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Box Art

Friday - September 12, 2014

Styx - New Gameplay Video

by Couchpotato, 04:57

Cyanide Studio’s released a new gameplay trailer for Styx: Master of Shadows, and mention the games release date in a press release.


Embrace the Shadows with Styx ’ latest skill!

Styx: Master of Shadows, Cyanide Studio’s dark-fantasy infiltration game, is a murderous adventure rewarding skill, timing, reflexes and a keen eye for detail. Coming October for download on PS4®, Xbox One® and PC for €29.99/£24.99, your skulk through the Tower of Akenash will see you surrounded at all times by hordes of powerful enemies, which calls for reinforcements, in the form of a regurgitated clone!

Using the Amber in your veins, call upon this fleshy friend to open new tactical and strategic opportunities, as seen in this video showcasing a few of the clone’s abilities, such as dragging unsuspecting guards into chests, and blinding them, allowing you to pass.

Styx’ clone is one of the four Amber-fuelled powers that serve as Styx’ base skills (along with 7 skill trees). Creating a clone opens new potential strategic and tactical opportunities, such as distraction, the ability to blind multiple targets, and lure them to a desired location before tumbling objects onto them. As with all of Styx’ amber-fuelled skills, this uses the rare amber… and you will need to act swiftly, as clones aren’t exactly “stable” and will deteriorate quickly before imploding!

Having unlocked all of the skills from the 7 available skill trees in Styx: Master of Shadows, we’ve previously seen the nimble Styx overcome some of the weaker enemies in the game susceptible to his stealth abilities and dagger... but skills come at a cost, and the Amber to use them is scarce throughout the Tower of Akenash. For example, Styx’ Invisibility skill drains quickly, and uses half your maximum reserve of Amber: you’ll be required to rely primarily on your ability to sneak, plan and time your approach.

Carefully scour the area from above, or watch from the shadows for the perfect moment to deploy your clone – a controllable hunk of flesh able to distract and blind the enemy, hiding in crates to pull them to living deathtraps, or access areas closed to Styx and open new pathways. Styx’ clone is the ultimate ephemeral companion, and the right mix of distraction and skill will open hundreds of opportunities to exploit games in the guards’ patrols. Styx can always rely on his clone – but unable to defend itself, get caught in the light, and the entire Tower will descend upon him.

Join us next week when we introduce another exciting element of Styx: Master of Shadows with a new gameplay video!

Styx Master of Shadows is downloadable this October on PS4®, Xbox One® and PC at €29.99/£24.99.

- Watch the video

- Visit the official website

Friday - September 05, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New Trailer

by Couchpotato, 04:37

Focus Interactive released a new trailer called Assassin's Green for Styx.

Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game from Cyanide Studios, has a unique verticality that is ample throughout the gallows, alleys, courtyards and winding halls within the Tower of Akenash.
Coming October for PS4®, Xbox One® and PC, scale and prowl through the expansive and mysterious home of the World Tree, either subverting the guards, or quietly and invisibly disposing of them.

Today’s video is the first of a series of gameplay trailers we will be releasing over the coming weeks until the release of the game. It illustrates some of the Goblin’s skills, as he uses his stealth, weaponry, bold moves and smart use of the environment to get rid of the tower’s denizens.

Skill is richly rewarded in Styx: Master of Shadows, with the most skilled of players able to swing organically from level to level, path to path, unseen by foes guarding the way. Armed only with his trusted dagger and very few throwing knives for dealing with “long-range” encounters, Styx relies more on his small scale and nimble athleticism to subvert those who seek to kill him. Remain aware, and use the environment to your advantage, and you’ll soon be able to dispatch the humans and elves, whilst remaining unseen.

Push people of ledges, pull them by their legs to the gallows, or leap from huge heights to slit their throats or stab them from their shoulders. Smother them silently, swing around from behind, or thrust throwing daggers into their skulls. Drop crates onto the toughest of enemies, or poison their drinking water. As violent as he is cunning, Styx’ best friend is his knife, and the shadows.

