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Box Art

Sunday - March 01, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Yasunori Mitsuda Goal

by Couchpotato, 05:25

Midgar Studio announces in a new update that Edge Of Eternity has earned over $100,000, and talks about the next stretch goal for music composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

It’s not a goal but crossing the 100K$ line after only 13 days is a huge success for us. Now you backers are talking really serious!

So it’s approaching. We already said a lot about our dream of working with Mister Mitsuda. Do not believe this is just words. We really love this man and his musics. If you are a big JRPG fans as we are there are no doubts you know Mitsuda San and you probably fully understand our excitement.

Just in case, now is a good time to tell everyone a bit more about this video game music legend that was once called “The Mozart of video game”.

Yasunori Mitsuda entered the legend of japanese video games in 1992, when Hironobu Sakaguchi gave this self-taught artist the opportunity to join Squaresoft. He joined a music team that was composed of almost only video games heroes like Kenji Ito, Nobuo Uematsu or Hiroki Kikuta. With this crew, he is credited on legendary games like Final Fantasy V and Secret of Mana.

Saturday - February 28, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Crafting Goal Reached

by Couchpotato, 05:43

Midgar Studio's next update has information the Crafting Stretch Goal was funded.

You all must wonder why nothing happened on our side since we passed the 95k$ goal last night. To be honest we were a bit taken by surprise by a very generous donator from the US that backed us for... 10 000$. He crushed the goal all by himself!

So yeah, ok, we did wait and see if that was really real or if this amazing support turned out to be some kind of joke. A few PM later it’s seems to be all real. If it’s confirmed, man, you are really amazing! We will have to think a very special reward pack just for you.

With this unexpected support we did achieved the Crafting goal. Yet another cool feature we will be able to add to Edge of Eternity. As we said, we want to put a particular attention on this and make it really interresting for our gamers. We read several interesting comments about what you would expect and how you would improve the system we presented. Be assured we are reading. Keep on giving us this kind of feedback, this really helps.

Wednesday - February 25, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - New Crafting Update

by Couchpotato, 02:05

The next update this week for Edge Of Eternity is about item crafting.

Here at Midgar Studio we are all big RPG fans. We bet you got that already. Not only JRPG but also western ones, especially the work of some people like Bioware. And we also played quite a lot MMORPG.

What’s my point, you would say? Well, something we got from this gamer experience is that building a pleasant crafting system is not that easy. But when its good, its a real big nice addition to a game.

We chose to make crafting an additionnal feature of Edge of Eternity because we wanted to have the time and resources to make it good, otherwise we would rather not make it at all.

As you guys are crazy enough to support our project, this goal is now at sight. With a little extra help from your friends, there’s now chances there will be crafting in Edge of Eternity. And here’s some details about how we see it.

We would like our crafting to at the same time simple and explicit but yet powerful with a real impact on your gameplay. This is why we aim to propose diversity not in the way you will have to do things, but in the things you can do.

There would be four crafting categories in Edge of Eternity : Weapon Smithing, Armor Smithing , Alchemy and Crystals Fusion. Each are ruled by simple rules but rich of many recipes and possible unique items.

Monday - February 23, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Nekaroos Stretch Goal

by Couchpotato, 04:58

The next update from Midgar Studio's has news the Nekaroos Stretch Goal was made. The game has now made $78,159 of the $44,000 goal with twenty seven days left. 

Nekaroos everywhere!

Thanks to you we will add a great feature to Edge of Eternity: Nekaroo Breeding! 

As we explained in the previous update this will be a real “in game game” that will open new possibilities for all kind of players. We bet some of you will forget all about Heryon’s pain and misery and just focus on raising theses jumping creatures. We want to make it as fun as possible and we have many ideas for that, expect some surprises!

Next goal: crafting!  

This is another additionnal feature we really care about. As you know, our weapon progression system based on crystals is a key base feature of Edge of Eternity. If you help us adding crafting to that, it would give our game yet another depth and customization potential.

With this addition you would be able to craft your own weapons of course but also armors and potions. We will give you a lot more details in an upcoming special update.

Sunday - February 22, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Nekaroo Update

by Couchpotato, 04:28

The next kickstarter update this week for Edge Of Eternity has more information about a creature the developers Midgar Studio call a Nekaro.

