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Box Art

Wednesday - January 28, 2015

StarCrawlers - Beta Access Has Started

by Couchpotato, 10:53

Juggernaut Games announces on the kickstarter page for StarCrawlers that Beta Access has now started for certain backers, and give details on whats included.

We released the first Beta build with a wave of SendOwls on Jan. 24th. We’ll be using SendOwl to provide routine updates moving forward, so keep an eye out for them. We’re zeroing in on a Steam Early Access date too. 

Builds will also be sent to Humble Bundle to update the widget. We will discontinue use of the dashboard on our site - no more login required to grab the latest build. Thanks so much to our current beta testers for the bug reports and feedback you've been providing! It's an invaluable resource for the team and has really helped us to weed out and eliminate issues.

Please note: the latest build of the Beta will always be the same whether you are accessing it through SendOwl, Humble Bundle, or Steam. The only difference is how you choose to get your hands on it! Please make sure your email address is up to date to ensure you receive your SendOwl updates. Contact us at for any changes.

Friday - December 19, 2014

StarCrawlers - Post-Funding Update # 32

by Couchpotato, 04:47

Juggernaut Games latest post-funding update for StarCrawlers has information about a new contest, music trailer, wallpapers, and the games development progress.


Soundtrack Preview Trailer 

The StarCrawlers soundtrack is just about done and it is AMAZING! We wanted to give everyone a bit of a preview of Ben’s work, so we put together this trailer that has a medley of several tracks, plus a first glimpse at some new environments you may not have seen yet!

Backer-Only 'Design a Weapon' Contest 

For those who didn’t get the opportunity to participate in content creation during Kickstarter, we thought we’d offer another opportunity for you to contribute your creative ideas to StarCrawlers. We are running a contest to design a legendary weapon drop. The winning weapon will be featured in the final release of StarCrawlers! Rules and entry form are below: 

Contest Rules: 

  • 1 entry per person
  • 1 Winner will have their weapon featured in the game 
  • Winner will be announced after January 9 
  • Deadline for submission: January 5, 2015 

Design a Weapon Contest Entry Form

Development Progress

We’ve been making so much progress on the game in the last few weeks its hard to know where to start! The team has been pushing themselves like never before and it shows. Here are a few of the many things we’ve been working on:

  • Character Abilities - all characters now have a full set of unique abilities, complete with particles and effects. We are currently working on balancing, tweaking and SFX from the talented team at PowerUp Audio. 
  • Itemization - randomized weapons are in and we are working on randomized art for them - armor and shields are in progress. There are currently thousands of possible unique weapon drops that can be encountered in game. Weapon class specific upgrades are coming soon. 
  • Character Art - Final art for male and female versions of all character classes is complete
  • Mobs - new enemies are in and can be encountered on runs - rarespawns have started to appear also. 
  • UI Overhaul - the UI has been completely redone in the past few months to improve functionality and appearance - we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Thursday - November 06, 2014

StarCrawlers - Interview @ Game Trailers

by Couchpotato, 05:05

Game Trailers has new live demo with the developers of StarCrawlers.

Dungeon crawling goes cyberpunk in this futuristic take on the classic CRPG.

Wednesday - October 22, 2014

StarCrawlers - Release Update Posted

by Couchpotato, 05:37

Juggernaut Games talks about the release of StarCrawlers in the games latest post-funding update. They also share some new art, and music from the game.

We’re not releasing StarCrawlers in November - and why that’s awesome for StarCrawlers! 

We have been lucky enough to get some extra funding for StarCrawlers which is going to give us the flexibility to be able to slow down our release schedule a bit. This is great news for us (and for you guys) because it gives us more time to polish the game and to make sure we’re delivering the best version of StarCrawlers we can possibly produce. We really believe in this game and want to make sure we don’t sell it short. Rushing to Steam release was something we’ve been expecting we’d have to do purely for financial reasons - our post-KS budget was meticulously planned and carefully managed to get us through November, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to go much beyond that. Now we have the flexibility to put in a few more intense months of work and make sure that we’re delivering the best possible experience with StarCrawlers! 

If you backed at the Beta Access+ tier, we’ll be opening up access for you to StarCrawlers (via our site) in November. Our current plan is to release the game onto Steam Early Access in early 2015 for the general public. However, we’re doing something we like to call “episodic” early access: the game will be released in a polished and largely feature complete state in February and will feature the first chapter of the main storyline. In addition, you’ll be able to run endless side missions of different types, have access to all the character classes, and be able to level and collect loot to your heart’s content. 

