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Wednesday - April 16, 2014
Monday - April 07, 2014
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Wednesday - April 16, 2014

Matt Chatt - Brenda Romero Interview #4

by Couchpotato, 04:31

Matt continues his interview with Brenda Romero this time talking about sexism in the Gaming Industry. This should be the last part of his interview.

In this episode, Brenda Romero, the Gloria Steinem of the games industry, zeroes in on the key problems facing women gamers and developers: sexism, sexism, and more sexism. Booth babes, chain mail bikinis, and lack of healthy avatar options are all just symptoms of a much broader problem.

Warning: I've done my best to censor out the adult language in this episode, but my apologies if any managed to slip through.

Monday - April 07, 2014

Matt Chatt - Brenda Romero Interview, Part 3

by Myrthos, 13:41

Matt continues his series of interviews with Brenda Romero, talking about sex and violence. Two words that always do well in selling games. These topics are covered in such games as Dungeons & Dragons Heroes and Playboy: The Mansion.

Monday - March 31, 2014

Sir-Tech - Brenda Romero Interview, part 2

by Myrthos, 12:23

Matt Barton continues his interview with Brenda Romero on Wizardry 5 & 8, Jagged Alliance 2 and more.

Monday - March 24, 2014

Matt Chatt - Brenda Romero Interview

by Myrthos, 14:10

Matt Barton interviews Brenda Romero about her early days at Sir-Tech, programming the C-64, her favorite arcade game, Tron, and how she ended up running the Wizardry hotline.

Tuesday - December 21, 2010

Sir-Tech - The Roots of CRPGs @ Bitmob

by Dhruin, 22:59

Next up in Bitmob's company-based CRPG history is the legendary Sir-tech:

A space-based wargame, Galactic Attack, was the next project, said to have been dreamt up during the drive back home from the show (though a vague Wikipedia entry doubts this story by saying that it was adapted from another early PC game: 1973's Empire). After convincing Fred Sirotek, Sr. to part with the capital to get the project started, Infotree completed Galactic Attack and sold enough to fund the next one -- and the company that would bring it to the world: Sir-tech. It was a game that Woodhead had been playing at Cornell with fellow student Andrew Greenberg: Dungeons of Despair.

Wednesday - June 27, 2007

Sir-Tech - Long running legal battles

by Dhruin, 01:36

This is an unusual newsbit...I'm not sure what you will make of it but I guess it casts some small illumination on the business end of game making, even back in the day.  Lucky Day wrote in to point out a lawsuit by Andrew Greenberg against Sir-Tech, stretching back over 13 years to this judgment in 2005.  The source is a summary on Cornell Law School's site but it's rather complex, so I'll use Lucky Day's email:

I'm not a lawyer but this appears to be a summary of a second appeal of Andrew Greenberg vs Sir-Tech .

Greenberg is the real life Werdna in the Wizardy series.

According to this summary Greenberg licensed to Sir-Tech in 1981 his 1979 Wizardry game on it and was to receive any and all royalties for related products.

In 1991, Sir-Tech collapsed then transferred its assets to Sir-Tech, Canada.  However, they apparently decided that they didn't have to pay Greenberg his royalties.

It was in 1992 that Greenberg discovered they left the country so he filed suit in the state of New York.

Sir-Tech Canada argued that they lacked jurisdiction but Greenberg pointed out that Wizardry products were being sold in the State and that Sir-Tech Canada bought the sirtech.com domain from they former parent company Sir-Tech Sftware, Inc., a New York company.

He won the lawsuit but Sir-Tech appealed and somehow they won.  The court stated that Greenberg failed to even raise the the legal violation that he originally sued them over (cplr 302 a, etc.)

Not to be undaunted, Greenberg appealed that decision with quite a bit of evidence. This article shows the results of that decision in Greenberg's favor in 2005..13 years after it began and 3.5 years since the last North American Wizardry release.  According to Wikipedia, there has been 15 Wizardry products released in Japan since.

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