Most will survive with a slow pace and a keen eye, but do you have what it takes to become the most efficient Goblin infiltrator?

Thursday - August 21, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - Is Worth Watching

by Couchpotato, 05:23

Sean Halliday of Pixelgate has a new article about why Styx: Master Of Shadows is worth watching. It's on my radar already what about the rest of you?

Given Styx is set in a fantasy universe, the range of enemies and allies players could run into during the course of the game will be extensive, with plenty of creative freedom being available. The environments will also offer plenty of opportunity for players to approach objectives if the available screenshots are anything to go by.

There’s a number of core RPG mechanics behind Styx‘s stealth gameplay. Players can earn experience and unlock new skills and abilities. Add to this six full talent trees and there’s plenty of depth promised.

While there isn’t a whole lot known about Styx, the concept alone is interesting enough to grab the attention of fans of stealth games, as well as extending the appeal to those who enjoy fantasy settings. Be sure to keep your eye out for one of the more unique offerings set for release this year.


Saturday - August 16, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - Demo Preview

by Couchpotato, 13:22

PS Gamer has another preview this week for Styx: Master Of Shadows  based on a short demo,and they enjoyed what they played in the presentation.

After getting my hands on this game, Styx: Master of Shadows is now one of my most anticipated games of 2014. I left the Focus Home Interactive booth with a wry smile on my face. After 20 minuets of play time, I had already grown a soft spot for Styx and this is one ass hole I eagerly await meeting again.

Tuesday - August 12, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New Preview

by Couchpotato, 05:46

Gaming Lives has a new preview of Styx: Master Of Shadows based on a short demo.

This isn’t a game where just making it to the end will suffice for some players; to this end, Cyanide have made each chapter possible for players to speed-run, traverse non-lethally, or acquire the ever-coveted ‘ghost’ status for making it through a level without ever arousing an enemy’s suspicions or being seen. To add to the replayability, some of these tasks won’t be possible to complete in a single run, encouraging players to go back and play them over again until they’ve proven they’re the sneakiest, fastest, or most pacifistic. Add in a spate of collectibles and an average runtime of fifteen hours, and there’s plenty to appeal to the sneakiest of gamers.

Whether it will prove itself to be the ideal alternative to Thief or the Metal Gear series remains to be seen, but until then, Styx: Master of Shadows is a surprisingly in-depth stealth game that should easily appeal to fans of the genre, while doing just enough to interest those who don’t eat, sleep, and breath sneaking. Hopefully, it’ll go against its sneaky instincts and attract plenty of attention when it releases later this year.

Wednesday - July 23, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New Preview

by Couchpotato, 15:29

Gamer Headlines has posted a short preview of Styx: Master Of Shadows.

It is clear that Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth game through and through. We welcome the uniqueness of Styx, being a Goblin who is driven only by addiction, far from the usual hero we normally admire. There is still much to be revealed in regards to enemies, abilities, and the game’s storyline, but we look forward to stealthily delving into Styx: Master of Shadows in late Summer of 2014.

Friday - July 18, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New summer trailer

by The_dagon, 15:44

Our charismatic Master Goblin, Orc's best friend in Cyanide's nice RPG Of Orcs & Men, is showing his deceit talents in a new summer trailer for Styx: Master of Shadows : .

If you missed it, you can also check the 15 minutes commented gameplay trailer here :

The game will be available in september.

Saturday - July 12, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - Interview @ Pure News

by Couchpotato, 05:43

Marketing Project Manager Camille Lisoi of Cyanide was interviwed by Pure News, and talked about their upcoming game Styx: Master of Shadow.

Pure News Question :  Can you tell us what is Styx: Master of Shadows all about?

Answer: The game is centered around Styx, a goblin master assassin who is two centuries old. He wants to steal the heart of the World Tree: the source of the amber, immense power and fabulous riches, but that could also be the explanation of his origin. To reach this objective, he’ll have to cross the immense Tower of Akenash, protected by many of his enemies: humans, elves, orcs, and even more…
With the gameplay, our aim was to go back to the roots of the stealth genre

Pure News Question : Few are the games that have the main character as a Goblin, why did you choose Styx to be a Goblin?