Each additional chapter of the main story will follow soon after, with associated new bosses and enemies, new random events, and new non-essential stretch goals added (like the claw machine / Interstellar Postal Service). This way we get the game in your hands as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality or polish. As an added bonus we think serializing the most story-intensive elements of the RPG experience may actually make the game experience more enjoyable in some ways. We like the idea of having StarCrawlers periodically re-introduced in smaller portions. Our hope is that it will make the story more approachable for busy people, give us an extra boost in media attention that we’ll need to spread the word about StarCrawlers, and help us keep the game fresh! 

As always, we encourage you to get in contact with us via the forums or KS message to let us know what you’re thinking or if you have any questions!

Friday - October 10, 2014

StarCrawlers - T-shirts & New UI

by Couchpotato, 03:50

Juggernaut Games finally posted a new kickstarter update for StarCrawlers with news about the games new T-shirts, and shares a new image of the games UI.

T-shirts are going out soon!

For those backers who ordered StarCrawlers T-shirts, they are currently in the process of being folded and packed for mailing. If anyone has a last minute address change, make sure you login to backerkit today and update it! You can expect to receive them in the next few weeks (depending on where you are located).

StarCrawlers UI Overhaul

After the release of Unity 4.6 last month, we are right in the middle of a complete UI overhaul for StarCrawlers. The new UI not only looks better, it’s also designed to be much more intuitive and user-friendly. Here’s a shot of the updated ability screen:

Alpha backers will get a chance to test out a lot of the new UI functionality in the next build, so please remember to get on the forums and give us your feedback.

That’s all for today, but we’ll be back soon with a bigger update and a sneak peak at some new content!

Tuesday - September 09, 2014

StarCrawlers - Pax 2014 Update

by Couchpotato, 02:36

The latest kickstarter update for StarCrawlers has infomation fom the game at Pax Prime 2014. I also included a new image from the show floor to the post.

We’re back from PAX and diving back into StarCrawlers totally reinvigorated from the experience. It was phenomenal to be able to share the game with so many people and we were thrilled by the positive responses we got. We also got to meet some awesome indie developers and get a first-hand look at a lot of games we’re really excited for! Our booth was bustling the whole time, and it was a lot of fun chatting with everyone who stopped by. Our alpha backers will all get a chance to experience the PAX build for themselves very soon! We're just making a few adjustments based on user feedback from the show floor.

Tuesday - August 19, 2014

StarCrawlers - PAX, Space Vermin, & More

by Couchpotato, 06:12

Juggernaut Games finally posted a new update for StarCrawlers with news about the game at PAX, Space vermin, T-shirts. and more. So read the link for all the details.

PAX, Space vermin, T-shirts & More

Happy August all,

First off, exciting news: the entire team will be going to Seattle at the end of this month to show off StarCrawlers at PAX! If any of you are planning to be there, we’d love it if you’d stop by and check out the build (or just come by and say hello). We’re working away getting ready for the show and we'd love to be able to show off the latest build to our first supporters :)

Wednesday - July 30, 2014

StarCrawlers - Audio, Paperdolls, & More Art

by Couchpotato, 17:44

Juggernaut Games has finally posted a new update for StarCrawlers to share news on the games audio. paperdolls, artwork, and talk about future updates.

StarCrawlers audio, print-your-own paperdolls, plus more sweet art!

Happy (end of) July everyone! 

This one will be a short update, with another to follow very soon with some more news! First off, we’re really excited to announce that Power Up Audio has agreed to work with us on sound design for StarCrawlers! They’re also working on Darkest Dungeon, Timespinner, and a lot of other indie games that we are really looking forward to, and we’re very happy to have their expertise on StarCrawlers. Alpha testers may notice that the sounds improve significantly in the next few months, and if so, you know who to thank.

Sorry for the delay in the update, expect them more regularly in the future! If you’re looking for even more frequent communication - please check in on our forums every now and again. 

Friday - June 13, 2014

StarCrawlers - Pre-Alpha 2 Update

by Couchpotato, 04:55

Juggernaut Games released a new post-funding update for StarCrawlers infomation on the Pre-Alpha,and talks about how science is used in the game.

Pre-Alpha 2 update + Science!

