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  1. Drakensang: Shipping in USA (and maybe NA?)
  2. Drakensang not fully voice acted?
  3. Stuttering in Drakensang while V sync is enabled
  4. Classes / character types
  5. Questions about TDE rules
  6. Fountain Lever Puzzle
  7. [solved] Audio subsystem error
  8. PDF Manual? And a couple other things
  9. How to heal poisoned characters?
  10. Oracle Stones
  11. Questions about TDE fiction?
  12. Remove rotten stench?
  13. A Few Questions (possible spoilers)
  14. Mother Rat
  15. Riddle of Rhymes
  16. A few changes I'd like to see
  17. Spades (shovels) for swords
  18. How to increase the running speed on XP
  19. Gmae Not starting (resolution Problem)
  20. More Questions
  21. starting area characters
  22. Drakensang German sales
  23. Of Companions ....
  24. rules difference between Drakensang and RoA
  25. Camera Control
  26. Master Parry
  27. Blood Mountains
  28. Boat Merchant Quest
  29. Magic ring in mushroom ring (SPOLIER)
  30. Fire Falls help needed
  31. Where is Gladys after saying no the 1st time
  32. Erna Goodbeet's code
  33. How increase Talent Prowess for crafting?
  34. Spells of Metamage,Battlemage,Spellweaver
  35. How many English reviews will we see?
  36. How to plant seeds in garden.
  37. Ulwine Neisbeck WTH
  38. Where to meet up with Dranor in Ferdor?
  39. Understanding the Numbers
  40. Drakensang English Wiki
  41. Talent question
  42. What is a Nebula Assertion error?
  43. The more I play the more disappointed I get
  44. Which attributes do I increase for which characters?
  45. Quest Help: Tallon (Possible Spoilers)
  46. Encumbrance question
  47. Game crashing on save
  48. Speed up regeneration (on combat)
  49. Asking for help (starter zone)
  50. Can you make armour in this game?
  51. Battlemage or Elementalist?
  52. Cannot find Helm of Fire
  53. Available on Steam now!
  54. Stone Oak
  55. Increase Harvest/Skinning Speed
  56. Hint request for enter rogue guild
  57. The tome of Anvin
  58. Fighting staff - looking for seller
  59. Treasure quest
  60. TDE Browser games now with background music
  61. For a Fistful of Ducats *SPOILERS*
  62. game.db4 restored by windows
  63. Blood Mountain - searching for ... (spoiler)
  64. Need help choosing party at house
  65. Moorbridge tree (Spoiler)
  66. Shields Tuneup [Mod]
  67. Unlimited money exploit (SPOILER)
  68. Things I missed the first time
  69. Fistful of Ducats ...stuck!
  70. Blacksmithing question
  71. Drakensang Mountain - Disapointing?
  72. What is your favorite character to start with?
  73. Save Game System and Corruption WTF!!!!!
  74. Searching for a crossbow trainer
  75. Amazon quest ? or not?
  76. Avanti's book??
  77. Dispel magic spell?
  78. Can you protect from lightning? And other gripes.
  79. First infos about Drakensang: The River of Time
  80. Getting Harder...
  81. Another Crash To Desktop... Secret Recipe
  82. Circus Bear
  83. Is it necessary to have a magic user in party to finish?
  84. This game is Great!
  85. Random mid-game questions
  86. All my hotkey spells are ghosted out?
  87. Drakensang gamespot review a sad day for hardcore RPGers
  88. Demo questions.
  89. How do I unlock the last Crypt?
  90. New German Patch 1.1
  91. Dark Eye Hideout
  92. Nearly finished, feeling like I've missed a couple of things
  93. Thanks to all for help
  94. Can't sneak past
  95. Room for background questions
  96. Vista 64
  97. Castle Protective Shield?
  98. Drankensang Peek. Is this a Joke?
  99. Any mods that make the game harder?
  100. Ergo's Fixpack [MOD]
  101. Castle 4 levers
  102. I think I've stuffed the Moorbridge treasure map quest.
  103. Stuck in Grimtooth Castle
  104. Is this game a classic, or just the right game at the right time?
  105. High Res Textures
  106. Finished, have questions. (Spoilers)
  107. Character creation
  108. Adjust Brightness
  109. Drakensang - At the Flow of Time
  110. Mushroom Garden
  111. open locked chests
  112. Do Fallen Characters Get Experience Points?
  113. Replacement Disk?
  114. My Charlatan Can't Cast Spells
  115. Audio Mic in wrong spot - Can't hear dialogue
  116. Just starting game, do i install mod first?
  117. Murolosh
  118. How do you zoom?
  119. OK, you cultists
  120. Question on Weapon Stats
  121. Just wondering... How do you pronounce it?
  122. hello
  123. Wasn't there a key toggle that showed locations of shopkeepers?
  124. Worth reading just for kicks.
  125. Grimtooth castle Nebula assertion
  126. Drakensang, who wants to play it?
  127. Starting out. Need tips.
  128. help regarding starting char
  129. OK, What did I do wrong??
  130. Getting new skills
  131. Anyone have issues with SecureROM?
  132. Armor or Shield Talent?
  133. Tactics?
  134. Quick Question on CPU and this Game
  135. A Few Questions Before Installing
  136. vs Dragon Age?
  137. Thieves Guild Question of Honor
  138. Please HELP!! I need a Saved Game
  139. Can you more precisely adjust camera zoom?
  140. No respawn?
  141. Hold your ground command?
  142. Help getting started in the game ?
  143. How do I raise my weapon skill cap?
  144. Healing and curing poison help, please.
  145. Help! Stuck in Grolm switch puzzle in Deeps of Gruldur
  146. How do I raise my talents !?
  147. Installation Will Not Take
  148. Jardas Save Game Editor
  149. Save Drakensang Petition!
  150. Can i dumb down drakensangs graphics?
  151. Drakensang on 7 x64??
  152. Spells - translated
  153. Question about difficulty in some fights.
  154. Can you change starting attributes in expert mode or just skills?
  155. Metamage or Ranger
  156. When is it safe to leave Avestrue?
  157. Starting again...
  158. Healing Mage build suggestions
  159. joining a party
  160. highest level in Drakensang
  161. Drakensang Online
  162. Starting Area
  163. Alignment with the gods
  164. Drakensang vs. TRoT
  165. question for increase gold
  166. Stuck at Carbuncle Cave
  167. Drakensang/River of Time Mods
  168. Fluent Plays Drakensang! Rah!!
  169. New german "MegaMod": "Das Auge der Göttin"
  170. Patch 1.11 for English version of Drakensang?
  171. [Release] The Eye of the Goddess