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Tuesday - April 21, 2015

CivCraft - Iladar Mines Gameplay Demo

by Couchpotato, 05:02

Larkon Studio has finally posted a new kickstarter update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria this week that has some new gameplay footage of the Iladar Mines.


As promised, and fashionably late, we posted our new Gameplay Demo of CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria. Please tell us what you think at this discussion, as any suggestions, questions or compliments are most welcomed!

In the meanwhile, we are getting ready for our Pre-Alpha Kickstarter campaign, as well as tying up some loose ends on our RTS system and kingdom life. We will post more videos and announce our Kickstarter campaign date soon.

Friday - February 27, 2015

CivCraft - Lore Update #2 Posted

by Couchpotato, 04:45

Larkon Studio have released the second lore update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria.

Here’s the second chapter of our CivCraft:Legends Of Ellaria’s lore.

There are four chapters, which holds some clues of things to come.

“Mystical blue flames danced up her hands to her fingertips as she sharpened her focus until the pile started shaking and swirling, manipulating itself until it formed a large humanoid stone figure standing ten feet tall.

“Destroy,” she whispered from her position.”

You can find the full story on our official Website

In the meanwhile, we have added some interesting new features to our combat system. Your character can now command armies from the FPS menu, and some magic is powerful enough to destroy trees and buildings. Our combat system video is expected to be published very soon. So as always, stay tuned and keep spreading the word!

Saturday - February 07, 2015

CivCraft - New Lore Update Posted

by Couchpotato, 05:38

Larkon Studio have released a new lore update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria.

As promised, we’ve published the first of several chapters of CivCraft - Legends Of Ellaria’s king. This story takes place before you arrive to Ellaria, and holds some clues of things to come.

“The scout drew a dagger from his sleeve. Kael side-stepped his first lunge and grabbed his arm. For a moment they struggled over the knife and Kael felt his arms quiver as his enemy pushed.”

You can find the full story on our official Website

In the meanwhile, our combat system is in final stages, and we will post a gameplay video soon, as well as information about our Early Access Tester campaign. So as always, stay tuned and keep spreading the word!

Thursday - January 01, 2015

CivCraft - Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

by Couchpotato, 05:41

Larkon Studio relesed a new Pre-Alpha gameplay video for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria.


Hi Gamers, we’ve reached a huge milestone today!

After a few months of hard work on CivCraft - Legends Of Ellaria, we have completed our game engine and compiled the first CivCraft full version... Ever! 

 Here’s our first gameplay video. Please enjoy it and send as many feedbacks and remarks. 

In our next post we’ll publish the combat and adventure gameplay video, and later we’ll show our RTS and city life, as well as work on the final parts of CivCraft’s Alpha.

 As we’re reaching the end of our milestones, we can allready estimate that our Kickstarter Early Alpha tester campaign will start at mid January 2015. The campaign will allow anyone to be an early alpha tester and to receive CivCraft quicker and cheaper than it will be in Steam.

It will also mean that you’ll be able to give remarks and ideas before CivCraft will be officially published, as well as help us polish CivCraft into the best game ever! And as always, stay tuned and keep spreading the word!

Sunday - October 26, 2014

CivCraft - Pre-Alpha Release Update

by Couchpotato, 04:25

Larkon Studio posted news about the Pre-Alpha version of CivCraft on the games kickstarter page this week. So if you still follow the game here you go.

After months of development, Ellaria’s publish date is near. In two months or less, we will finish the pre-alpha and be ready to test it. 

Thanks to your support and participation in our last campaign, we will make a new Kickstarter campaign, where you’ll get the chance to test and play CivCraft even before it will be published on Steam. This campaign will be followed by new screenshots and gameplay videos, as well as with some new features

Tuesday - October 07, 2014

CivCraft - Alpha Version Release

by Couchpotato, 10:13

It has been a while since I reported news about the failed kickstater game CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria. The developer released a new update two weeks ago.

It seems the alpha version will be out in two months.

Our team have finally patched things together and have finished CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria's pre-alpha. We expect CivCraft's alpha version to be ready within two months or so, and are extremely satisfied with how it looks and feels.

In the following months we will start publishing screenshots and will start adding some of the features you suggested. If you have any other suggestions, we invite you to post them here:

We hope CivCraft will be as exciting as we expect it to be. As always, stay tuned and keep spreading the word.

Saturday - July 19, 2014

CivCraft - New Update on Terrain

by Couchpotato, 05:56

Larkon Studio's latest update for CivCraft: Legends Of Ellaria talks about terrain.

CivCraft - Legends Of Ellaria Terrain

Over the past month we’ve been stirring our terrain engine to make it more flexible and versatile than before. You can change it, shape it, build on it and generally do anything you’d do on it with a civilization. Since we polished our RTS camera as well, we actually had to stop ourselves from playing CivCraft too much.

Over the next weeks, we’ll continue to dedicate our time with improving CivCraft, as well as start implementing some of our community remarks and animations.