We've been hard at work getting tons of new systems implemented into StarCrawlers. We now have randomized item generation, a new mission type (target extraction!), security camera traps, saving and loading, and lots of tweaks & fixes to character abilities. Our pre-alpha backers will get a chance to check out some of the recent changes out in our second pre-alpha build which will be available on Friday, June 13th. (Pre-Alpha backers will need a verified account on the StarCrawlers dashboard in order to download the build, so sign up if you haven't already.)

We've also made a lot of progress on some new environments, including laboratories! As you explore deeper into the Stella Marin colony ship, you'll find that there was actually a lot of weird and interesting stuff going on on the ship before it went missing.

Sunday - May 18, 2014

StarCrawlers - New Livestream on Tuesday

by Couchpotato, 05:24

Juggernaut Games announced in a new short kickstarter update they will be hosting a new Live Stream for StarCrawlers with the developers of Darkest Dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon & StarCrawlers Livestream

We're doing a joint livestream next week with the Darkest Dungeon team! Come watch Asa draw a Darkest Dungeon character in the style of StarCrawlers and Chris from Red Hook draw a StarCrawlers character in the style of Darkest Dungeon. Expect a delicious, delightful melange of Lovecraftian horror and spacepunk sci-fi :)  

Both teams will be on hand to field your questions! Here's the details:

When: Tuesday, May 20th 4:00 PST (What time is that where you are?)  

Where: IndieMegaBooth Twitch Channel 

Backer Kit

For those who backed at $65 and above and haven't completed their backer kit survey, we're waiting on you guys so we can get our order in! If you didn't get your survey (or don't want to do the survey for some reason), send me a message. Otherwise, take a minute to fill it out so we can order some t-shirts!

Sunday - April 27, 2014

StarCrawlers - Post-Funding Update #24

by Couchpotato, 06:28

Juggernaut Games shares new information for StarCrawlers about new art, surveys, pre-alpha release, and much more in the latest post-funding update.

Pre-Alpha Invites

If you are in the pre-alpha tier, you should have already received an invitation to create a pre-alpha account on our website. If for some reason you haven’t, please check your spam folders to make sure it didn’t end up there. If you can’t locate it, send me an email at and I’ll send you another :). 

Backer Kit Surveys 

You should have all received your backer kit surveys by now. If for some reason you haven’t, please check your spam folders or email me to resend it. 

We’re hoping to lock down backer kit next Friday, so if you haven’t completed your survey or if you were hoping to add something else to your order, please go ahead and do it soon! 

NPC and CEO backers 

If you pledged to create and NPC or a corporation you should have already received a questionnaire from me about your creation. If you have NOT received a questionnaire, check your spam or then email me to resend it. 

Beyond Kickstarter

Now that the furor of Kickstarter has died down, we are finally settling into our groove and getting back into intense development mode. We'll be making occasional updates here (about every month) on the Kickstarter page, but we'll be transitioning to using the StarCrawler forums for much of our communications with backers, so please stop by if you haven't already and set up an account!

As always, thanks so much to our backers for your enthusiasm and support for StarCrawlers! We all feel incredibly fortunate that we have the opportunity to work on this game and we could never have gotten here without you!

Tuesday - April 08, 2014

StarCrawlers - Post-Funding Update #23

by Couchpotato, 05:26

Juggernaut Games has posted another post-funding update for StarCrawlers with news about backer surveys, new add-ons, and docs for content creators.

Backer Surveys Coming Soon & NEW Add-ons! Advice and Docs for Content Creators.

Hi everyone, Elena here - I’m done with the backer surveys and waiting on the double check process from Backer Kit, so expect those at the end of the week. I wanted to give you guys a quick overview of what to expect :)

New Add-Ons!

We came up with a few new ideas for content creation that we couldn’t resist adding. Quantities of all of these are limited, and the backer kit survey will be the only opportunity to grab these up!

Design a Deployable Consumable Combat Bot

Work with the developer to design a deployable bot that can be used in combat. You'll help design the style of the item, its animation set and its abilities in combat.

Design an Achievement 

Work with the developer to design an achievement that will be added to the game, including the achievement name, requirements and an icon that will be used to represent that achievement in the game. All achievements will be integrated with both Steam and DRM-free versions.

Name a Ship  

Choose a name for a space ship. Your name will be added to a list of names which will be randomly assigned to ships that you visit or encounter during missions.

Upgrade your NPC to full length combat NPC  

Convert your NPC into a full-length NPC complete with a set of combat animations. You'll also get 3 gifs of your animated NPC performing their animations.

StarCrawlers Buttons 

We got buttons made for the MIX and we liked them so much we decided to order some extra for backers!

