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Friday - April 11, 2014
Wednesday - March 12, 2014
Saturday - March 01, 2014
Tuesday - August 27, 2013
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Friday - April 11, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Weekend Steam Sale

by Couchpotato, 06:56

Daedalic Entertainment is offering most of their game catalogue for more than 50% off this weekend only on Steam. Here are some of the deals.

Daedalic Super Bundle- 77% off for $49.99

Includes 9 items: 1954 Alcatraz, A New Beginning - Final Cut, Blackguards Deluxe Edition, Chaos on Deponia, Deponia, Goodbye Deponia, Journey of a Roach, Memoria, The Night of the Rabbit

Blackguards- 50% off for $19.99

What happens when the only hope of a threatened world lies not with heroes in shining armor, but in the hands of a band of misfits and criminals? Blackguards, a new turn-based strategy RPG, explores this very question.

Blackguards: Untold Legends - 50% off for $2.99

The life of a Blackguard: Learn how Takate became the enslaved gladiator and seize the day to take revenge on everyone responsible for the forest man's suffering.

Thanks Dr. A for the link.Wink

Wednesday - March 12, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Sale & Interview

by Couchpotato, 05:35

Amazon is offering a select batch of Daedalic Entertainment games for sale from March 11-17th. They also have a short interview with the developer.

We're excited to present Daedalic Entertainment as our Indie Spotlight from March 11-17. Continue reading for our Q&A with their team. In recognition of their Indie Spotlight this week, we have many of Daedalic Entertainment's games on sale for up to 70% off.

Tell us about your game studio.

Daedalic Entertainment is a passionate, award-winning studio that creates games with a heavy focus on story-telling and character design. We started about seven years ago with a strong passion for classic point & click adventure games. Our first project, Edna & Harvey, originally being the thesis of one of our founders – Jan “Poki” Müller-Michaelis – turned into one of Germany's best-rated and best-selling adventure game releases in years.

Ever since, we're developing and producing games with a strong focus on stories. Point & click adventure games are our passion, and we released quite a number of multiple award winning games so far, including the almost 60 hours of gameplay time long Deponia trilogy, for example, or Chains of Satinav and Memoria, adventure games set in the RPG world of the pen & paper universe The Dark Eye.

With Blackguards, we recently released our first RPG, which focuses both on tactical turn-based combat, as well as its dark story – so Daedalic is stepping into other genres as well. Stories can be told in many genres, and that's what we want to do.

Saturday - March 01, 2014

Daedalic Entertainment - Interview @ RPGFrance

by Couchpotato, 06:16

Daedalic Entertainment is interviewed on RPGFrance, and they provided a translation.

Was Blackguards a financial success? Can you tell us how many copies has it sold ? Does releasing it in the same period as The Banner Saga and Might & Magic X affected its reception in some way ?

It’s now one month after the game has officially been released, so maybe it’s a little too early to talk about numbers. But I can tell you that for us it’s a huge success so far. It’s not something that makes us rich, but it’s something that brings us forward: We received a lot of attention and a lot of positive feedback for Blackguards. We reached out into new audiences, who didn’t necessarily know Daedalic before. So that’s great for a small studio like ours.

In regards to the almost simultaneous releases, they affected each other for sure but not as much as we thought in the first place. It’s something that, as a studio, you need to learn to deal with these days, I guess. And, honestly spoken, all the games mentioned are based in the same genre, that’s true, and they’re all great experiences that are huge fun to play - but they stand out from each other, so are each for themselves unique playing experiences.
We can only recommend to check them all out, they’re great. If you played Blackguards, play Banner Saga. You’ll enjoy it. If you played Banner Saga, try out Blackguards.
Does the Blackguards experience encourage you to continue in the RPG route or do you prefer to return to the Point 'n Click genre. Which type of them is the easiest to develop according to you ?

It encouraged us a lot due to the fact that our first step into this genre turned out to be a excellent decision. In general we are eager to work on new RPGs and the whole team learned a lot during the past few years and there are a lot of ideas, new techniques that build during this time. Our dream is to work on different types of RPGs. In regards to the level of difficulty in comparison of developing Adventure and RPG games this is not a question as easy as it seems to be to answer. On the one hand, RPGs seem to be more complex with a lot more variables which is true for sure, on the other hand, adventure games need to have a more limited amount of locations, but you need to archive the same depth in gameplay and atmosphere as in an 80 hours of gameplay time RPG. So, after our experience with Blackguards, I think they are somewhat on par, but challenges are different.

Tuesday - August 27, 2013

Daedalic Entertainment - Memoria Trailer

by Couchpotato, 00:56

Daedalic Entertainment has released a new trailer for it's fantasy point & click adventure game Memoria. It's set in the RPG universe of The Dark Eye.

Daedalic Entertainment presents their new point & click adventure 'Memoria'.
Step into the fantastic world of Aventuria and follow two intertwined stories from different epochs. Five centuries have passed since Princess Sadja of the far realm of Fasar set forth to become the greatest hero of all time.But for reasons no one remembers, she failed.

Her deeds forgotten, her name lost in the sands of time. Now it is on Geron, the young bird catcher, to unravel the secret of the vanished princess.

'The Dark Eye: Memoria' will be released on August 30th, 2013.
Order now on Steam:
Find more information regarding the game on the game's official website:
and on our Facebook profile

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