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  1. Hello everyone!
  2. Story Characters vs Player Made Characters
  3. Suggest a Skill
  4. Playable Characters Deaths
  5. Character Development
  6. The Official Recruitment Thread
  7. Dungeons vs Outside world Gameplay
  8. Squares or Hexagones the Ultimate Tactics question
  9. Choices & Consequences or Game Length? which is most important?
  10. Fun ways to use the Environment
  11. Time Based Events
  12. Puzzles in RPGs
  13. Pointless Quest Syndrome
  14. Can it get too complicated?
  15. Optimal Size of a RPG party
  16. Interfaces for RPGs
  17. Tactics without Grid
  18. Empty Big World / Small Full of Content
  19. Amazing Locations Ideas
  20. What makes characters attractive to the player?
  21. Difficulties for indie developers
  22. Did you ever feel as you were playing through a fantasy book? but with C&C
  23. Any Updates On The Game?
  24. 7 years in development and no real info?
  25. World Premiere, first pre-alpha screenshots ever