Sunday - March 23, 2014

StarCrawlers - Post-Funding Update #22

by Couchpotato, 04:59

Juggernaut Games talks about being at GDC 2014, and goes into detail on the games stretch goals in the next post-funding update for StarCrawlers.

GDC, The Mix & Stretch goals

Hi Everyone! We’re back from GDC - refreshed and ready to start getting back to the business of making StarCrawlers. It was an exhausting whirlwind of a trip - we met a ton of people, had a lot of fun, and hopefully impressed some media with the early build of StarCrawlers. At the very least we now have a few media contacts that we’ve met in person and can keep updated with what's going on with the game - making it that much easier to get more press for StarCrawlers moving forward.

Stretch goals  

We want to keep working towards unlocking additional stretch goals until the pre-alpha build comes out and that means we have another month or so to get some more features locked in for StarCrawlers. So it’s not too late to share the game with friends, coworkers, etc, if you haven’t already. On our end, we’ll try to drum up some additional press coverage and generally do anything we can to get people excited for the game.


The StarCrawlers forums are going strong so if you haven’t stopped by please do! Now that we’re back from GDC, we’ll be keeping up a regular presence there and we’ll try to read every suggestion and question and answer everything as best we can. Keep in mind that we don’t have a full time community manager and the team will be handling the forums in addition to tending to their regular work responsibilities, so be patient with us :)

We had a little trouble with spam-bots the first few days, but it seems we’ve bested them for now. Any suspicious/inappropriate activity should be reported in a DM to Aelyria to ensure that it can be taken care of right away. Forum guidelines will be posted shortly which may help keep the riff raff under control to some extent.

Friday - March 21, 2014

StarCrawlers - Pre-Orders Now Available

by Couchpotato, 04:17

If you missed your chance to support StarCrawlers its not to late. Juggernaut Games has announced on the games webpage that you can now pre-order the game.

StarCrawlers is now available for Pre-Order through the Humble Store!  We have several pre-order options available at this time, including early-access.

Saturday - March 15, 2014

StarCrawlers - Post-Funding Update #20

by Couchpotato, 04:54

Juggernaut Games has posted the first post-funding update for StarCrawlers that once again thanks the gamer backers, and talks about what comes next.

A huge thank you & A look at what comes next!

Hi everyone! These last thirty days have been life-changing for us. Because of your support we will be able to continue to work on StarCrawlers AND we’ve also unlocked some amazing stretch goals to help make the game everything we all want it to be. You all have our heartfelt gratitude for not only your financial support, but for believing in us! We <3 our backers!

As you can imagine, we’re getting a lot of questions about what comes next. So here it is in a nutshell.

StarCrawlers Forums are GO!

Thanks to Rocky’s hard work we managed to get the forums up and ready for you guys already! Head over there, make accounts and let’s keep the ideas (and the haikus) flowing!-

Payment Issues

As with every Kickstarter a percentage of pledge payments will fail to process correctly. If you're one of the people affected by this, you’ll have only 7 days to fix the issues. You should be receiving an email from Kickstarter with instructions on how to correct your payment information.

So if you're one of the affected please take the time to fix your details. Every cent will matter towards our stretch goals and currently the "errored" pledges could take a sizeable chunk out of our final tally.

You Can Still Pledge Through Paypal

Paypal crowdfunding is still available until the 17th, and this is your last chance to be a part of the StarCrawlers universe by pledging at the content creation tiers. After that, we’ll be switching to a pre-order system using the Humble Widget. Either way, we’re going to keep working towards those additional stretch goals! Hero Class Enemies are a mere 14k away and thats something we would love to add to StarCrawlers!

Pledge Rewards

Our plan is to get the physical rewards (T-Shirts) out to you guys over the next few months. After the Paypal pledge window closes in two weeks we’ll send out a survey to get your shirt sizes. Then we’ll need to produce the shirts and get them mailed out, which will take a few more weeks. 

What’s Next for Team Juggernaut

TL;DR: Tons of hard work! With the Kickstarter over, we’ll have a brief window of being out of contact while we’re up at GDC. Once we get back, we’ll be as active as we can be in the forums and on the Kickstarter page, and we’ll be working really hard to get StarCrawlers firmly into pre-Alpha and into the hands of the early access backers! So in the short term you may hear less from us, but we’ll definitely still be in touch! Once again, thanks for your support. We’re looking forward to putting out something that we're all proud of, and hopefully will play for years to come.

