle of promoting the funding campaign for his debut title Ghost of a Tale, chatted with IGM for a bit about his experience transitioning from Hollywood to the game development scene, his woes with Kickstarter, and why Ghost of a Tale deserves your support.

IGM – What inspired you to start working on a game, and move out of the animation industry?

Gallat - It was a good time for me to do so. I’ve always loved games and I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, creating models and animating them. But I also love programming (I’ve written tools used in production in several studios). So it wasn’t really that far-fetched for me to put the two together.

As an artist who programs I can get lost in a coherent game world and get to look everywhere I want, and interact with things that I created. In a nutshell it’s a lot of fun. I feel like a kid again, when I was programming moving sprites (an achievement!) in Microsoft Basic. It’s a huge amount of work obviously, but so rewarding.

IGM – So if the game isn’t fully funded…is that it? Would Ghost of a Tale cease to exist?

Gallat - Yes, probably. Several people have asked me that same question recently. I’ve been working on Ghost of a Tale full-time for more than a year (that includes changing engines), funding everything from my own pocket. So if I can’t remain financially independent and get a modest budget to pay for a handful of collaborators I’ll have to pull the plug at some point. Although let me tell you in all honesty it would hurt like hell, since I love this project with all my soul; I’ve poured so much time, energy and love into it.

If the campaign isn’t successful I would still try to keep working on the project for as long as I could afford it. But at some point my savings will eventually run out. I’m not complaining though; it’s the risk I took so I’m the only one responsible.

I also have to be lucid on the fact that if there aren’t enough backers maybe it means that there simply aren’t enough people interested in a game like Ghost of a Tale. That’s what frightens me most.



Tuesday - May 07, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Interview @ Venturebeat

by Myrthos, 13:28

The Ghost of a Tale campaign at Indiegogo has still 2 weeks to go (the duration was increased recently with one week) and is currently at 27K€ out of a requested 45K€.

In the meantime an article style interview showed up at Venturebeat with developer Lionel Gallat.

“All those influences, just being able to put some cute animals … into a situation where they have to really face danger, but also find empathy in the player, so that the player can care a little bit about the characters and understand, even though they don’t look human,” he said. “That’s what I’m trying to do. To be able to show that even though they don’t look at all like us, we can really understand [them].”

“I’m just trying to do something that’s charming, sympathetic, but I’m not shying away from violence or danger or stuff like that,” he added.

Monday - April 22, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Updates

by Myrthos, 13:17

There are two new updates for the Ghost of a Tale campaign on Indiegogo. It is a fixed campaign, so you will only be charged if it succeeds and it is currently at 16K€ of an asked 45K€ with 22 days to go.

The first update is on simplicity:

I just would like to quickly address the topic of simplicity, since I mentioned it on the main page. It is quite common to see game projects flounder because of over-ambition. Sometimes, in the hope of raising as much money as possible, projects try to cater to too many audiences and end up disappointing a large chunk of their backers. It is my wish to try and avoid this as much as possible.

So let me make something clear: if as a player you MUST have deep statistics and number crunching, then chances are you will be disappointed in “Ghost of a Tale”. I can’t stress this enough: my goal is to create a game that’s beautiful, charming, fun, accessible and straightforward in its approach. This should not however be necessarily construed as “dumbed-down” or shallow; after all you can build fairly complex architectures with simple stones.

Finally here’s a short turntable video which shows the main character you’ll play in-game. It’s the first of a series of videos which aim to give you a better look at some of the characters that were only glimpsed in the alpha trailer…


And the second on the Undead rat

Here’s a better look at one of the undead rats that was seen on the video. This is one of the more heavily armored ones. They’re not very fast, but they can kill you with one well-adjusted blow (as opposed to what you see in the video). Let’s not forget that compared to your small mousy self they are indeed towering giants!

Again, this is simply the game asset directly within Unity, as it appears in-game. No fancy CG makeup.

Keen-eyed ones among you will no doubt notice the royal sigil of the Rat King painted on the shield. Although it’s seen better days. Too much salty water if you ask me… :)

Incidentally, the character’s pose is the one used for the figurine available on the campaign page.


