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ArchLord: Interview @

by Dhruin, 2006-08-01 22:34:00
ArchLord design lead Dae Hwan Kim has been interviewed at With Orcs, Moon Elves and Humans for players to choose from, what options within the races can we expect?

Dae Hwan Kim: Human: The first race to learn to use fire, and as a result were the first race that were able to learn to use iron. As a result they have the highest defense power of all the races.

Orc: The Orcs talents lie with the Earth. They are also blessed, or cursed, with a strong desire to win. This means that they have a higher tendency to attack than all the other races.

Moon Elf: Moon Elfs have a great ability to control water, but due to their background they also have strong abilities in all the other elements. Their main strengths lie in magic and summoning as a result of which their magic skills are set higher than other races.

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