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Friday - November 29, 2019
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Friday - November 29, 2019

Owlcat Games - Guess Our Next Game Competition

by Silver, 03:01

Owlcat Games will soon announce their next game and have organised a competition on Facebook to make it more interesting.

It is time to announce something. You were waiting for it for a long, long time and, now, we can say that it is coming! The announcement of our next game! Yes, this is an announcement for an announcement! And it will be really soon. So, in order to help you guess the theme of our next game we've come up with a "Grail Hunting". The rules are simple - there will be posts with #grail_hunting, which you have to share, like or comment. If you are active enough and reach the necessary amount of reactions - you will uncover one (or more!) piece of the picture. And, of course, no one is stopping you from guessing what is coming up in the comments! Good luck, Pathfinders!

Thanks purpleblob!

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