So, if you want to send us more requests, now is the time

Larkon Studio

Sunday - July 13, 2014

CivCraft - Alpha & Steam Early Access

by Couchpotato, 13:37

Larkon Studios shares information that CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria will be available for Alpha testing on Steam Early Access soon.

CivCraft - Legends Of Ellaria Alpha Stage

Over the past few weeks we continued our development and are on our way to publish CivCraft on Steam as an Early Access as soon as possible.

We know you are waiting to access to CivCraft, and are working on it’s development day and night, and will post weekly updates on our progress.

Since CivCraft is a community project, we invite you to participate in our community forums and suggest features or ask questions.

And as always, we ask you to spread the word in any way you can.

Cheers, Larkon Studio

Sunday - June 08, 2014

CivCraft - Kickstarter Cancelled

by Couchpotato, 03:06

Larkon Studios shares information that their kickstarter for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria has been cancelled. The game only managed to get $5,506 of the games $150,000 goal.

Our campaign is canceled but we move on

The CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria team would like to thank everyone for taking interest in our project, as it gives us great satisfaction to know that you liked CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria and its concept. Unfortunately, because we started our campaign too soon, we now see that we will not reach our goal and are canceling our Kickstarter campaign. 

Our plan is to continue developing CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria, and to have a working version within several months. We will start a new Kickstarter campaign once we have an early version of CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria, and will later on publish the CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria early access on Steam. 

In the meanwhile, we wish to reward our backers with a golden badge in our community, where you’ll participate in the development of CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria and give remarks or requests about how it should look like. 

And again, we thank you for taking interest in us, and promise we will continue to develop CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria.

Thursday - June 05, 2014

CivCraft - First Person Mode Update

by Couchpotato, 04:16

Larkon Studio's posted a new kickstarter update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria that goes into detail about how the games First Person Mode will work.

CivCraft First Person (FPS) mode

Here is our CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria FPS mode in detail, as asked by Kickstarter members and by our community.  

Though you can play CivCraft is FPS or RTS modes, you will probably spend some time in first person mode, whether to fight battles , explore the land around you or just admire the view.  

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria FPS mode is similar to other FPS games; you have a crosshair, a health bar and a quick item switch slot, as well as a manna and stamina bar.

But there's more than meets the eye in CivCraft combat system, as we added some extra features that adds more ways to fight your enemies, as well as some realistic elements that we thought CivCraft gameplay should have.

Left/Right hand assignment

Through your inventory, you can set both left and right hand item for each quick select slot in your inventory. For instance, you can set a sword, along with a shield or a magic and use any or both of them simultaneously.

Compass and locations indicator

Well, we don't want you to lose your way in Ellaria, so we added a compass to the top of your screen. The compass will also indicate the nearest city and interesting locations, as well as a quest marker to your current quest. A must have for any adventurer.

Enemy sound tracking

Since we noticed not everyone has surround speakers, we added a sound tracking display that will show new enemies on your HUD. Whenever an enemy makes a sound, hits you or generally alerts you, you will see a "radar" display, indicating his general direction. Of course, you'll have to learn and master the stealth skills if you want to use this system effectively, as anything is skill based in CivCraft.

Combo moves

As your skills increase, you'l notice you have more options in combat, as we designed CivCraft combat system for combos and timed attacks. Every repeated attack with the same melee weapon will result in a new and more deadlier strike, and skilled warriors can deliver multiple blows to an enemy. You should be careful though, as your stamina can decrease rapidly during combos, and skilled enemies can block and counter attack your combos.

Stealth System

In the Espionage pack, we will include the ability to enter stealth mode. When in stealth mode, you can sneak behind unsuspecting enemies, as long as you are in the dark, unnoticed and silent. Why develop a stealth system? Because it's fun and useful! You can open castle gates, sabotage the enemy's buildings or sneak past that huge ogre and into the treasure room.

Mage combat system

Mages in CivCraft are not just a glass cannon, as we added many features to help mages both in close quarters and against other mages. Although magic has a longer skill tree and is harder to master, mages can shield themselves from melee attacks, teleport to safety and push enemies away. In addition, you can master one or several types of magic, each with it's unique abilities and spells.

Friday - May 30, 2014

CivCraft - Greenlit on Steam

by Couchpotato, 01:24

The latest kickstarter update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria has news from the game developer the game has been Greenlit on Steam.

CivCraft is Greenlit!

Yesterday, after less than three weeks, Steam Greenlight approved CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria. We received good responses and are in the top places. We thank everyone for for your vote, approval and encouragement!

The next days are going to be exciting. We are going to appear on the map, as we will be published on major video game news websites. We will also publish more news and updates and show you more about CivCraft and it’s expansions.

Stay tuned, and remember, you can make it happen!

Wednesday - May 28, 2014

CivCraft - Gameplay In a Nutshell

by Couchpotato, 00:56

Larkon Studio's has posted the second update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria that goes into detail about gameplay, and hopefully answers any questions you all have.