When Ugo came with his first sketches of these catgaroos during the early work on the game, it has been instantly obvious for us all there would be these creatures in the game. And as development went by they really became our mascots. Nekaroos will be very cool mounts in the game, but with your support they could become much more.

All around Heryon you will find these different Nekaroos with special abilities. Some of them will be essential to your progression. Some of them will be rare enough so the collectors amoung you spend hours hunting them and brag on it when captured. This will be a key part of Edge of Eternity, Nekaroos will be both an important way to progress into the main story and also a side game for the pet lovers. You’ll play your way.

They even made a new theme song for the Nekaro


Friday - February 20, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Preview @ Cliqist

by Couchpotato, 05:09

Amanda French published a new preview on Cliqist for Edge Of Eternity, and talks about hot the games the developer Midgar Studio had a successful relaunch this week.

The new campaign on the other hand is quite impressive with a better game summary, a clean and organized breakdown of its features, effective use of its brand new in-game footage and (better) concept art, and of course, a working demo. Even the Kickstarter video, with its evocative music and intriguing game footage, was a vast improvement over the otherwise mediocre display provided by the original campaign’s. The lower funding goal was managed (as explained by Midgar Studio in their FAQs) by the personal investment of the developing team.

You can also read a new update on the games kickstarter page.

Day 4 and this is the second goal you achieved... Edge of Eternity is coming to PS4 and Xbox One! This is quite an important step for us as we really believe our game belongs to next-gen consoles.

Our current demo is already functionnal on this plateforms, we tested it several time in the studio. But its a basic porting of the game and we really want to provide specific version that take advantage of each console potential. We also already talked to Sony and Microsoft both really liked what they saw, and it was really encouraging for us at the time, but they still have huge requirements and checklists before they will approve our release. 

Thursday - February 19, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Why Use Kickstarter

by Couchpotato, 05:00

Midgar Studio's next update for Edge Of Eternity answers a few questions for backers about why the developer used kickstarter, and how they will be using the funds.

We saw many questions about the financing of the project and about our goals considered by some of you as kind of low compared to other projects.

First thing important is that we are not proposing a project “to be” that will start with the funding. This new EoE project is on for more than a year now. There is still a lot (really a lot) to do to provide you the full game we have in mind, but a lot has been done already too. We developed an internal framework that now allows us to be very efficient and productive and we are also using technologies like Unity that are a real time saver for developers.

Another very important point is that the core team, the 4 of us, is already funded through the investments we got (personnal, family and friends) and previous missions. Midgar Studio exists since 2008 and we worked hard for external customers to build up the budget that allowed us to start Edge of Eternity.

So what is the money for then?  

Well, our small team built what we believe are strong basis for Edge of Eternity but of course we need some reinforcement to make it the great game we want.

Our stretch goals are calculated to fulfill specific missions and answer specific needs. They are based on estimated workloads distributed on the dev time of the project.

The first 44k$ are mostly meant to bring more art into the game. We will use them to add talents to our animation and character design team. It will also give us some resources for a part time writer that will work on dialogs, sub-quests and stories and make planet Heryon even more living.

The second goal at 60k$ answers to the 2 to 3 months dedicated development needed to provide you PS4 and Xbox One versions. More coding/programming skills will be added to the team with a new team member specificaly in charge of consoles versions.

The third goal would allow us to spend some game design time on Nekaroo Breeding and would also give us some budget for more time of our new artits and programmer friends.

It is the same for the fourth goal that would give us budget to develop a special craft system and even more art and coding time, as well as writting.

All the upcoming recruits we are mentionning are already around. They know about the project and even give an hand on their spare time from time to time. They are in the starting blocks, fully operationnals.

Finally, the last goal is, as you know, meant to fund our partnership with M. Mitsuda that will propose us around 10 pieces of music including the opening, main theme, character themes, battle themes…

Wednesday - February 18, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Game Funded in Two Days

by Couchpotato, 05:00

Edge Of Eternity has managed to get funded in two days, and has made $45,562 of the games $44,000 goal. The campaign  has thirty two days left to make more. 

We can't believe we already hit our first Stretch Goal. Edge of Eternity is officially coming to PC, Linux and Mac!!

We don't have enough words to express how thankful we are!