Friday - March 14, 2014

StarCrawlers - Successfully Funded

by Couchpotato, 06:05

StarCrawlers kickstarter was funded, and managed to get $100,278 of the $65,000 goal. Here is the last update from Juggernaut Games on the games final hours.

StarCrawlers! The Final Funding Update

We are humbled and fired up by the enthusiastic response to StarCrawlers by the Kickstarter community and we look forward to working with all of you over the coming year to craft this game!

The best backers in the universe

We mean it. Heading into the campaign we had high hopes for a good campaign, we weren't expecting to utterly crush our objective and meet so many great backers and fellow kickstarterers. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.

As always,


Thursday - March 13, 2014

StarCrawlers - Kickstarter Updates# 16 & 17

by Couchpotato, 04:35

Juggernaut Games has posted two more kicksarter updates for StarCrawlers. The first update is about a poll were backer can vote the game new character class.

StarCrawlers! Backers vote to pick a NEW CLASS II - The Envotening

YOU'VE DONE IT. The Engineer has joined the crew, and it's time to pick a new class. This poll will run until March 19th, or until the next stretch goal for a class vote is unlocked. Now... get in there and vote!

The second update is a reminder the game has 35 hours left. The game so far has earned $89,066 of $65,000 goal. So all etxra income will allow the game to expand more.

35 Hours To Go! & Press Build Sneak Peek

Let's take a sneak peek at the press demo build! First off - some sweet new environments.

Here’s a version of the nav room from the Stella Marin colony ship. Maybe if you poke around, you can find some clues about what happened to the residents :O At the very least you’ll have to locate the ships black box and get it back to the corp that hired you if you want to get paid.

Unfortunately, someone’s looking to steal your score! Enter Riggo - scourge of Crawlers everywhere. He’s a Bounty hunter with a reputation for shady dealings and opportunism. He’s looking to make off with the box - by any means necessary. His pack of drones will make him a tough adversary - especially Evei (don’t let her diminutive size fool you!)

Here's an awesome first look video posted by FedoraG4mer!… Be on the lookout for more first impressions of StarCrawlers popping up in the next few days!

Tuesday - March 11, 2014

StarCrawlers - Update# 14, Final 72 hours

by Couchpotato, 05:15

Juggernaut Games announces that StarCrawlers has 72 hours left on Kickstarter. The game is already funded, and has gotten $80,776 of the games $65,000 goal.

StarCrawlers! Final 72 hours - last chance to make your mark!

We're in the home stretch! With just 72 hours remaining in the campaign, we have achieved over 122% of our goal, and there's still time to stretch a little further and lock in more features for the first release of StarCrawlers!

Final shot at community content creation

If you were waiting to back at one of the content creation tiers, now is the time. This campaign is the last opportunity to get in the game as an NPC, create a corporation and its CEO, create an event or mission, build an item or a design an enemy - after crowdfunding ends, we won't be offering these options again!

Let's blow this thing outta the sky

It's been an amazing month and everyone at Juggernaut is excited and overwhelmed by the community involvement in StarCrawlers - thank you all so much for your support! As the campaign comes to a close, please consider sharing, sharing and sharing (some more) the Kickstarter link with friends, family, celebrities, bloggers, celebrity-bloggers, space whales. We're not a giant publisher backed team with a massive PR department, YOU are our publishers and your support is the best way of letting people know about StarCrawlers. You're awesome!

International Backers

We're emailing everyone who pledged at RECON and RECON ELITE tiers to remind you to adjust your pledge to avoid the pesky $1 international shipping charge, and we're posting here in the update as well. Here's how: Click on “manage my pledge” and select the $20 reward instead of the reward from your current tier. When we send out the backer survey at the end of the campaign, you can select alpha or beta access as an add-on according to your pledge amount - You’ll get all the rewards for the correct price!

We'll be updating again before the campaign ends with an exciting look at the press build we'll be sharing at The MIX and elsewhere!

Thursday - March 06, 2014

StarCrawlers - Kickstarter Update #13

by Couchpotato, 05:26

Juggernaut Games has posted a new update for StarCrawlers with information on the games lore, story, factions, and gives an update on the games AI.

Story and Lore of StarCrawlers

Rapid technological advancement has sent humanity sprawling to the farthest reaches of known space. Spreading out from the core, an uneasy alliance of megacorps wields dominance over all, bending lesser powers to their will in a never-ending quest for wealth. This “Universal Foundation for Prosperity” styles itself a benevolent advisory board; in reality they routinely exploit the outer worlds to finance the extravagance of their privileged lives.

