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Goldhawk Interactive

Goldhawk Interactive is an innovative independent video game development studio based in Hackney, London.  Founded in 2009, it is currently working on its maiden title – the PC-only strategy game Xenonauts.

Specialising in low-cost game development, Goldhawk uses digital distribution and remote working to produce commercial quality work on indie budgets. The decentralised team are spread across the world and number anywhere between one and two dozen at any time, although there is a group of eight or nine developers who form the core of the team and between them have contributed the majority of the work delivered so far.

This low-cost development model allows Goldhawk to bypass publishers and fund development entirely through community channels. We operate an alpha-funding model for our games, allowing users to pre-order the game and recieve the latest development build to test and play themselves. We read our forums religiously and are well known for our strong community engagement, working with the pre-order community to fix bugs and polish the experience into the fun, stable experience that we all want from the game.

You can follow the latest happenings at Goldhawk on our News Blog.

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