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Box Art

Sunday - June 28, 2015

Indiegogo - Fantasy Dimension Update

by Hiddenx, 10:43

Speedstar made a pre-alpha gameplay video for the oldschool game Fantasy Dimension:


Here's the link to the Indiegogo campaign.

Sunday - June 14, 2015

Indiegogo - Fantasy Dimension campaign started

by Hiddenx, 17:17

A new crowdfunding campaign - Fantasy Dimension - has started at Indiegogo:


Fantasy Dimension is:

  • Dark Fantasy Theme - no disneyland, no japan.
  • Turn Based Tactical Combat - fight groups of enemies, plan every move, choose from variety skills and spells.
  • Party Based - specialize up to 6 characters.
  • Freedom Character Creation - no classes, create own by mixing any skills and spells.
  • 100% Line Art - two color illustration graphics like in old books.
  • Imagination - no computer effects, played like a paper game.
  • 5 Difficulty Modes - changeable during play.
  • Multiplatform - browser based, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • FREE - ads based.

Game starts with party creation. Player chooses unique traits (they are not available in later progress) and starting skills or spells, for up to 6 characters.

In the town, party buy and sell items, learn or extend skills and spells for experience points, and visit some places. When each member is prepared for combat, they leave main gates, choose 1 of 5 difficulty modes and location type to travel. There is a chance that before they meet the enemy, some event may occur.

On the battlefield, there is turn based combat, divided into whole turns and their phases. On each phase, player or enemy choose 1 of their unused members to do 1 action, which can be basic attack, defense, use of item, use of skill or use of spell. Each skill and spell can be used once per certain number of turns. Side which has more available characters, may have more than 1 move in their phase. After all characters on the battlefield have been used, new turn begins. Winning the battle will result in coins, items and experience points. If player will lost 1 or more party members, then new ones can be recruited in the town. 

To progress each character, player can spend experience points on learning new skills and spells, or extend current. Freedom in character creation allows every party member to have access to any knowledge. There are multi level skills and spells, but most of them do not depend on others to learn. The only thing that can make each character to be more unique are traits set at the beginning.


-> Info from ociebieda

Sunday - April 05, 2015

Shallow Space - A RTS Game with RPG Elements

by Couchpotato, 06:20

A new game was launched on Indiegogo called Shallow Space: Insurgency, and the  developer is asking for $85,000 to help fund his game. Here is the games trailer.


Shallow Space is an action packed Real Time Strategy space game in a true 3D environment. Players will control a wide variety of heavily customizable ships throughout an in depth story line, skirmish scenarios, co-op, and multiplayer throughout a variety of game modes. With a heavy emphasis on gameplay options, Shallow Space’s asymmetrical balance will ensure plenty of variety and replayability.

Shallow Space has been in development for over a year now, and is quite far along in the development process. In the past year, we have overcome the majority of the major technical hurdles and have a fantastic, playable tech demo in hand. From here, we need a burst of funding to polish up the game, pay some of our contractors, and acquire the needed assets.

Tuesday - January 13, 2015

The Dark Inside Me - Horror Adventure Game

by Couchpotato, 04:12

I was notified by the developer of a new adventure game on Indiegogo called The Dark Inside Me. Now a warning does apply about some of the games content.

Now why a warning because its made by a director of Gory horror movies.


You awake in a hospital room, handcuffed to a bed. You hear some detectives speaking about you. They are speaking that they are surprised that how you can be still alive after that terrifying event. And one of the said it would be better if they caught you dead. You don’t understand and don’t remember much but to learn first you should find a way to escape.

The first question come to minds is if you are guilty or not? But its much more beyond the guiltiness or guiltless. You have given a chance to face with your past and how far you would go and sacrifice from yourself to enlighten the darkness and fight with your demons.

Tuesday - December 02, 2014

ZX Spectrum - Brought Back to Life

by Myrthos, 12:35

Perhaps not really RPG news, but it is capable of playing quite a bit of RPGs. If you are old enough to have known and used the ZX Spectrum, this might be an opportunity to play some of the 14.000 games again, that were created in the time, by participating in the Indiegogo campaign, which has been started featuring the ZX Spectrum Vega.

The Vega has been developed by Chris Smith, a former ZX Spectrum games developer who is the world's leading expert on Sinclair Spectrum technology and author of the definitive technical book "The ZX Spectrum ULA: How to design a microcomputer".


Retro Computers Ltd is making arrangements with the owners of the software rights to Spectrum games to donate a combined software royalty to a charity – Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The company’s Chairman, Dr David Levy, had his life saved by the hospital when he was diagnosed with meningitis as a 3-year-old.