It's a small thing but many of you have been asking for the music of our video. That will be our "celebration mini gift" : 

Download the Edge Of Eternity - Trailer Song Theme - MP3

Tuesday - February 17, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - First Kickstarter Update

by Couchpotato, 04:42

The first kickstarter update was posted today for Edge Of Eternity, and announces the developer had a very good first day. Based on the new information it seems the campaign has made $32,643, and is close to reaching the $44,000 goal.


10,000$ in 8 hours, 25,000$ in 1,5 day, that’s a start we could not even dream of. Words are missing to express our gratitude for such a support. During the last months, we’ve put a lot of effort and energy preparing our Demo and this Kickstarter campaign. What’s happening is the best possible reward.

We know it's far from perfect yet and we are currently working hard to fix any issue you could have reported us in this Pre-Alpha Demo. We are also careful to consider every single feedback you make and to answer all your mail and messages.

Sorry if we missed anything so far. Thanks to you we had a good start. But this is just a start. We still need you to help us achieve our goals. Feel free to spread the word anywhere you can. Any kind of communication will be helping.

Let's make a great game together!

Midgar Studio also released a new drawing timelaspe video.


Our guest concept artist Yan Shu made a little video to show his work when drawing one of our artwork for Edge of Eternity. Wanna see how he did it?

Monday - February 16, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Kickstarter ReLaunched

by Couchpotato, 05:52

Midgar Studio has relaunched their Edge Of Eternity kickstarter, and is asking $44,000 to help fund the games development. Here is the new video, and game description.


An indie tribute to J-RPG classics. Explore a universe blending fantasy with science-fiction, intense ATB battles and branching story.

Sunday - February 08, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Introducing Yasunori Mitsuda

by Couchpotato, 05:49

Midgar Studio announced today that Yasunori Mitsuda will be  guest composer for Edge of Eternity, and that the developer will be relaunching the game on  Kickstarter.

Introducing Yasunori Mitsuda as composer for Edge of Eternity

Yasunori Mitsuda is one of the most famous video game music composers in Japan thanks to its ackwnoledged work on games like  Chrono TriggerXenogearsChrono CrossXenosagaSoul Sacrifice,  Kid Icarus: Uprising & more.

In its wish to renew the J-RPG genre, Midgar Studio couldn’t expect a better partner for composing music themes that will please all the fans. Mr Mitsuda is one of the most meaningful goals in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Edge of Eternity,  starting february 15th. Both part agreed to make it a reasonnable pledge to reach, looking forward for this partnership.

Yasunori Mitsuda says: “In this project “Edge Of Eternity” I’ll take part as a music composer, looking forward to create music for such an epic perspective, in a world which I really love. I’m sure the game will be a great work with a collaboration between french and japanese creators. I hope everybody also look forward to the goal of this project, and for its realisation we need your cooperation. I’ll do my best to contribute to a beautiful music you all will love.”

Jeremy Zeler-Maury, Midgar Studio founder says: “As a J-RPG fan, its a great honor to have the opportunity to work with such an artist as Mr Mitsuda. It goes beyond my dreams. The attention he gives to our project confirms that there is really something happening here with Edge of Eternity, its a real reward for all the energy we put in this development. We really hope gamers will help us make this dream come true”.

Edge of Eternity will launch on Kickstarter on  february 15th.

About Edge of Eternity

EoE is a merge of classic J-RPG and western RPG influences. The game is inspired by game mechanics that made the success of mythicals RPG from Japan in the 90’s and 00’s and offers a modern vision of kind of game.

In a unique universe, offering heroic-fantasy and science-fiction,  Edge of Eternity offers a story full of surprises and a vast world to explore..

Following the “Greenlight” SteamEdge of Eternity arrives on  Kickstarter on february 15th, after 1 year of development.

Monday - January 12, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - Animation Time Lapse Video

by Couchpotato, 04:19

The development blog for Edge Of Eternity has new update from team member UGO with a new animation time lapse video of Daryon's Animation Punch.


Hello it’s Ugo,

I’m here to talk a little bit about my work in midgar studio.

I’m the 3d technician artist and i want to show you how we do an animation for edge of eternity. Basically i just use the setup i did before to anim Daryon, i export that in fbx format and i use just the animated bones in unity .

I hope you will enjoy this little workflow.

Sunday - January 11, 2015

Edge Of Eternity - New Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 01:33

DSO Gaming posted a few new screenshots for Edge Of Eternity the week.