However, cracks are beginning to appear in the UFP alliance and old secrets have become weapons in a new power struggle. On the fringes of space, the iron grasp of the UFP has yet to close in. It’s a place where allegiances are everything, power is lost as easily as it is gained, and a good payday is always on the horizon, provided you’ve got the skills to get the job done.

The powerful member corps of the UFP are major landowners throughout the galaxy, controlling entire planets and sometimes squabbling over them. The decentralized local governments of free planets are essentially shills for whatever corp is dominant in their region and they risk removal (or outright corporate takeover) if they step out of line.

Faction Reputation / Threat Levels and Narrative AI

The StarCrawlers universe is rife with different factions and entities competing for power. You’ll navigate the intricacies of these power struggles as you take and complete missions. Take a job against a corporation, and your reputation with them will decrease at the same time your threat level increases. Run a lot of missions against the same corp and eventually they’ll start taking precautions against you - warning their security teams to be on the lookout for your crew and ratcheting up the difficulty rating when you’re doing runs in their territory. Betraying a mission giver, or even just doing a particularly shoddy job on a mission, will also negatively affect your reputation with a corp, making them more cautious in their future dealings with your crew

Sunday - March 02, 2014

StarCrawlers - Update# 12, 100% Funded

by Couchpotato, 05:23

In the latest kickstarter update for StarCrawlers Juggernaut Games announces the game is now funded, and on it's way to a few stretch goals.

StarCrawlers! 100% Funded & Tackling Stretch Goals

Well, Plop says it all. StarCrawlers is 100% funded! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who backed, shared and cheered on the campaign to get us this far. The outpouring of enthusiasm and support from the Kickstarter community has been simply amazing. We are fired up to make StarCrawlers for you!

Nice! What now?

The mission to 100% is complete, but the campaign rages on! We've already unlocked the first stretch goal (Juggernaut Legendary Gun Charm - bonus credits for your crew) and we've begun to make headway towards the first minigoal (Heavy Weapons & Sub Machineguns) and the first macrogoal of New Portraits for Every Class (Ladies & Gents). 

Saturday - March 01, 2014

StarCrawlers - Update# 11, Mid-Campaign Update

by Couchpotato, 06:03

Juggernaut Games has posted the next update for thier sci-fi dungeon crawl StarCrawlers that gives a Mid-Campaign report on the games status.

If you haven't read the interview eariler the game is already funded.

Just two weeks left and we’re 97% of the way to the funding goal. That’s crazy close! In today’s update: Combat Update #3 (with video!), PayPal support, the official StarCrawlers wiki, becoming an NPC, info for international backers, and love for an awesome Kickstarter project.

Combat Update #3 is below and all in real-time video action. Please note this is pre-alpha footage: all abilities, items, numbers, etc are works in progress and subject to change. Let us know what you think!

Friday - February 28, 2014

RPGWatch - StarCrawlers Interview

by Couchpotato, 21:41

We had the chance to interview Juggernaut Games about StarCrawlers. I want to thank Elena Consacro the Producer of StarCrawlers for allowing the interview.

At the time of posting the interview the project is already funded, and has $65,875 pledged of the games $65,000 goal. Congratulations Juggernaut Games.

RPGWatch: Let me get started by saying thanks Juggernaut Games for agreeing to do this short interview. So to get started can you tell us a little about your company and game StarCrawlers?

Juggernaut: Thanks! Juggernaut is a small indie team of seven located in San Diego, California. We’ve been working together for 3 years doing contract work and making content for Sony Computer Entertainment. StarCrawlers is our first opportunity to work together on our own original game project. As a team, we decided we wanted to make a dungeon crawler, but not in an ARPG or 2d platformer style.

We wanted to focus on rpg story elements with a strong feeling of player choice and consequences and then add some random elements into the mix with what we’re calling the “narrative AI” and procedurally generated dungeons. It’s really important to the whole team that we create an experience that is as enjoyable to replay as it is to experience the first time. Procedurally generated content also goes hand in hand with building out complex structures on the fly, and lends itself to indie efforts where you don’t have a massive team to build content.

Wednesday - February 26, 2014

StarCrawlers - Kickstarter Updates# 9 & 10

by Couchpotato, 04:49

Juggernaut Games has two more update for thier sci-fi dungeon crawl StarCrawlers. The project has managed to get $60,285 of the $65,000 goal.

It's safe to say the game will be funded. Here are the two updates.