Monday - April 15, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Interview and Fixed Funding

by Myrthos, 12:28

An interview for Ghost of the Tale, currently on Indiegogo (currently at 1/3th of the asked 45K Euro) can be found at The Verge.

In order to keep the project manageable, Gallat is making Ghost of a Tale relatively small. There will be exploration, combat, secrets to uncover, and even some role playing game elements, but don't expect a game on the scale of Skyrim. You'll explore a haunted island as opposed to a vast world. "My goal is to craft a small yet beautiful game with environments that look a bit like movie sets and characters that have a sense of stylization in their design, while retaining a certain simplicity and immediacy as far as gameplay is involved," Gallat explains.

He began development on Ghost of a Tale last year after a lengthy career as an film animator, starting in 1996 with Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt and ending with 2011's The Lorax, where he served as animation director. "The set of skills needed to make a game or a movie are virtually the same," he explains. "So for me it doesn't really make a big difference. I feel what I have learned working on movies is absolutely relevant to Ghost of a Tale."

Even still, the process hasn't been easy, mainly due to the fact that — as Gallat explains it — he's not a "real" programmer. Progress was slow early on, and Gallat says that he struggled for close to a year trying to wrangle his ideas into a particular game engine. Eventually he switched to the Unity engine, a popular game creation tool among smaller studios, and things started moving much faster — the alpha was built in just two months, and that includes the time he spent learning a new programming language.

In addition on his Indiegogo page he explains why he went to fixed funding instead of the commonly used flexible funding campaigns.

Lately I’ve been asked about the campaign type for “Ghost of a Tale”. As you know, Indiegogo offers the option to keep whatever money has been pledged, even if the goal is not reached by the final deadline. But as I said on the main page, this is not the case for this campaign. If it is not successful, the project will not get any money at all. All the money that you guys have pledged will be refunded to you in its totality.

Why did I do it this way? Because I couldn’t morally justify the “flexible” approach. If I set a budget goal, it’s because that’s what’s needed to complete the game to a suitable standard. So if the campaign only gets to, say, a third of the budget, I don’t want to go “Oh well, too bad. I’ll take that, bye!”. What would it then mean for you backers? Your money would be taken away and then what? You would have basically paid for a product that won’t be made? Anyway, I’m just speaking for myself and for “Ghost of a Tale”; I’m sure in some cases flexible funding makes perfect sense.


Wednesday - April 10, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Interviews and Greenlight

by Myrthos, 12:29

The Indiegogo campaign for Ghost of a Tale is currently at 13.7K out of an asked 45K and with more than a month to go it should be able to reach that goal. There were some updates in the recent days, one is that the game is currently in the concept section of  Greenlight. the other updates cover 3 interviews with the developer.


"Which brings me to the second point: Time. Animators in video game studios are rarely allowed time to learn, to refine, to improve their skills. So they mostly get better at being faster, more efficient. Which is important of course, but only the first half of the journey."

It's these two factors that can potentially bring video game animation down, Gallat believes. "As an animator it truly saddens me of course when I see bad animation in a game (truth be told it often ticks me off)," he adds. "But as a professional I understand the reasons behind that."

Analog Addiction

You mentioned this game being a combination between an action/adventure and an RPG. As such, will the game feature more of an open-world environment, or will it be more linear?

Well, the term “open-world” environment definitely seems too big for this game. The game will happen on the Island of Periclave, which is not very big, but that’s the price to pay for not having a big team of developers. All I can say is topography will be consistent. Which means that all the different locations share the same unity of space and time. The game will also be linear story-wise. There is a progression towards a goal. This is not going to be like ‘Skyrim’ where you can spend hours wandering through a huge world with 50 quests going on at all time. Which is why I always emphasize the “small” aspect of the game.

And there is this podcast at Et Tu, Gamer?


Monday - April 08, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Combat Update

by Myrthos, 12:06

In the latest update for Ghost of a Tale (curretnly at 10K out of an asked 45K, with 36 days to go), Lionel shares his thohughts on combat.

In this update I'd like to focus, mostly, on combat.