Midgar Studio has released a new set of screenshots for its new JRPG that is heavily influenced by the combat system of Squaresoft’s classic JRPG, Final Fantasy VII. Edge Of Eternity will take place on a space/medieval/steampunk universe and aims to feature a mature story and fancy graphics. The game is currently planned for a December 2015 release, so here is hoping that Midgar Studio will further enhance and improve its visuals.

Sunday - December 28, 2014

Edge Of Eternity - Drawing Time Lapse Video

by Couchpotato, 05:03

Midgar Studio released a new video with Japanese Artist Nekaroo Chibi.


Tuesday - October 14, 2014

Edge Of Eternity - New Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 04:26

DSO Gaming posted a couple of new screenshots for the Edge Of Eternity JRPG.

Even though Edge of Eternity’s Kickstarter campaign failed to even come close to its initial $200K goal, Midgar Studio released today a new set of screenshots for this Steampunk/Medieval turn based JRPG. Edge of Eternity will be coming on current-gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, PC and Mac) sometime in 2015. Keep in mind that this comes from an indie team, so don’t expect mind-blowing visuals.

Wednesday - October 08, 2014

Edge Of Eternity - Two New Videos

by Couchpotato, 01:02

Midgar Studio released two videos since the failed kickstarter for Edge Of Eternity. As I reported last year the good news is the game is still being developed.

We worked hard to bring a playable pre-alpha for the french show Pix&Tech, this is a early and rough pre-alpha, actually it lack many of the unique mechanics that Edge of Eternity will contain and it have a lot of bugs and unfinished things like animations and UI but we really want to show to everyone where we're going with the new version of Edge Of Eternity.

The game is already greenlit -

The action takes place on a medieval-fantasy world named Heryon and on space. This is the first Alpha Gameplay video since the new start of the project based on player feedback from Greenlight and Kickstarter.

This video will showcase Daryon the main hero (you will be table to have up to 4 characters in your battle team), the next one will showcase Selen (formerly named Salvia), the battle synergy with Daryon and the quest system !

Sunday - April 27, 2014

Edge Of Eternity - Game Update & New Video

by Couchpotato, 06:11

It has been a while since I checked up on the failed kickstarter Edge Of Eternity. The good news is they found an investor, and are working on the kickstarter relaunch.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

This is the first Pre-Alpha Gameplay video since the new start of the project based on player feedback from Greenlight and Kickstarter. 

Some things are still very rough since it's pre-alpha but we are working hard to bring a lot of better things for the next one ^^.

This video showcase Daryon the main hero (you will be table to have up to 4 characters in your battle team), the next one will showcase Selen (formerly named Salvia), the battle synergy with Daryon and the quest system !

We are actually working on the next Kickstarter, we learned what was wrong from the previous Kickstarter and we'll changed some major point of the project like the platforms and the graphic design and we decided to split the game into three episodes to ask for a less high goal, we're now a smaller team with fewer people but a lot more implicated in the project, they give a lot of their personal time to make Edge Of Eternity a reality, we also created a rich quest system that give to players a lot of additional content. The new Kickstarter isn't planned for this summer, probably between September and October in the wait we need that people who love the game to spread the world about Edge Of Eternity, Thanks a lot for all your support !

And to finish, the alpha version of the game will be playable for the first time at the French show Pix & Tech at Nîmes for our French fans !

Wednesday - February 05, 2014

Edge Of Eternity - Game Update & Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 00:29

You may recall the Space JRPG last year called Edge Of Eternity. It seems after the failed kickstarter the developers found a private investor to finish the game.

We are really thankful for your support and comments. 

Unfortunately, the collected money is not enough to create the game you deserve (HD, orchestral music, etc.).

However, we are pleased to announce that, in association with new investor we are still working on this project. Edge Of Eternity will hold on its horses, but it will emerge, I give you my words.

You can also check out some new screenshots at  DSO Gaming.

Midgar Studio has released a new set of screenshots for Edge of Eternity. Edge of Eternity is a turn-by-turn combat system J-RPG that is planned for a November 2014 release on PC, Linux, Mac, PSVita, Wii U, OUYA, PS4, XBoxOne, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10.

Sunday - October 13, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Update #5, Art of Edge of Eternity

by Couchpotato, 00:25

Midgar Studio's has another update for Edge Of Eternity showing off more game art. As for the project itself it seems like a lost cause, and it's not really a surprise either.