Update #9 - StarCrawlers! The MIX, AMA, New Tiers, New Classes!

Just about to hit the halfway point in the campaign and we’re 88% of the way to the funding goal - thank you to everyone who’s backed us so far and for spreading the word. We’re so close!

To kick things off, check out this awesome doodle by backer and talented guest artist Jezreel!

The MIX StarCrawlers has been selected to be showcased at The MIX in San Francisco on March 17th. Demoing our game at The MIX is an amazing opportunity for a small team like ours to show StarCrawlers to the rest of the world!

AMA We’ll be hosting a reddit AMA on Tuesday, 25 Feb at 10am PST, led by our Lead Animator and resident templar, mixologist, dream maker, and beard enthusiast, Jason. Find it here: and come ask us anything!

NEW TIERS By backer demand, we’ve added two new tiers of GET IN THE GAME II and CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE II. If you were looking for a chance to score some digital immortality and or torture other Crawlers with your fiendish machinations, there’s more opportunities to do so!

NEW CLASSES We’re almost to 100% funded and looking to crack into the stretch goals, so we’re excited to reveal two new classes that you could vote to be added to StarCrawlers!

Update #10 - StarCrawlers! Mini-update: reddit AMA is up!

Just a quick update to say our AMA is live on reddit:

If you're a redditer, please consider joining us for a live Q & A!

Saturday - February 22, 2014

StarCrawlers - Kickstarter Updates# 7 & 8

by Couchpotato, 04:49

Juggernaut Games has two more updates this week for StarCrawlers. The first update talks about new portraits, and some new game classes.

With 21 days to go, we’re 70% of the way to our goal. Per backer requests, time to talk about some stretch goals! Between the larger stretch goals we’ve sprinkled some mini-goals that add items, variations and fun stuff to the game. As for the first two major stretch goals:

More Portrait Variations! Our first big stretch goal at 70k is to create alternate male / female character portraits for every class, including any we unlock down the line at later stretch goals. With this goal achieved, we’ll be able to do full-detail illustrations of all the classes, from head head to toe, for both sexes, for all of the classes.

More Character Classes! Adding more unique character classes is something we’d love to do! A class is comprised of dozens of abilities, dialogue choices, event interactions, items loadouts, and more, making them some of the most complex features to integrate, test and balance. We wanted to reserve adding additional character classes for stretch goals to ensure we’re not reaching beyond our grasp by promising too much too soon.

That said, if we can reach the major milestone at 75k, all backers will get an opportunity to cast their vote for the first class they’d like to add to the game. With extra resources, we’ll be able to make the game even better by adding in more awesome classes, two of which we’re going to reveal... right... now.

The second update is part two of the combat system explanation.

As promised, Combat Update #2 is here: some class-specific abilities in depth and some combo theory! Please note, all systems, numbers, abilities, etc are still in the Pre-Alpha stage and are works in progress - as always, we love to hear your feedback. WARNING: This update contains a lot of theory, system jargon, and geeky numbers. Enjoy!

Thursday - February 20, 2014

StarCrawlers - Update# 6, Combat System

by Couchpotato, 04:23

In the next update for StarCrawlers Juggernaut Games explains the games combat system. Also the game has managed to gather $42,860 of the $65,000 goal. 

StarCrawlers! Combat System update #1

Hi everyone! First a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s supporting us. In just 7 days we’ve achieved over 58% of our goal thanks to your generous support and help spreading the word. We’re on track to punch through the funding target and crack into some stretch goals!

Tell us more about combat! We’ve heard your requests for an update that focuses on the combat system, so we’ll be starting a series of updates that cover this system in detail. Please note, all numbers, abilities, etc are works in progress - but we’d love to hear your feedback. Brace yourself and enjoy!

Tuesday - February 18, 2014

StarCrawlers - Kickstarter Updates# 4 & 5

by Couchpotato, 05:44

Juggernaut Games released two more kickstarter updates for StarCrawlers. So far the game has earned $32,500 of the $65,000 goal. So things are looking good.

Update #4 - Music Update with Ben Prunty

I'm Ben. I'm making the music for Star Crawlers. I also made the music for FTL, which put me in a bit of a quandary. How do I make another sci-fi soundtrack that doesn't sound too much like FTL? It's important to me that every game has a unique sonic footprint.

When the folks at Juggernaut told me about the thematic emphasis on the seedy, unscrupulous nature of the Crawlers and their environments, I got an idea. After some research on different instruments, I came back to them with this:

Orchestra/electronic hybrid à la Tron Legacy mixed with dirty, exotic space jazz.