The development of the Sinclair Spectrum Vega is complete, and we have a fully working prototype waiting to go into production within the UK. We are making contact with thousands of the original Spectrum game developers in order to secure their permission to use their games on the Vega, for which a combined software royalty will be donated to charity ‒ Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.

Once the first 1,000 Limited Edition Vegas have been manufactured and shipped, and we move on to the next 3,000 units and thereafter to batches of 10,000 or more, the retail price of the Vega will reduce. But even at £100 the cost of the limited edition Vega, with its 1,000 games built-in, represents a huge saving over the cost of the original product plus the cost of 1,000 of the original Spectrum games. What cost thousands of pounds back in the 1980s is now available for around 1 per cent of that amount.

Thursday - October 16, 2014

Planet Centauri - A New 2D Sandbox Game

by Couchpotato, 07:36

Here is another new game looking for funding on Indiegogo this week. The game is called Planet Centauri and as usual here is a video, and game description.

Discover the secrets that lurk through more than twenty biomes, tame monsters and make them your allies , save the Chloriniens from the Night Walkers , create a community and protect it , create your own weapons, your own armor, your own magic and make the planet Centauri the cradle of a new civilization or your tomb!

Monday - September 22, 2014

The Tale of Three - Indiegogo Campaign Update

by Couchpotato, 05:26

The Tale of Three Indiegogo Campaign has earned $1,075 of the games $30,000 goal, and has 31 days left. The developers have posted a few updates since last week.

Check out the Unreal Engine 4 Twitch Broadcast with The Tale of Three .

We have something special for you! Take a look at the "Select a Perk" section where you can find the Special Offer: Digital Copy tier that contains everything from the Digital Copy tier at a lower price:

● Digital copy of The Tale of Three
● Your name as a funder in the game's credits
● Closed forum access and special badge
● Wonderful wallpaper pack

Tuesday - September 16, 2014

The Tale of Three - New Action-Adventure Game

by Couchpotato, 04:39

The Tale of Three is a new Action-Adventure Game from a developer called gameDNA studio. They also have a webpage on Seam Greenlight that has more information.

The Tale of Three will be an action-adventure game with some RPG elements, but we won’t hold your hand throughout the story. There will be a lot to discover but nothing will be given on a plate. We focus on a maximum immersion and high level of difficulty like in the old-school games.

If that got you interested they have a campaign on Indiegogo that needs funding.

Welcome to our crowdfunding campaign for The Tale of Three, which is a third-person perspective video game with three playable characters whose fates get tangled up with each other.

If you haven't already seen the trailer, don't wait anymore – you must see it! The video contains actual in-game footage from the pre-alpha version. We realize that it looks pretty raw without some assets, textures, or parts of gameplay but keep in mind that it's the beginning of the development and in the end it will look much better.

Our goal is to create a game that will allow you to take part in an epic adventure with unforgettable characters in the mysterious world. We hope that it will stand out by its original gameplay and high level of difficulty – like in old good games, but with a modern twist.

Among the inspirations we have to mention fables and tales from our childhood like those by the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, and many, many others. When it comes to games, we take pattern from Hype: The Time Quest (it's quite old but still charming), the Gothic series, Fable: The Lost Chapters, The Witcher series, and Dark Souls.

So what we want to achieve is to create something that will make us feel the same magic we felt when our mothers and fathers read us stories in childhood, and then when we played games as teenagers. Sometimes contemporary productions look pretty but finishing them no longer makes such pleasure like in the old ones. We would like to return to the roots, drawn from the DNA of classics and make for you something that you will want to play again.

Saturday - August 09, 2014

X-Tactics - A New Episodic RPG

by Couchpotato, 06:47

Acoording to this new press release a few veterans fron Square-Enix, Capcom, and Sega are making a new episodic RPG called X-Tactics with a new crowd funding campaign.

Veterans of Square-Enix, Capcom & SEGA, announce X-Tactics crowd funding campaign

Tokyo, Japan - August 08, 2014 - GAMKIN Inc., formed by veterans of Square-Enix, Capcom and SEGA, announced today they have begun a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform for their latest game: X-Tactics. X-Tactics, is an episodic RPG, set in the modern world, that combines tactical gameplay with elements of urban exploration.

The campaign starts today and will last until Monday, September 15. More details about the campaign can be found here:

“When we set out to make X-Tactics, we didn’t want to make just another tactical game, nor create some sort of perfect tactical experience. Our goal was to create something new.” said Robert Gould, X-Tactics's producer and lead designer. “Leveraging our expertise, we combined equal parts of tactical gameplay like that of ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ and ‘Valkyrie Chronicles’, with fighting game mechanics and aesthetics, like those found in the ‘Street Fighter’ series, to create a new gameplay experience, that we at least, have not seen done before.”