Today we'll show you some new pieces of arts we did for Edge Of Eternity this week.

Junor Mysteries - By Jeff

HD :

Heroes of Edge Of Eternity - By Pika

HD :

Boss Concept - By Beseath

HD :

 Fight on the distant planet - By Jeff

HD :

 Jobran Boss Concept - By Pika

HD :

Monster Concept - By Beseath

HD :

Thursday - October 10, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Update #4, New Salvia Design

by Couchpotato, 00:22

Midgar Studio's has another update for Edge Of Eternity showing off new character and enemy designs.

Today we'll show you some new stuff !

The new Salvia design. We already shown some days ago the new Daryon design, we have worked hard on the new Salvia design and here it is.

HD :

We listened to what you people want and so we worked the character arts in a more manga way.

We worked also on an ennemy art, a mech-undead, these creatures are the result of humans hit by the metal sickness.

HD :

Monday - October 07, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Update #3, HD & Music

by Couchpotato, 00:16

Midgar Studio's has a new kickstarter update for Edge Of Eternity with a look at the games music. and a look at the games HD stretch goal.

First we'd like to thank everyone for your support,

Today we'll answer a question that many people have, how can look Edge Of Eternity with HD stretch goal, we created a 3D HD NPC (untextured) and a 3D HD consortium soldier (untextured) to show you what we will do with the HD version stretch goal (warning, these models are not finished)

Friday - October 04, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Kickstarter Updates #1 & 2

by Couchpotato, 00:50

Midgar Studio has released two new updates on the games kickstarter page this week. The first update contains information about the new battle music,  Daryon's new design, and a Q&A segment.

5 days only after the presentation of Edge of Eternity on Kickstarter, we would like to express our gratitude to all of the persons who kindly participated to the project by sharing ideas, opinions, sending messages on twitter or facebook.  

We would all like to thank you for your help. Thank you very much.  

We will periodically add updates to keep you posted on the process, present new content, and answer your questions. 

Today, we will answer the questions you sent on the kickstarter but also on other websites. 

 First of all, the characters on the Kickstarter are from the first prototype version for mobile, we are still in research to improve the character design but with your feedback we are creating a new version of Daryon.

The second update deals with the art side of the game.

Today we'll show you some pieces of arts we did for Edge Of Eternity.

The plot of Edge Of Eternity is complex and we revealed only a few things about it since we don't want to spoil every mysteries of the game !

Stay tuned and thanks everyone !

Saturday - September 28, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Kickstarter Launched

by Couchpotato, 00:41

Edge Of Eternity has finally launched its kickstarter a few days later than anticipated. The JRPG is asking for $200,000, and I wish them luck. Give it a look if your interested.

Edge of Eternity is a new RPG that will lead you to experience a unique and unusual universe. The action takes place in a world whose design combines some steampunk influence - the best Japanese RPG - and Medieval age influences.

Through mysteries and softness, we built characters that you will join in a very exciting adventure of action, explorations, revelations and unexpected situations.

The music - written and composed by our team - has been recorded by a real orchestra, bringing thereby a unique feeling every step along the way. The game is based on the great old fashion turn-based combat system, as a tribute to the best Final Fantasy, and it comes along with exclusive features such as Cloud Save, and cross platform facilities. Buy it once, use it everywhere, and keep fighting until the end.

Today, the game is in a making process, in fact the images come from our prototype for mobile devices. We did our best in order to create this new J-RPG, giving all we had in term of motivation and assets. Today, we need you to finish Edge of Eternity. Thanks to your feedbacks and drawbacks, we will be able to reach the different strech goals and create your next J-RPG game. We want to develop this game with the community on our side, to match your expectations and make a game that suits totally.

Sunday - September 22, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Interview @ PSNStores

by Couchpotato, 00:58

PSNStores has a new developer Q&A with Jeremy from Midgar Studio about Edge of Eternity.

Q: How big is Midgar Studio and how did the studio get its start?

Midgar Studio is a studio of 7 employees and 4 trainees. We are extremely versatile so it’s very hard to tell what everyone does, in general there are some programmers, a lot of graphics artists and a musician.

No one has been by my side at the start of the studio. I had started everything by myself, creating websites first and games for some years. I eventually needed more employees and then — here we are.

