View Full Version : Gothic 2 (+ NOTR) Successor ***SPOILER ALLERT***

January 3rd, 2011, 19:10
I'm playing Divinity 2 now and it's a great pleasure. I'd say it's really the Gothic 3 I wanted except there isn't anymore a top interesting sword fighting like in G2+NOTR.

I'm only in the first parts probably the more polished and detailed. Even being almost a dragon for first time was great despite the basic fighting, but that was just a dream. And the little touch of the newly acquired super jump, so great little touch make you feel as if you are close to fly. :biggrin:

I didn't expect that, at beginning I believed the hero was already a dragon knight that had tricked himself (well herself for my game). I see coming a bad ending but if that's that trigger the multiple bad comments about it, because it is sad, it's the worst reason ever.

Anyway I cross my fingers it will continue be as good until the end and if it does it could have the worst disappointing ending, this will be a waste but a detail.