“It is our mission here at GAMKIN, to mashup our gamedev expertise with other fields. So we are using real world data streams, like weather, and location-based data, to enhance X-Tactics gameplay, creating an urban exploration sandbox mode for our players. This combined with the curated episodic nature of X-Tactics will allow us to build a living game, and allow us to expand the X-Tactics universe based on our community's feedback.”

Regarding crowdfunding, Kengo Okinaga, founder and CEO of GAMKIN, explained that "unlike most other game-related crowdfunding, that depends on funding to start production, we wanted to wait until we had the game’s systems nailed down before starting our campaign, so we could reduce the risks for both our supporters and partners.” adding that “the development team is now focusing on improving features and creating the remaining content needed for release, not simple tasks, but tasks that we feel confident we can handle.”

"We chose Indiegogo as we are based in Japan, and Indiegogo is the best truly global crowdfunding platform out there. And that same global reach will also play an important role to help us build an international community of players that will be able to make the most out of the title’s unique urban exploration features.”

Friday - July 18, 2014

Darkwood - Early Access & New Trailer

by Couchpotato, 05:00

Acid Wizard Studios Darkwood is going to be released on Steam Early Access on July 24th. Incase anyone forgot I covered the game on Indiegogo earlier this year.

Here is a new video and a recap of the game.

Darkwood is a game about survival, exploration and fear set in mysterious woods somewhere in the territory of the Soviet Bloc. By blending RPG, roguelike and adventure elements together with a challenging difficulty, Darkwood aims to please players craving for a deep and rewarding experience.

Saturday - June 07, 2014

Devious - A Story Driven Turn Based RPG

by Couchpotato, 04:47

I found another game on Indiegogo called Devious asking for $32,000. The games developer calls his game a story driven turn based RPG.


We kindly welcome you to this campaign to get funding for Devious. We need as much help as possible to make this project see the light of day. Your support is much appreciated as we will continue to grow and make this project a reality.

Of course we encourage you to tell your friends about this if you think they can find it interesting!

But...What is Devious?

Devious is a 2D story-driven turn based RPG game. Basically, we have a mix of many classic RPG elements and a modern plot with a lot of features and twists. We take influences from the most relevant and important RPGs from both West and East. 

Our ideal is to revive the turn based combat that we all love and bring it to computer gaming, wrapping it in with a deep concept, story and beautiful 2D graphics.

The player will take the place of agent David Doyle of the CDA in his attempt to capture a dangerous criminal, with the help of the advanced and classified intelligence system: OUTLAW Project.


Tuesday - May 20, 2014

Medieval Times - A New Action Adventure Game

by Couchpotato, 05:34

We were sent news of the following game called Medieval Times on Indiegogo. The developer OddGames is asking for $10,000. So as usual here is the pitch video.

You are a local peasant (Edmond) from a small village called Mosscroft. Everyday seems ordinary and dull until you are set on a mission by the village noble which leads to unexpected adventures.

Edmond is given the task to travel to the neighbouring village called Fairbridge to find new seeds for sowing. Eager to find some change in his life he gladly accept the task; anything to get away from the farming shores and errands. However, Edmond quickly realizes that life is not so easy on the road. Bandits raid the country side, attacking supply caravans and unproven travellers. He must build up his skills if he is to survive in this unforgiving world…

The developer also offers a demo to help you decide to help find his game.

There is a Medieval Times working alpha demo which you can try for free. However, to get the project finished I need your support. This will allow me to pay for studio rent, additional development programs and equipment. The more money I raise the more creative freedom, and content there will be.

Sunday - May 18, 2014

World War Machine - A Post-Human ARPG

by Couchpotato, 05:10

World War Machine is a new Action RPG that was picked from the voters of the Square Enix Collective. The games is asking for $50,000, and ends on June, 24th.

A supremely customizable, highly advanced technological marvel of destruction.

Locate prized items and gather Materials to Craft crippling Weapons, upgrade with ruinous hardware Components and make critical moment-to-moment tactical choices as you campaign through an unforgiving cityscape. A fast-paced, modern Action-RPG, World War Machine lets you adventure solo or party-up to survive the hordes of remorseless enemies.

NOTE: To those who may be wondering, the funding goal of $50 000 we have set is not to fund the game entirely. It costs a lot more than that to make a top quality Action-RPG. We are already partially funded by a loan from the CMF (Canada Media Fund). We simply need an additional push to make the game better. 

We are extremely passionate game developers, each with many years of experience in the game industry. We plan on doing right by every single dollar pledged by putting it directly into the production of World War Machine.

Monday - April 21, 2014

Forward to the Sky - A Zelda-like 3D Game

by Couchpotato, 05:41

Forward to the Sky is a new game on Indiegogo asking for $3,000 to help finish the games development, The developer Wei Chen describes his game as the following.

