View Full Version : Stuck in Tribunal Main Quest

April 26th, 2013, 05:15
Never mind. I was placing a "1" in the console code that should have not beed there

Long story short: I am in the dungeon where I need the two dwemer satchels to blow up the rocks so that I can continue on.

The problem is not one can be found. I even did a search on the web and several places said that they are behind a door that is both trapped and locked with the need to open a 100 level lock.

I was able to get in but no satchels anywhere. I searched high and low; checked and rechecked all containers and chests. Reloded from and earlier games and still nothing.

So my next step was to use the counsel. As per several sites the code is player->additem dwemer_satchel100. The problem is that no matter how I word it the console does not recognize this code. Yes, I even add a number with space and without space following the last zero and nothing.

Any ideas? Thanks.