CivCraft gameplay in a nutshell.

Here is our CivCraft gameplay in a nutshell, as asked by Kickstarter members and by our community.

CivCraft is a fantasy first person shooter with the ability to build cities, fight strategic battles and expand your kingdom. It has two modes - First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy mode.

First Person view

Whether you manage your kingdom or explore the land by yourself, you control your own character and develop your abilities. Your combat view shows what you need to know about your abilities, health, manna and location. You’ll be very familiar with our first person view, as it follows the same standards as other FPS games.

Real Time Strategy menu

The RTS menu is fairly easy to learn, and has kingdom management, construction management and unit control. However, in CivCraft, you don’t need to control every single person, as they go to their daily duties and gather resources, run buildings or just go about their business. During battles, you control formations and army tactics and can manage your entire army through the RTS menu.

Switching between FPS and RTS

CivCraft view modes can be switched at any time with a single button (The ‘R’ key, if you were wondering), and you can use both menus throughout the game. You can’t, however, use the RTS menu in “Quest areas”, since these areas are meant for small groups.

Quest Areas

Through Ellaria, you’ll find “Quest Areas”. These locations are either enemy camps, caves, ruins, other dimensions or as part of clues given by a fellow adventurer . Since you can’t fit an army into a quest area, you’ll have to take action and go there by yourself, or send one of your heroes. Quest areas are usually dangerous and affect the entire regions around them, but can contain clues, special artifacts and riches that will help you grow your kingdom.

Your world

We have designed CivCraft to contain a huge world where you can explore and expand. However, since many kings lost their way in Ellaria, we divided it into 2Km maps and added an overlook map. Each place can contain a city and several towns, and is owned by a kingdom or is neutral. The result? kingdom borders, easy travel and quick loading between maps.


Kingdoms in Ellaria, whether players or computer based, has their own area and towns. They react to your actions and can be your friends, allies, enemies or just neutral. You can, and should, establish trade routes and treaties with these kingdoms to empower yours, and can visit friendly kingdoms personally. But beware, your actions inside another kingdom will greatly affect your relations, as you represent your kingdom in these foreign lands.

Construction and expansion

Just in case you want to manage your city construction, you can set a location of a city through the RTS menu, then construct buildings in that area. Each building you construct requires resources, people to build it and has an upkeep. There are several types of buildings and each can help your city. For instance, you can build barracks and train soldiers, houses and many other types of buildings. However, if city engineering is not your style, you can always tell your advisor to manage the city construction by himself.

Your role in Ellaria

Your adventures in Ellaria are not just by expanding your kingdom. We’ve built a unique story that you can follow, which involves your former enemy and invaders from other rifts. Though the story of Ellaria is not forced on you, we’re sure you'll be drawn to it from the very beginning, as it contains it’s own rewards, a great story and an epic battle in another dimension.

Tuesday - May 27, 2014

CivCraft - Thank You to All Backers

by Couchpotato, 01:02

Larkon Studio's has a new update for their kickstarter game CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria with a thank you to eveyone who has backed the game so far.

Thank You!

We thank you for your support!

We've been working on CivCraft for over two years, and with your support it’s starting to take shape. We've had some awesome responses and were excited to read that you think CivCraft will be amazing. 

We’ll be glad to answer any question and of course, we read all your comments. We will also be posting updates about our combat system and gameplay, as well as details about our stretch goals and our planned expansion packs, so stay tuned! 

If you don’t want to miss anything, make sure you visit our official site, or like our Facebook page. And again, we thank you for your support. Your support is bringing CivCraft to reality!

Monday - May 26, 2014

CivCraft - Kickstarter Now Live

by Couchpotato, 01:43

Larkon Studio's new game CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria has just gone live on kickstarter asking for $150,000. Here is the usual video and game information.


Have you played a really good FPS game, but felt you are limited in its possibilities to act? Have you played a really good RTS game, but noticed your view is too far from the real action? Have you ever wanted to combine these genres but in a simple and controllable way?

And maybe not just combine, but to switch between them at will, and take your experience to a different level, taking command of individuals or entire armies?

Well, now imagine you can, in an RPG game platform where you control every aspect of your world, follow the main story or create your own, embark special quests, craft items, level up your characters, interact with anyone and anything in Ellaria’s endless realm.

Wednesday - May 14, 2014

CivCraft - A New Sandbox Game

by Couchpotato, 06:39

CivCraft Legends Of Ellaria is a new FPS Sandbox game that seeks to combine RTS & RPG game genres. If you're interested here is the games official trailer.

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria is a sandbox game, with a combination of full first person shooter with features from other game genres, such as RTS and RPG. The result is an entirely new game that affects the player’s whole gaming experience.

The games developer Larkon Studios is also active on our forums also. So ask any questions you may have in the following thread.

Information about

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria

Developer: Larkon Studio

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 40-60 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Platform: PC
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