Forward to the Sky is a third person action adventure game in the sky tower ruin. The game is Zelda-like, focus more on puzzles also features a mixture of action and adventure gameplay.

Wednesday - February 26, 2014

Indiegogo - What's Up?

by Myrthos, 13:28

I thought I'd check out what is available as games that are tagged with the RPG label on Indiegogo and found out that very few understand how important presentation is.
Here are a few games that I felt might spark an interest amongst the RPGWatch community and of which most will not get funded unless they present themselves a lot better.

Legends of Persia

The storyline revolves around Keykhosro, the son of the Persian prince Siavosh who was killed by Afrasiab, the king of Tooran. In the game you will have to deal with large amounts of enemies and fight bosses in order to be able to deal with Afrasiab.
They are asking for $5.000 AUD (currently at $35 with 50 days left) and with an estimated delivery date of March this year the campaign runs longer, which is somewhat odd.
Not sure how serious they are as they have not added any updates at the moment.


A game labeled as an adventurous steampunk RPG, which will not only release on PC and Mac, but also on Android and iOS.
Catharsis follows the story of four citizens dragged into a conflict to save their nation; Rhogar, the engineer; Kay, his partner mysteriously brought back from death; Ares, a black market dealer; and Mathias; a bartender with a shady past. As they struggle to restore power to their country, they face off against the rich and powerful Count Arthur who has his own agenda for Textoria. 
They are asking for $25.000 AUD (currently at $195 with 21 days left). At the moment their engine is ready and they now need to make the sprites, artwork and music to complete the game.
Like the previous game, they have not provided any updates, so that could definately be improved especially as some basic game information is missing, like how combat works to name one.

Varas - legend of a Thief

A 'retro RPG pc game' is the subtitle of Varas, which is at the very least a referral to the graphics. It is a game about a young boy that is taken to be trained as a thief in which capacity he finds out more about the history of his family.
The description of the game is brief and incomplete and leaves many question unanswered, which is likely to be the main reason that up to now they have only reached 35 Euros from their 4500 Euro goal. With 22 days left they better add some improvements to this proposition or it isn't going anywhere, especially as the market for a game with this graphics style isn't that big.


This developer needs funds to hire a development team as he feels unable to finish the game without it. There is a bit of information on the game, but it isn't that readable. It is a rather uninspiring Q&A the developer has with himself. The game is a turn-based RPG/Strategy hybrid using old school 16 bit graphics. The name of the game can be found back in the 7 kingdoms that make up the world of the game. Each kingdom has 7 regions and it it your task to free these regions with your team of 7, while also dealing with the 7 elements.
At the moment the campaign has gathered $61 from a desired $50K and with 46 days to go there is still room to improve the presentation.

Sierra Ops

This is a space RPG, which has already met its goal, but there is still some time to jump on the bandwagon if you like. Compared to the previous mentioned games this one has a much better presentation and some updates with actual information as well.
In the game you are a captain of the "Sierra", a battleship and it is your task to reclaim of the colonies that have separated themselves from the Eart Alliance. You can decide which side to you want to take in the inevitable war.
Sierra Ops is an improved version of an existing game: Operation SD: Space Defense, which is likely to serve as a reference to determine if this can be a game to your liking.

Wednesday - February 12, 2014

Catharsis - A New Steampunk RPG

by Couchpotato, 04:32

Catharsis is a new Steampunk RPG on Indiegogo asking for $25,000. I have the usual video with a short description below.

Catharsis follows the story of four citizens dragged into a conflict to save their nation; Rhogar, the engineer; Kay, his partner mysteriously brought back from death; Ares, a black market dealer; and Mathias; a bartender with a shady past. As they struggle to restore power to their country, they face off against the rich and powerful Count Arthur who has his own agenda for Textoria

Friday - February 07, 2014

Rippers - A New Tactical Roleplaying Game

by Couchpotato, 00:56

Rippers: Rise of The Great One is a new Tactical RPG on Indiegogo asking for $250,000 to get funded. Here is a video and some game details.

Rippers: Rise of the Great One is a turn-based game for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, based on one of the most popular Savage Worlds roleplaying settings, Rippers. Players take the role of Victorian monster hunters, members of the shadowy secret society: the Rippers.

Thursday - September 05, 2013

Valgards Fate - A Mobile RPG

by Couchpotato, 00:39

Valgards Fate is a new mobile RPG on Indiegogo that needs help getting funded. I know what your thinking but it's a mobile game just give it a look.

Hello supporter,

My name is Dirk Nordhusen. I am a 40 years old German guy and in my daily job I'm a professional developer of desktop applications. My hobby though, is creating games for mobile platforms, expecially for Windows Phone.