But first of all a few words about the plot of the game: at this moment I am purposely keeping the story under wraps. Not because I don't know where I'm going, but because I wish to maintain a sense of genuine mystery. In a manner of speaking "Ghost of a Tale" will be the opposite of "Skyrim" (which is a game I love by the way). "Skyrim" is not about an intimate, compelling story; it's about a huge world where you play a nondescript character that you can mold entirely to your liking. "Ghost of a Tale" on the other hand will be infinitely smaller, with a set story in which you play precisely the character of the mouse and none other.

Now many people have asked me about combat. The most common question being: is it going to be like "Dark Souls"? The answer is no. "Dark Souls" is heavily focused on fighting with dozens of weapons, shields, armors, damage modifiers, various attacks, parrying techniques and offensive strategies, character classes etc... "Ghost of a Tale" can NEVER expect to compete on those grounds: it will be a much simpler game. In fact, combat (as far as the player character is concerned) is still very much uncertain.

Let me explain: as a player, I enjoy pressing a button to make my character attack monsters. It's a very basic, yet satisfying, game mechanic. But as game-designer for "Ghost of a Tale" I am less and less convinced that's the right way to go. By now it has been established that you play as a mouse who (obviously) isn't a warrior and who is thrust into a very perilous adventure. So I may in fact tone down combat A LOT to emphasize the helplessness of the mouse. Which of course means I will have to find fun and interesting alternatives to monster-bashing. This is important, so please let me know what you guys think!

There are many more things I would like to say, and points I would like to address but I'll keep that for a next update! Finally here's just a quick WIP screenshot (no set-dressing yet) that shows a new hood color scheme for the mouse, which makes the character stand out better against the earthy natural environment.


Friday - April 05, 2013

Ghost of a Tale - Launched

by Myrthos, 12:13

Lionel Gallat, a former Dreamworks animation supervisor and given direction to the animation on "Despicable Me" for Universal is also working on a game on his own named Ghost in a Tale. This game is on a fixed funding campaign at IndieGoGo, so he only gets the money when the game is funded. It is currently at 5.821€ of an asked 45.000€.

Here is the video:

And here is the press release:

Former Dreamworks Animation Supervisor Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Unique Adventure Game "GHOST OF A TALE"

PARIS, France - April 2, 2013 - SeithCG is launching an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the development of its first action-adventure game "Ghost of a Tale". The game is developed by a former Dreamworks supervising animator who more recently directed the animation of Universal Studios' "Despicable Me".

"Ghost of a Tale" follows a little mouse as he sets out on an adventure into a medieval world populated entirely by animals. The mysterious Island of Periclave, which has long been a disputed outpost for the Army of the Rats, is abandoned now, and reputed to be haunted. Of course tales are told of a fabulous treasure hidden high up in the Tower of Periclave, but it would be folly to try and get there, even for a mighty warrior - and the little mouse certainly doesn't look like one. The island is a mystery, rewarding the little mouse's curiosity and bravery in combat with the discovery of great secrets.

"Ghost of a Tale" is past the stage of a mere concept, however, and footage of a playable demo can be seen on the campaign's page. Remarkably, this project is being developed by just one person, yet it strives to combine a visual quality usually seen in big-budget AAA titles with the craftsmanship and emotional resonance more commonly found in independent, experimental games. Its developer, Lionel Gallat, is finally able to bring his years of experience working for Hollywood studios to bear on his passion project in order to deliver a product of the highest quality, and great beauty.

The Indiegogo campaign page for "Ghost of a Tale" can be found here.

About SeithCG
SeithCG ( is a one-man studio founded by Lionel "Seith" Gallat, based in the south of France. SeithCG's website offers animation tools that have been used in production by many studios around the world, including "poseLib" and "retimingTool". Gallat has worked in the movie industry for more than 15 years, first at Dreamworks on several movies ("The Prince Of Egypt", "The Road to Eldorado", "Spirit", "Sinbad", "SharkTale", "Flushed-Away", etc...), and more recently as the animation director for Universal Studios' "Despicable Me" and "The Lorax". He possesses a wide range of skills rangin

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Ghost of a Tale

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