Answer:As fans of the stealth genre, we felt that recent iterations of well known stealth licenses were too action-oriented and were missing the ingredients that make a good stealth game, such as tension, observation or exploration. Choosing a goblin as the hero is the best way to make the player understand that a head-on attack is not likely to bring success. Some may consider Styx as fragile, but in fact he is resourceful thanks to his agility, assassin skills and magical powers. You will have to plan your actions; it’s what a stealth game is all about

Pure News Question : How is the stealth gameplay? Can we complete the game without killing anyone and just stunning with take downs?

Answer: You really have to be aware of the many details in a level to progress. For example, sound and light are always taken into account. If you drop an object on the floor by mistake, the sound will help your enemies to spot you. You have to be careful and attentive, you cannot rush headlong into the fray; or you won’t survive for long!

We want to offer a real challenge to the player, with a game requiring strategy and thought. But to make the things fair, you’ll have powerful tools at your disposal that you’ll have to use wisely.

You can go through the entire game without killing anyone, except if one of your missions is precisely to kill someone. It is even better to avoid killing your opponents, because you’ll gain more experience.

Wednesday - July 02, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - E3 Gameplay Video

by Couchpotato, 04:54

Focus Interactive released a new gameplay preview from E3 last week for Styx.

Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game developed by Cyanide studio for PlayStation®4, Xbox One® and PC, was revealed in great detail at E3 in Los Angeles.

But for those who missed the chance of attending the game presentation or simply for those who were unable to see us in Los Angeles, here's the gameplay trailer for Styx: Master of Shadows that shows a continuous 15-minute game sequence, unedited, and with commentary by the developers.

This is an exciting opportunity to discover the gameplay options available in Styx: Master of Shadows. Infiltration, the special talents and skills of the goblin character you play and all the game mechanics will allow you to scale the dizzying heights of the vast Tower of Akenash that contains your ultimate objective: the heart of the World Tree, the source of the amber, immense power and fabulous riches; because let's not forget that Styx is essentially a master thief!

Monday - June 23, 2014

Styx - E3 Preview @ Side Questing

by Couchpotato, 05:11

Side Questing has posted a new preview of Styx: Master Of Shadows from E3 that is based on a demo with the games Lead Designer Julien Descourtieux.

Left field is where Styx: Master of Shadows seems to have come out of. Going in to E3 I knew nothing about the game or the Of Orcs and Men property. Coming out of our preview demo at Focus Home Interactive’s booth, I suddenly feel like left field is much closer to home than before. Styx looks like it may be a fun, enjoyable late Summer experience.

Our demo is guided by Julien Desourteaux, Lead Designer. “Master of Shadows is very much a stealth action game,” Desourteaux says. “Styx is one of the most popular characters in Of Orcs and Men, and we wanted to show how things from his vantage point in his own game.” That vantage point — lower to the ground, moving through dark alleys, hiding evidence and objects – is what sets Styx apart from other stealth-themed games. Being in a sort of perpetual crouched position means that we need an alternate set of actions to complete missions.

Friday - June 06, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 04:04

Cyanide Studio sent out a press release for Styx: Master Of Shadows with three new screenshots in preparation of the game being shown at E3.


Styx: Master of Shadows, the stealth game developed by Cyanide Studio, is now unveiling a series of exclusive images in the run-up to E3 in Los Angeles next week, where it will be presented at Focus Home Interactive’s booth (West Hall Booth 5512)!

Styx, the goblin assassin, is climbing his way up the Tower of Akenash. From the murky, oppressive depths of the tower to the opulent and magnificent summits where the elite guards and the citizens of the tower reside, Styx will have to work hard to reach his objective: The Tree, the source of the Amber, the promise of infinite riches he would like to possess. Master assassin and part-time thief, Styx will be able to remove any objects hampering his progress: but don’t leave any clues behind that could betray your presence to the guards... like a lifeless body in a walkway!