When I started developing games in 2006, I had the vision of creating my own role playing game sometimes in the future. I made a lot of games since then but I never finished my role playing game. The concept and idea of Valgards Fate grew a lot over the years and I already implemented a lot of stuff and created a lot of graphics, sounds and levels for the game. But it's still not finished.

The problem with such a big project is simple: You need A LOT of assets and a lot of time. The latter is not the big deal, I've been working on games for so long in my spare time, I know I can and I will complete this game. But the assets and all the other things that cost money already ate so much money, I can't handle this all alone.

And this is why I'm asking you for help now.

The video shows a trailer that was made for the Dream Build Play 2012 contest. In the end it says that the game will be available in summer 2012 which was my goal if I had won the contest and got the 20.000$ :)

But in the end I got a place in the top 20 which was a good result for just a demo of a game!

Tuesday - August 13, 2013

Dungeonforge - A New F2P ARPG

by Couchpotato, 00:05

A new Indiegogo campaign seeks funding for Dungeonforge a free-to-play action/RPG being developed by Collective Dream Studios.

Dungeonforge is a free to play RPG where the community drives the content. We provide a dungeon and quest creation system, a rich gameworld for community content to exist in, and insane, action RPG combat with some innovative twists thrown in for maximum freshness. Dungeonforge is built on two main premises, that great gameplay, first and foremost, makes great games and that community created content makes the gaming world go 'round.

Sunday - June 30, 2013

Indiegogo - Void of Darkness

by Couchpotato, 00:28

A new game called Void of Darkness has started their Indiegogo campaign. Its worth a look and is described as the following.

A 2D Space Combat, Trading, and Exploration RPG, inspired by Starflight 1 & 2 - For Windows PC, MAC OS and LINUX.

Thursday - June 27, 2013

Dark Triad: Conspiracy - Development Halted and IndieGoGo Refunds

by Couchpotato, 01:16

Azurite Games has decided to halt development on Dark Triad: Conspiracy due to financial difficulties. Backers on IndieGoGo will be refunded. The kickstarter was also halted a few months back so this comes as no surprise.

They also posted a unity demo of the game.

We saw that working with XNA would take us another 8 months to add basic features, and this wasn’t feasible due to our reduced budget, until the point that the amount of money that Miguel and I could add has been used up. It’s been 14 months where we’ve spent about $40K and we would need to spend the double to finish the game. Miguel had let go some of his clients to dedicate more time to the project, I left my job to dedicate more time to the project, and made some freelance translations to pay all team members.

But the money issue is a wall that we can’t overcome at the moment. That’s why we have decided, with the utmost regret, to halt the development of Dark Triad: Conspiracy.

First thing we’ll do in the coming months is to refund the backers that supported us through our official website and Indiegogo. Once we’ve done that, we’ll post a note so everybody rests assured of our honestity and can claim if there were any issues in the refund process.

Does this mean the game won’t ever be finished? We can’t ask this question now. What we know for sure is that we already stopped making the game with XNA, as every little feature required weeks or months to be implemented as we said.

We made a test with Unity these last week, and we know that if could give Dark Triad: Conspiracy another try, it would be the way to go. Unity has a stable environment and many add-ons that make things much easier. We’ve made a little tech demo to try it out, with no prior knowledge, and the results are very convincing. We didn’t want to say “Goodbye” or “See you later” without showing you some bits of this test, so we’ve posted a video so you can see the results. There’s no FX, no props, just a small map David Lopez designed for the game. Imagine what we could do with more time... and money.

But, as we said, we don’t have these dollars to move things forward. Maybe in the coming months Miguel and I are able to save up some money to continue the development of our CRPG. Currently, the team has been dissolved, and only our Lead Programmer, Jose Manuel Alcaraz, will stay with us to make some tests with Unity in the coming months. Depending on the results, we’ll see what we can do.

Finally, I want to thank of all you for bearing with us all this time since we started sharing news about Dark Triad: Conspiracy. It would be irresponsible and dishnoest on our side to tell you to keep following up the forums for new updates. We won’t update them anymore for the time being. If we manage to retake the project, you’ll be the first ones to know about it by sending you an email. Nothing would make us happier, believe us. You’ve given us the energy and fuel to try things out until the very end, so we deeply appreciate your sustained support. You are the best, guys, sincerely.

And as I said before, I hope this is a `See you later` rather than a `goodbye`. Let’s see what the future holds in store, maybe a rich businessman from Abhu Dhabi or Qatar approach us, one never knows!

Wednesday - June 12, 2013

The Black Tower - Cancelled

by Myrthos, 12:46

We reported on the Indiegogo campaign for The Black Tower before, but recently we learned that the project is cancelled and won't be coming back.