Q: Can you tell us about Edge of Eternity. Is there a plan to continue supporting the title with post-release DLC or online at all?

We plan to support Edge Of Eternity later with free DLC. We want to create a universe and a saga. And to introduce this saga we must introduce some free episodes in DLC. Nothing is like giving life to your characters time after time!

Q: What experiences can you share with us that have led to the creation of Edge of Eternity and the need to put it on every platform under the 2014 sun? All except PS3, why is that?

We really think the J-RPG has a bright future. The genre is a lot less represented than before and I’ve heard many people say there are no new games like the good old Final Fantasy games. At Midgar Studio, we are all great fans of J-RPG so we decided to create one.

The choice of cross platform is a choice of myself. I think the future of videogames is cross platform gaming, playing everywhere in your favorite universe. We technically can release it to PS3 and if we can we’ll do it but atm we are approved for PSVita and PS4. It represents the vision we have, a game that pushes the PSVita to its limits and a game that exploits the power of the next gen consoles to create an amazing TV/Console experience!

Saturday - September 21, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Kickstarter Teaser

by Couchpotato, 02:13

In advance of their JRPG kickstarter Edge Of Eternity Midgar Studio has released a prototype gameplay video.

This video feature our prototype of "Edge Of Eternity", what we accomplished in 3 month of development, just imagine what we can do with a year.

This prototype is running on Mobile / PSVita / OUYA quality.

Edge of Eternity is a Space J-RPG that will lead you to experience a unique and unusual universe. The action takes place in a world whose design combines some steampunk influence - the best Japanese RPG - and Medieval age influences.

Through mysteries and softness, we built characters that you will join in a very exciting adventure of action, explorations, revelations and unexpected situations.


Tuesday - September 17, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - Kickstarter Update

by Couchpotato, 00:15

Midgar Studio announces the date of their kickstarter RPG Edge Of Eternity.

Edge Of Eternity will hit kickstarter the 20th September,

Teaser website and Final Countdown is available at

About the Game

Edge Of Eternity is a RPG turn by turn based on Final Fantasy 7 era combat system.

The game take place on a space/medieval/steampunk universe and will feature a mature story and fancy graphics.

Edge Of Eternity will be available on iOS / Android / Windows Phone 8 / Blackberry 10 / PSVita / Ouya / Wii U / Xbox One / Playstation 4 / PC / Mac and Linux, players will be able to sync their save between all platforms with their account allowing them to start a game outdoor on their phone and continue with their save on PC or Xbox for example.

Edge Of Eternity will be one of the first AAA mobile games : redefining the technical limits of mobile platforms with stunning graphics and featuring an amazing story with more than 20 hours of gameplay for the main quest.

About the Story

The peaceful world of  Heryon is threatened by an alien civilization which have  invaded the world, they bring with them a disease who turn people and animals to  metal monsters. The hero, Daryon, hunted by his own people must discover his origin and  save the universe from collapsing.

Monday - August 05, 2013

Edge Of Eternity - A New Space J-RPG

by Couchpotato, 01:25

Edge Of Eternity is a new Space J-RPG with an old school final fantasy era turn based combat system. The project is also heading to kickstarter in September.

This video is our first teaser of the environment of the GamesCom demo the "Underwater Cave" everything is still WIP please tell us what you think about it.

This video represent the graphic quality we achieved on iOS / Android / Blackberry / Windows Phone with our advanced knowledge on the Unity Game Engine we're creating something amazing with it.

Edge of Eternity is a Space J-RPG with a old school final fantasy era turn based combat system, with gorgeous artistic graphics, deep and strategic combat system and the legendary "french touch" we want to create an amazing J-RPG experience.

The peaceful world of Heryon is threatened by an alien civilization that have invaded the world, they bring with them a disease who turn people and animals to metal monsters.

The hero, Daryon, hunted by his own people must discover his origin and save the universe from collapsing.

Follow us on Greenlight and on our devblog :

Discover our other games and creations

We need feedbacks to improve our project, we want to create it for gamers !

The game will be available on :

PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android / Windows Phone 8 / Blackberry 10 and if we can PS Vita !

More videos soon, battle system, new environments and many more ! Soon on Kickstarter !

Information about

Edge Of Eternity

Developer: Midgar Studio

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: J-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Midgar Studio