But not only humans and elves inhabit the Tower of Akenash; other fantastic creatures also roam the gloomy halls and passages of this immense tower, and it’s generally wise to avoid them… if you don’t want to end up as dinner for a hungry Orc!

- Watch the video
- Visit the official website

Friday - April 18, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New Screenshots

by Couchpotato, 01:14

Cyanide Studio sent a new press release with more information about their upcoming game Styx :Master Of Shadows, and include a few more screenshots.


Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game developed by Cyanide Studio, is taking a short break to reveal a series of exclusive screenshots!

Styx, the goblin anti-hero, is again giving us a brief glimpse of his numerous talents that will help you climb the vast Tower of Akenash. A master assassin and part-time thief, Styx can remove any objects that hamper his progress: but make sure you don’t leave any clues behind that could alert the guards to your presence, like a lifeless body in a walkway! As these images show, Styx can move his victims’ corpses and hide them where no one will accidentally stumble across them.

But not only humans and elves inhabit the Tower of Akenash; other fantastic creatures also roam the gloomy halls and passages of this immense tower, and it’s usually wise to avoid them… if you don’t want to end up as dinner for a hungry Orc!

- Watch the video

- Visit the official website

Friday - February 14, 2014

Styx :Master Of Shadows - Teaser Trailer

by Couchpotato, 03:44

Cyanide Studio sent out a new press release about a new trailer for  their RPG Styx.

Styx the goblin briefly emerges from the shadows in a teaser!

The development of Styx: Master of Shadows, the stealth game created by Cyanide Studio, is going full steam ahead and today reveals its very first video!

Styx, the goblin anti-hero, master assassin and part-time thief is about to scale the dizzying heights of the colossal Tower of Akenash, in search of valuable items to steal. An expert in the art of infiltration, Styx also uses this video as an opportunity to showcase some of his many talents that will help him progress without ever being spotted, or detected!

Saturday - January 25, 2014

Styx :Master Of Shadows - Gameplay Footage

by Couchpotato, 00:23

Dealspwn has a new 25 minute gameplay presentation of Styx: Master of Shadows

Behold! An offscreen video of our 25 minute Styx: Master of Shadows gameplay presentation by lead level designer Julien Desourteaux. We apologie for the background noise. We're blaming Amazon Prime for not delivering our new mic on time.

The Average Gamer also has a shorter video with a new preview.

Lead Level Designer Julien Desourteaux from Cyanide Studio shows us some of the moves and creatures in Styx: Master of Shadows.

Wednesday - January 22, 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows - New ARPG Game

by Couchpotato, 12:56

Cyanide Studio's announces a new ARPG called Styx: Master Of Shadows. Looks like the goblin sidekick from Of Orcs And Men got his own spin-off. Here are the details.


Styx: Master of Shadows is an infiltration game with RPG elements developed by Cyanide Studio for PC. After many months in development, Styx: Master of Shadows can now reveal the very first official screenshots: here we see Styx, the playable character in the game, progressing through some of the dizzying levels composing the adventure.

Styx is a Goblin two centuries old... the very first of all the Goblins, he’s a master in the arts of stealth, theft, and murder. The depths of the miles-high Tower of Akenash, where Humans and Elves hide and protect the Tree, the source of the Amber, are the best chance Styx has of quickly amassing a small fortune and, perhaps, discover more about his true origins along the way.

Battle your way to the top of the lofty Tower of Akenash through immense and vertiginous levels that highlight the vertical perspective. You will complete numerous missions with various objectives as you climb up – murder, information recovery, theft of precious artifacts, etc – and gradually reconstruct the puzzle that provides the key to the mystery of your origins. The levels are open and the objectives can be completed in various ways: you are therefore free to choose the best way to proceed and the most suitable strategy to employ to achieve and complete your mission objectives. But remember you’re a Goblin: if your target is twice your size, or more, you're better off eliminating them silently… and in the back!

Information about

Styx: Master Of Shadows

Developer: Cyanide Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Full

Regions & platforms
· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Nordic Games