It is with a lot of sadness that I am here to announce the end of the project The Black Tower. Started by 2 people (graphic designers) in february, and joined by 2 others working half-time (programmer and music composer), TBT was probably too ambitious. I want to make it clear that the project was totally realistic, and we are confident in the fact that we could have made it in its entirety with funds, and I will be the first one to regret that we have to cancel everything. But facts are facts, and we are 99% sure that it is now impossible to realise our dream of reviving these 2.5D J-RPGs that we used to like so much. In 15 days, we haven't reached 1% of our goal, with around 80 contributors for 8k visitors. It is now obvious that, even with the 30 days left, it is impossible to make it.

Five reasons are given on why it failed, one of them being that they could not be on Kickstarter.

As explained through various comments, we didn't choose Indiegogo because we like it more than Kickstarter.

We had to make this difficult choice for 2 main reasons :

- Kickstarter doesn't allow non-US/UK residents to ask for funds, and it becomes very difficult and very long for a foreigner to share their project. I don't say it is impossible, yet it was not compatible with the following point.

- For various reasons linked to some team members, the crowdfunding had to begin in May. From February (beginning of the project) to May, there is not a long period. Understanding how crowdfunding works, finding a good status for us, and starting the procedure to use Kickstarter from France was too slow and we couldn't make it in time.

This is why we chose Indiegogo, and we knew it would become very, very difficult to reach our goal. Because yes, the problem of Indiegogo is that they really not support video games as much as Kickstarter does. Where we reached 1% of our goal on Indiegogo, maybe we could have reached 40% on Kickstarter. We don't know, but it is possible.

Some of you will ask : then why not start a new campaign on Kickstarter as soon as you can ?
Simply because the team will soon be dissolved. Some of us have to find a job to live from, and with the end of TBT, they just can't wait and see what will happen next. As everyone is important in the current team, we can't go further when someone lives.

Monday - June 10, 2013

Follow The Money - How The Gaming Industry Makes Money

by Couchpotato, 00:16

A new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign seeks funds to make a documentary about how the gaming industry makes money.


Follow The Money is a new original documentary series from the creators of SHIFT. We'll examine how your money finances the gaming industry by going in-depth  into the cost of game development, the future of Digital Rights Management, and even the struggling gaming press industry.  Free isn't always 'free', and Follow The Money is going to change your perspective of video games as we move into the new generation of consoles.

How to help

Crowd sourcing content is the only way to get indie projects financed. Corporations rely on volume internet traffic for revenue. By speaking directly to a smaller audience, providing content that they want to see, my creative team ensures quality without compromise. 

From the creator of SHIFT. on

This new documentary is being created independent any publishing arm. Follow The Money isn't the type of media that would draw enough traffic to generate controversy, but gamers want it.

Thursday - June 06, 2013

Zafiria - A Browser RPG on Indiegogo

by Myrthos, 23:11

The developer of Zafira wrote us to inform us he is working on a game about collecting items, exploring, strategy, fighting with other players, crafting items, training various professions and becoming stronger infinitely without grinding 24/7. It is also a browser RPG and its on Indiegogo, where the campaign could use some help as it is currently at $11 out of a desired $35K.

Saturday - June 01, 2013

Darkwood - Funded on Indiegogo

by Couchpotato, 00:06

Darkwood the survival horror RPG roguelike game is successfully funded on Indiegogo. Here are the stretch goals.

With 7 days still to go, we have reached our initial funding goal.


We are EXTREMELY excited! We’re gonna celebrate a bit (it’s 1am here) but we’re gonna get back to work tommorow, there are still some stretch goals to be reached!


We will be hosting a Q&A session on Raptr ( on Monday, June 3 from 10AM to 6PM PT!

Not only we will be answering any questions you may have about Darkwood, indie development, crowdfunding, but also the top 5 comments will win COOL STUFF!

You can start asking questions even so people can vote for them, so go ahead and jump to Raptr:

Thursday - May 30, 2013

The Black Tower - Indiegogo Campaign

by Couchpotato, 07:37

Remember the game I posted about last month called The Black Tower. Some of you were interested, and others just made fun of the game. Well the developers have finally started their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

A neo-retro game inspired by J-RPGs from the PS1 era, with a Space Fantasy story.

TBT is born from a novel by Simon Mesnard written in 2011 and self-published, entitled La Tour de l'Espace (The Tower in the Space). He produced the indie game ASA: A Space Adventure, a slideshow adventure based on this book, which received good reviews from the criticism. When many people asked him for a sequel, he already had another thing in mind : reviving his favourite genre of games, J-Rpgs with prerendered backgrounds. The Black Tower !

The game

TBT: The Black Tower is an indie RPG for PC and Mac. The game will feature a vast world to explore through various places that you reach from a Worldmap, with random encounters and turn-based battles. If it sounds quite Retro on the paper, we'd like to add some modern elements to make it sound Neo too. Neo-Retro gaming is something that fits perfectly to our vision of Indie games, and we really hope that you will enjoy TBT for both its old mechanisms and its new opportunities.


