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Gods & Heroes - Rome Part 2 @

by Inauro, 2007-09-25 23:08:33

Part two of's profile of the city of Rome from Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is now online. A new video interview with Art Director Mike Hines about the city is also available.

Each Hero class in G&H can choose from two gods with whom to align themselves, thus each class quarter in Roma is the site of two Olympian Temples, one for each of that class’s gods. The Olympian Temples are awe-inspiring structures with soaring marble columns and a finely sculpted statue of the god to whom the structure is dedicated. The Flamen of each temple can be found in a subterranean chapel directly beneath the temple; these are the holiest personages in all of the city, and should be regularly consulted by any true Hero eager to serve the Olympians and heap ever-more glory on Roma and her gods.


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