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Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor - Martyr Gamescom Preview


Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor - Martyr was introduced by PR guy David Martha and Narrative Designer Viktor Juhász, both from Neocore, the creators of the Van Helsing games. They were showing pre-alpha footage of the game, which as the name indicates, is set in Games Workshop's sci-fi universe, Warhammer 40.000, which is already amongst us for quite some time and Neocore are the first to create an action RPG in that universe.
According to David, the Inquisitor is the ideal character for an action-RPG, they are strong and can use a large variety of weapons. Inquisitors are part of the secret organization, named the Inquisition, in the Universe of Man and protect the emperor's realm from the evil Forces of Chaos.

Inquisitor has two game modes, a story mode that is narratively driven and single player only and the inquisitorial campaign, an open world sandbox persistent mode, in which you have your own ship and all the freedom you to do what you want to do, but actually also has its own storyline based on the decisions of individual players.

The missions in the inquisitorial campaign are randomly generated, so you never get to see the same mission twice. There is just one sector, which has sub-sectors, but a sector in Warhammer 40K has hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets, so it is big enough to potentially last for a long time. These sub-sectors will gradually be made available to the players over time. The levels of your opponents in these sub-sectors do not progress in relation to your level, so at the start of a new sub-sector many of the enemies will be too strong for you and you need to level up first in order to progress into that new sub-sector. In the inquisitorial campaign you are given an Inquisitor fortress, a safe haven, where you can store your loot. It gives you resources and it also has your followers that you can level up over time. There can also be other people playing the game, but there is no direct PvP action between inquisitors. Instead you can attack each other's fortresses. The winning party can take the loot from the losing party.


Your character from the story mode can be transferred to the Inquisitorial campaign and vice-versa, with level, weapons and gear. In contrast to the inquisitor mode, the opponents you fight in the story mode will balance with your character level, so you can't make the story campaign easier by spending time in the inquisitorial campaign. In the inquisitorial campaign this does not happen, but according to Neocore there will always be something challenging to do in the inquisitorial campaign.
It is not needed to finish the story mode before you go into the inquisitorial campaign. The inquisitorial campaign can be started at any time. However in the story mode there is also the tutorial, which provides you with the opportunity to learn the tricks of the game, so it might be wise to play that first.

The presentation showed the Inquisitor in one of the available 3 classes, the Crusader, fighting his way through a Gothic cathedral of a space ship, infested by the Forces of Chaos. The game has the typical elements of an ARPG, various enemies, different weapons and loot. The other 2 classes are not announced yet, but they did want to state that one of them will be a female.
The engine enables the use of a cover system, which you and your enemies can use to hide behind and shoot from. The Forces of Chaos operate in groups, with leaders, flankers and ranged attackers, each requiring a different tactic and perhaps weapons, to defeat. The game doesn't have potions, instead you can inject yourself with a battle drug, which you can find in the game, restoring part of your health when used. There is a timeout on the battle drug after using it, to prevent you from using it too often.
Only three types of weapons appeared to be available in this stage, a sword that can be combined with a gun in your other hand and a plasma rifle that does a lot more damage. To balance that, the plasma rifle can overheat when used too many times in a row. They did not mention the other weapons, with the exception of a chainsaw sword, but did state that more of them will be announced in the future.


The pre-alpha version of the game was playable on Gamescom, so they toned it down somewhat as kids would be playing the game as well. The final game is to be more brutal with more blood than what was shown at Gamescom.

In it there is one boss that can be killed. The boss has different body parts that can be attacked. You could in this way go for the arms first, so he can't hit you anymore, followed by his stomach, so he can't vomit on you anymore and finally take him down completely. I've played the game and found it to be not too difficult, which is saying something as I'm not the best action-RPG player around, so I think it is more that my character was made too powerful for the Gamescom demo than my skills in playing the game.
In the demo you get to access only a small portion of the ship that you've boarded and there are only a limited number of different opponents, with one boss. I expect that once the game has progressed further the game will become more challenging, with more variety.

They will keep the inquisitorial campaign alive by introducing new missions and events. As an example they said that they could start an event where one of the sub-sectors has been attacked Dark Eldar and the other one by daemons. Each of them with a chain of missions to choose from, You have to make the choice to either stop the Dark Eldar threat or you stop the daemon threat. The outcome of these missions will determine the next event. If the Dark Eldar remain then probably their threat will increase in the next event. So the decisions of the player will determine the order of the next events.

The engine that will be used is an improved version of the Van Helsing engine. The game is scheduled for a 2016 release date for PC first and for Xbox One and PS4 after that.

If you like, you can check out a gampley video, based on the demo, from IGN below.

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