Somewhere in the Universe, there is a spaceship called The Ark, built long ago by scientists of another galaxy. Their Ark has a specific mission : finding planets on the verge to die. The Ark releases a mysterious black Cube on each of these planets until one of its inhabitants finds it. Through this chosen person, the aim is to gather the memories and knowledge of a whole civilization before it definetely disapears, and that without interfering with its future. Then the Cube sends the precious data to the Ark, thus repeting the cycle for thousands of years...

Something similar happened in 2011 on planet Terra (a fantasy world, not the Earth !). Astronaut Philip Forté was repairing the old Cobalt-5 satellite for the CSE, when he sunddenly noticed an unknown black Cube drifting in Space. Forté mysteriously disappeared and is now known on Terra as the crazy astronaut who sacrificed his life for an illusion.

21 years later, young Yan Forté - the son of Philippe - chose to live alone as a forest ranger. He doesn't want to hear anything about Space and trains hard to protect nature under the command of Jacob Leclerc, an old soldier who found a nice retreat in the woods. They have a rough life, finding their own food and fighting against wild beasts, but they like it. Everything will change when the Palak'us - pirates - start destroying the trees here and there for an unknown reason. During an investigation, Yan will meet a girl called Ellana, fallen from the sky in a cloud of Yellow Particles. The most disturbing is that she's got a black Die as a necklace, a Die that definetly reminds the Cube found by Philippe...

Spread the word and help support the game. The Potato commands you.Yell

Darkwood - New Trailer and Update

by Couchpotato, 00:20

You may recall my post about a game called Darkwood raising funds on Indiegogo. The game has raised just over $39,900 of its needed $40,000 total, with 7 days to go before funding closes. It's safe to say it will be funded.

The develper Acid Wizard also releaed a new trailer showing more gamepay.

Thursday - May 16, 2013

Indiegogo - Darkwood A New Horror Roguelike Game

by Couchpotato, 00:27

Darkwood is a survival horror roguelike game told from a top-down perspective. The three developers are crowdfunding for money on Indiegogo. Give the project a look.

Also if you're unsure what a roguelike is, don't worry many of us are. Suffice it to say it's all about randomly generated levels, and permanent death.

Darkwood is a top-down, oldschool survival horror set in a procedurally generated, open world. It features RPG and roguelike elements, with intense combat and a eerie atmosphere. It's developed by 3 people from Poland, who like to call themselves Acid Wizard Studio, and is currently in pre-alpha stage.

This trailer features basic barricading and energy / generator management at the player's home base.

Follow us at our blog:

Friday - November 09, 2012

Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Alpha Demo Released

by Dhruin, 23:19

Kerberos has updated their Indiegogo campaign for Swords of the Stars: The Pit ($15k/$60k, 5 days left) with the Alpha demo:

Download The Pit Alpha Demo (130M) from the following locations;

[mirror 1]
[mirror 2]
[mirror 3]
[mirror 4]

More links will be added regularly, as new hosts pick up the demo.

This Alpha demo of The Pit provides you with an introductory tutorial and a chance to fight your way down into the first 5 levels of the game! But there’s still a lot more of the game that will only be found in the full version;

  • 2 More Characters to choose from… the Marine and the Pilot, each with their own unique advantages!
  • Level your character up as you dive down into 25 more levels, each one bigger than the last!
  • Dozens more enemies drawn from the SotSverse!
  • Dozens and dozens of additional weapons and armors with a variety of special effects, including flamethrowers, rocket launchers, plasma cannons and powered Brawler armor!
  • Randomized augmentation effects to make each game unique
  • Crafting Mechanics, which let you make special items from bits and pieces of your enemies!
  • 50 more items to discover, ranging from the familiar to the ancient exotic tech.
  • Dozens of room types containing a host of exotic devices to help and hinder the player
  • And while the demo will try and kill you in many fiendish ways, the final game will also include poisoning, disease, traps, radiation, and more!


Thursday - November 01, 2012

Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Several updates

by Myrthos, 23:54

A couple of updates showed up this weel on the Indiegogo page for the campaing of Sword of the Stars: The pit. Amongst others the Security Bots are monster of the week and they show what a Liir council chamber looks like (whatever that is). They are also quite pleased that they are approaching their goal.

Here are the bots:

The Pit facility is filled with lifeforms taken from across the galaxy, many of them sentient beings who are extremely intelligent and clever in their own right. Nothing ruins a battery of tests like the specimen getting out of its cage, and so the Bloodweaver has installed extensive security throughout his lab in the form of an army of robotic drones.

