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Friday - February 14, 2014
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Friday - January 27, 2012
Friday - September 02, 2011
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Friday - February 14, 2014

Lord of Ultima - Shutting Down in May

by Couchpotato, 03:06

The website for the F2P game Lord of Ultima has news EA has pulled the plug. Starting in May the game will be permanently shutdown.

Today we bring sad news. It pains us to inform you that the final days of Caledonia are drawing near. While glory has flickered in the heart of this new world, the shadows of the old one have risen to take it back from us forever.

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you, that on Monday 12th May @ 07:00 UTC we will be closing the gates of Lord of Ultima for good and stopping the service in its entirety.

Thanks for the tip TheMadGamer.Wink

Monday - June 18, 2012

Ultima - The Savage Empire & Martian Dreams Free on GoG!

by Gorath, 18:44

Today GoG offers the complete Worlds of Ultima series for free! Both The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams are included.

If you don't have an account yet, you can register through the banner at the top.

In related news, GoG starts their Battle of the Games summer promo today. You can vote. The winning game will be sold at 60% rebate, the loser at 40% rebate. Today's battle: Myst vs. The 7th Guest. A new battle will happen every day until July 5th.

Friday - January 27, 2012

Ultima - Most.Important.Game.Series.Ever. @ Joystiq

by Dhruin, 21:10

Joystiq has a piece titled Ultima: Most.Important.Gamer.Series.Ever which sounds reasonable to me:

Hey there. Whatcha playing? No, actually, don't tell me. You're playing Ultima. You don't know you're playing Ultima, but you are. If you're playing an open-world game, you're dealing with Ultima. If you're playing a massively-multiplayer game, you're dealing with Ultima. If you're playing a game with a morality system, Ultima. Even something as simple as three-dimensional graphics – either in perspective or overall representation – have ties to Ultima. How?

Friday - September 02, 2011

Ultima - Patch Recap for U1-IV @ Ultima Aiera

Monday - November 15, 2010

Ultima VI - Video Retrospective

by Skavenhorde, 11:30

The Spoonyone has posted his next retrospective in the Ultima series. This time he takes a look at Ultima 6. This one is a little more goofy than his previous Ultima retrospective. It probably has to do with how much he hated the inventory, the controls, the graphics and the racist Lord British. To say he is not of fan of Ultima 6 is putting it mildly. You can watch the video here.


Thanks to JemyM who pointed out that the video was up on the site.

Monday - September 20, 2010

Ultima V - Video Retrospective

by Skavenhorde, 10:28

The Spoony Experiment has posted the next retrospective of my favorite Ultima game, Ultima V. Not too much joking around in this one as he goes into a lot of detail on what Ultima V was all about.


Thanks, JemmY.

Monday - August 23, 2010

Ultima IV - Video Review

by Skavenhorde, 11:45

The Spoony Experiment has another video review in the Ultima series. This time he takes a look at Ultima IV. This one is more a straight forward review of this classic.

Sunday - August 15, 2010

Ultima - Retro Video Reviews

by Skavenhorde, 13:40

The Spoony Experiment has done some retro reviews of the Ultima series. Spoony, aka Noah Antwiler, is going to review all of the single player titles (god help him with Ultima IX). His reviews are always funny and his Let's Play series are some of my favorites on the web.

Here are the reviews that he has put up so far:

Ultima 0 - Akalabeth

Ultima 1 - I wish I played this one. I never knew until this review that there were Tie Fighters in the game. Too awesome.

Ultima 2 - Too confusing

Ultima 3 - BEWARE THE FLOOR!!!

Ultima 3 contest - It's a little late, but he is having a contest where you send in your video submission of being attacked by GRASS!!! If you've played the game then you'll know that the freaking floor and grass were a pain to kill. The deadline is August 22nd.

While there you should check out his Let's Play of Ripper. Ripper was a Full Motion Video game made back when FMV was all the rage. It's an extremely long Let's Play, but it's worth it to watch the movie of the man himself Christopher Walken without having to play that horrible game. There are some other great talent in there like Burgess Meredith, David Patrick Kelly, John Rhys-Davies, Karen Allen, Scott Cohen, Ossie Davis, Paul Giamattie and even had Jimmie Walker thrown in there for kicks.

Ultima IV Part 2 - Fan Made Parody

by Skavenhorde, 12:58

There is a new free Ultima game out that offers a bit a humor to the beloved series. It's called Ultima 4 Part 2: Dude, Where's My Avatar. It uses a new game engine called Adventure Creation Kit.

I've only played a small portion of the game, but from what I've seen I'm impressed. The humor runs the range from witty to corny. The graphics are lifted straight out of Ultima V. There is no party this time around. It's just you. The combat is more like Ultima 1 or 2 than Ultima 5. You even get a shotgun from the best retailer around, S-Mart. Of course there are a ton of Ultima refrences in the game, but for those old timers like me the game throws in some extremely old game refrences. For example: I ran across Indiana Jones from the old Atari system. If you've ever played Pirates! on the commodore 64 then you'll get hit with a ton of nostalgia when visiting Buccaneer's Den. Plus there are a few characters from classic TV series like Knight Rider, Magnum P.I. and Night Court.

The game uses the keyboard and you have to actually type out your responses just like in the original, but it highlights any word in the conversation that you need to type. I haven't had to write down too much other than the new mantras for each shrine, but if you have a short memory you'll need to write down what to say to certain people.

This isn't a game for children as there are many references to sex, drugs and rock & roll, but it never goes too far. Katrina is always there to stop the avatar from engaging in any 'unavatar' type of behavior.

In short (too late) if you're an old timer like me and grew up on the Ultima series then you should download it and give it a shot. Even if you didn't grow up in the bronze, silver or golden age of gaming it still is a fun little game to play.