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  • About Mr Delightful
    About Me
    I have a little YouTube Channel where I do "Let's Plays" of games that I Like,
    and that I Feel are Underappreciated.

    My first great CRPG Love was Ultima 7: The Black Gate, along with Ultima Underworld: they ignited the torch I still carry for all things RPG.
    The more RPG in a game, the more I tend to like it.

    I first came to RPGWatch many years ago, but only made an account a few years or so back, as I was always more of a lurker.
    I am emerging more from my watery Depths these Days.
    Scouring the deep for Treasures to Share.
    And what Pretties I have found to Present:
    Indie RPGS that Sparkle and Gleam!
    Buried Diamonds that Demand to be Seen!
    Avert thy Eyes from the 'AAA' Scene,
    For Underwhelming and Rushed is their Favored Cuisine,
    And Pumped up by Price, and a shareholder's Greed,
    Look to the Indie if thou seeks Depth and Fun,
    Where Gameplay, and not Greed, is often #1.

    More Specifically, I mainly play RPGs, and I REALLY like Rogue-Likes.
    I also really like RogueLites, as a bit of Real-Time Action can be a nice change of pace.
    Also, they're still RPGs. And I Really Like RPGs :).
    I Love that Feeling of Progressive Power Increasing, of Making Meaningful Choices both in building your character, and what that character will do.

    I Like FPSs too, as Blasting and Bashing through my foes in Glorious First-Person Feels both Immersive and Cathartic. Of course, the more Role-Playing elements these games have, the Better!

    Even Strategy games with role-playing elements get my pulse racing.
    So, if you like RPGs, odds are, you'll like me. Maybe? :)
    Oh ya, I Upload Daily.

    Please Comment with Suggestions on the videos you like, or if there is a certain game you'd like to see me play. I have many…
  • Interests
    Things I like
    Favorite RPGs
    Ultima 7: The Black Gate
    Ultima Underworld
    Baldur's Gate 2
    NWN2 (Neverwinter Nights 2); yes, I prefer the 2nd one
    Baldur's Gate
    ToEE (Temple of Elemental Evil)
    Knights of the Chalice
    CoQ (Caves of Qud)
    Rogue Empire
    Favorite MMOs
    (DDO) Dungeons and Dragons Online
    Favorite Non-RPGs
    I Greatly prefer games with RPG elements.
    Dominions 5 is a detail focused, turn-based Strategy Game I really like though.
    Your characters even Lvl Up in their skills over time.

    The XCOM Enemy Unknown is fun, again skills up and Lvls ups on the teammembers, so I'll all about that.
    Favorite movies
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    LoTRs Trilogy
    Favorite music
    The Cure
    Crimson Glory
    Favorite books
    The one I'm writing.
  • System Specifications
    Windows 7 64bit


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January 23rd, 2021
04:16 - crpgnut mentioned Mr Delightful in post Terra Randoma - Addictive Roguelike RPG with procedural world
Mr Delightful maybe is the way if …


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