Security Drones come in a multitude of configurations suited to dealing with the wide variety of hostile lifeforms kept in the Pit. Ranging from small, fast-moving fliers to hulking, tank-like killing machines, the drones maintain order in the Pit with lethal efficiency.

Name: Security Bot (Light)
Height = 1.3 M
Weight = 50 Kg
Armor = Moderate
Resilience = Low
Speed = Above average
Special notes: This small, wheeled security bot uses to arms that mount small calibre weapons. The standard models use ballistics but there are rumors of a laser variant as well.

Name: Security Bot (Fast Response)
Height = .8 M
Weight = 10 Kg
Armor = low
Resilience = low
Speed = Very High
Special notes: This very high tech, anti-grav security drone designed to respond quickly to alarms. It carries laser weaponry as well as a stun device in order to restrain subject till heavier and better armed security bots arrive.

Name: Security Bot (Medium)
Height = 1.7 M
Weight = 150 Kg
Armor = Moderate
Resilience = High
Speed = Moderate

Check out our Gallery for all the Animated Gifs of our Robot Friends!

Security Bot Concept Art 20121030181627-security-bot-concept-art

Tuesday - October 30, 2012

Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Images and Video

by Myrthos, 23:05

Kerberos, the makers of Sword of the Starts: The Pit start the week with some screenies and a video from the tutorial level.

Hey folks! Many thanks to those who joined up to support the campaign over the weekend! We are starting the new week with some fun new media from the Alpha Build of the game. :)

We’ve added five screenshots taken last week and a new video, which is basically a quick walk-through of the game’s Tutorial level.

For those who wonder about the personality of “Sergeant Gunny”, your instructor engram…you might notice that his eight-bit portrait looks a bit familiar!

Yes indeed, “Sergeant Gunny” uses an avatar based on Edward Alton MacKenzie, the third Director of Sol Force, former Legator of Ground Forces, and widely known to be the Baddest Space Monkey of All Time.

Happy Monday, and please Share our new goodies. We will also post images and links to the game’s website. :)


Friday - October 26, 2012

Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Several Updates

by Myrthos, 23:32

The Indiegogo campaign for Swords of the Stars: The Pit is showing several updates, like a monster animation and stats, the first weapon description and adding perks to pledges.

Tuesday - October 23, 2012

Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Update on Gameplay

by Myrthos, 07:46

On Indiegogo an update appeared for Sword of the Stars: The Pit we reported about before. In this update a bit more gameplay information is given:

How do the game controls work?

Movement is keyboard-controlled, with standard WASD for directional control, and the spacebar to interact with objects. You use the mouse to control other parts of the GUI.

How does crafting work?

As you collect items, you can craft them in two ways: either transform them or combine them. When you take a hunk of Raw Meat and put it into the portastove to make nice safe-and-edible Cooked Meat, you are transforming the item. When you take the bits and pieces you have ripped off of destroyed enemy machinery and make yourself a Sonic Grenade, you are combining items.

Will there be an Infinite Dungeon Mode with procedurally generated levels that get even more harder (like, how deep can you get?)?

If you ever manage to get to the bottom and find the cure it will open up an infinite mode, but rest assured…we are going to make that very very hard! ;)

What’s the difference between the Marine, the Engineer and the Scout Character?

The Marine is big on brute force. Sol Force Engineers are trained to use finesse, and to work well with machinery and high-tech devices. The Scout is a hybrid, cross-trained to have a wide range of basic skills.

Friday - October 19, 2012

Indiegogo - Sword of the Stars: The Pit, A Rogue Alike Game

by Myrthos, 13:57

We have gotten word that you can now pledge for Sword of the Stars: The Pit at Indiegogo. This should explain what type of game it is:

Sword of the Stars: The Pit is a fun, fast, light-hearted action RPG, in the tradition of Rogue and other old school dungeon-diving games.

The game will include the following features on release:

  • 3 Characters to choose from…Marine, Pilot and Engineer!
  • Go up levels and improve your skills as you try and find a way to survive the depths.
  • 30 Levels of ancient evil science between you and the cure!
  • Dozens of enemies drawn from the SotSverse!
  • Over 30 weapons and armors with a variety of special effects including flamethrowers, rocket launchers, plasma cannons and powered Brawler armor!
  • Randomized augmentation effects to make each game unique
  • Crafting lets you make special items from bits and pieces of your enemies.
  • Over 60 items to discover, ranging from the familiar to the ancient exotic tech.
  • Dozens of room types containing a host of exotic devices to help and hinder the player
  • Many fiendish ways to die including poisoning, disease, traps, radiation, starvation and of course…MONSTERS.

The Pit is currently in Alpha phase, and slated for Beta release in November. The completed game will be available for download in the first quarter of 2013.

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