They loved it. I haven't quite gotten to the jazz part yet (that's reserved for the space taverns and such), but I think I have everything else down.

Update #5 - Tees, Open Houses and Teasers

 Hi everyone! Quick update to show you a prototype of the StarCrawlers tee which you can swag and let you know about a special event we've got planned. First the tee:


Please note this is the prototype, so we'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts. All sizes for ladies and gents to be included.

We're having an Open House! If you're in the San Diego area, or can get there, our open house will be on Friday, Feb. 21st, and you can let us know you're coming by RSVPing here:

Saturday - February 15, 2014

StarCrawlers - Update#3, Happy Valentine's Day

by Couchpotato, 06:32

Juggernaut Games wishes you all a Happy Valentine's Day in the games latest update.

Happy Valentine's Day from StarCrawlers & Juggernaut Games

Knit Plop is a custom made 100% hand knit snuggle-ready cuddle machine, and he wants you to make him your Valentine. To celebrate love and StarCrawlers, we're excited to add a special STARCROSSED LOVER tier (only 21 available!) to get a custom Knit Plop of your own. Here's the Knit Plop prototype without his romance module at half strength:


  • Knit Plop prototype - please note actual product will vary!
Knit Plop likes long strolls through derelict spacehulks, decimating unwary Crawlers, and snuggling.

Happy Valentine's Day from StarCrawlers & Juggernaut Games!

Well it's more of an avertisement really.

Thursday - February 13, 2014

StarCrawlers - Update# 1, Recap & F.A.Q

by Couchpotato, 04:38

Juggernaut Games has a new Recap & F.A.Q for StarCrawlers in the games first kickstarter update. The game so far has earned $15,280 in one day.

StarCrawlers! Day 1 Recap & F.A.Q

Hello world! George from Juggernaut Games here -

It's been an exciting first day and we are currently 18% of the way to the funding goal! We'll be providing updates on our progress and sharing news regularly through Kickstarter Updates, but not annoyingly so ;D You can also follow us on Twitter @Juggernaut_News for all the latest!

There's a series of updates planned that highlight different features of the game and go into more detail on them, if there's something in particular you'd like us to feature - please let us know!

In the meantime, we're putting together a F.A.Q list which will be added to the front page which will include the following questions from the first day (if you've got additional questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear them!)

Wednesday - February 12, 2014

StarCrawlers - Kickstarter Now Live

by Couchpotato, 04:19

Juggernaut Games has just launched the promised kickstarter for their sci-fi dungeon crawl Star Crawlers. Here is the video and some game details.

You’re a Crawler, and that means you work for those that can pay. Asset recovery, commercial espionage, and mayhem for hire are just a few of your crew’s specialized services. If something shady needs doing, chances are a Crawler will be involved. Succeed and you’ll be rewarded with better pay then any corp drone can dream of. Plus, you'll earn the respect of the eclectic assortment of merchants, opportunists and adventurers who make their home in the fringes of space.

Wednesday - January 29, 2014

StarCrawlers - Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

by Couchpotato, 03:37

Juggernaut Games has a new post on the StarCrawlers with a look at some pre-alpha gameplay footage based on the games explore, and combat mode.

Hey George here from Juggernaut Games! We’ve put together a short video of uncut footage from our Pre-Alpha build of StarCrawlers to share some details on what it’s like to play in Explore and Combat modes. Time stamps correspond to the video above – let’s go!

Tuesday - January 28, 2014

StarCrawlers - A New SciFi Dungeon Crawl RPG

by Couchpotato, 05:42

I received news today of a new Indie RPG called Star Crawlers being developed by a studio called Juggernaut Games. Here is a little information on the developer.

Our talented team of artists, programmers, and animators has a combined 20+ years experience working in the game industry. We've recently been lucky enough to start work on our first independant game title, StarCrawlers. Being a part of a project like this has long been a dream of every member of the Juggernaut team and we're excited to share StarCrawlers with the community!

Their game is desribed as the following.

StarCrawlers is an endless first-person RPG adventure with procedurally generated levels, enemies, events, and of course, loot! If you’re a fan of classic dungeon crawls like Ultima Underworld and building a team of shady characters ala Shadowrun, we’ll hope you’ll feel right at home in StarCrawlers

I also have a video to go along with the news-bit.

Information about


Developer: Juggernaut Games

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Juggernaut Games