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  1. How old is RPGWatch
  2. Playing Bioshock?
  3. Fallout 3?
  4. Boxed vs Download
  5. Avatars and Sex
  6. 2007 Indie RPG of the Year
  7. 2007 RPG of the Year
  8. Was 2007 a good year for RPGs?
  9. Favourite RPG Element?
  10. Favourite RPG Series?
  11. Which cRPG has your favourite endgame?
  12. Replaying games?
  13. Major game purchase influences?
  14. Death systems
  15. Favourite RPG Developer?
  16. Best RPG From E3?
  17. Is Dragon Age really a BG successor?
  18. Combat, death and reloading
  19. Most Disappointing of 2009
  20. Favourite shooter/RPG?
  21. Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition Preorder?
  22. The Best Elder Scolls Game?
  23. How often do you game?
  24. Inventory and loot
  25. Setting for an Obsidian crowd-founded game?
  26. Do you Kickstart?
  27. Do you play MMOs?
  28. What do you think of Original Sin on Early Access?
  29. Your Favorite Fallout Game?
  30. Has The quality of our Discussions Plummeted?
  31. Will You Buy Icewind Dale: EE?
  32. Your Favorite Infinity Engine Game?
  33. What Combat System Works Best in Isometric RPGs?
  34. Average Age Group on The Watch?
  35. Will You Be Playing DA:I In November?
  36. What's your favorite Mass Effect Game?
  37. What's The Most Important Features of RPGs?
  38. What D&D Alignment Do You Play As?
  39. What's Your Favorite RPG Sub-Genre?
  40. Do You Still Play NWN Mods?
  41. Offline or Online RPG Games?
  42. Your Score For Dragon Age: Inquisition?
  43. Was 2014 A Good Year for RPGs?
  44. How Would You Rate Kickstarter & Its Games From 2014?
  45. What Point of View Is Better in RPGs?
  46. Solo-based RPGs or Party-based RPGs?
  47. Do you Prefer Voice Acting or Text in RPGs?
  48. Your Favorite RPG from Developer Spiders?
  49. The Best Bard's Tale Game?
  50. Best Modern/Current RPG Developer
  51. How Long Should CRPGs Be?
  52. Your Favorite Piranha Bytes Game?
  53. Which Deus Ex Is Your Favorite?
  54. What's Your Favorite Diablo Game?
  55. Pick the Best Hack & Slash Game?
  56. Do You Buy Early Access Games?
  57. Boxed vs Download 2015 Edition
  58. Do you Play PC JRPGs?
  59. How Important Is Game Music?
  60. Will Witcher 3 Live Up to the Hype?
  61. What's your favourite Bioware RPG franchise?
  62. Did The Witcher 3 Live up to the Hype?
  63. Are you Excited for Divinity: Original Sin 2?
  64. Should RPGWatch help Kickstart Original Sin 2?
  65. How often do you visit RPGWatch?
  66. What should Be the RPGWatch Award from the D:OS2 Fundraiser
  67. Do you have any New Year resolutions?
  68. How many RPGs do you like to play every year?
  69. When did you discover you loved RPGs?
  70. What's your favourite category of RPG?
  71. How well funded do you prefer your games to be?
  72. What type of news would you like to see.
  73. In October RPGWatch Turns 10
  74. What do you wish for in 2017?
  75. What Game to Review?
  76. When will Grimoire be released?
  77. What is your age group?
  78. How much time do you spend on Gaming?
  79. Grimoire is Coming?
  80. When will Grimoire be Released?
  81. How much will Grimoire sell
  82. Do you want user tagging?
  83. Do you want user Game ratings?
  84. New RPGWatch site design
  85. Are you excited about the 2018 games?
  86. What do you game on?
  87. Name the RPGWatch location in Realms Beyond
  88. What setting would be best for an RPG?
  89. What continent do you live on?
  90. 2020 RPG Review
  91. What combat system do you prefer?
  92. What Gender do you play?
  93. Did the corona crisis change how much you play?
  94. How long have you been playing computer RPGs?
  95. What is your Favorite Setting in an RPG
  96. How often do you visit RPGWatch?
  97. How many RPGs do you own?
  98. From when is your oldest physical copy of an RPG?
  99. Which Elder Scrolls game was your favorite
  100. What Makes You Buy an RPG
  101. How many RPGs have you played to completion?
  102. Are you a multiplayer?
  103. If you could time-travel which period would you go to?
  104. Do You Participate in Early Access?
  105. How old were you when you played your first RPG?
  106. What do you focus on when creating a character?
  107. Do You play on after the story has finished