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gothicsammy November 4th, 2017 19:50

grandia ps1
Hello everyone, first i want to say iam glad that i have found this forum.

I would like to invite everyone who played the old Grandia on the psx to discuss the game mainly the story and the characters.
I would really like as many opinions possible since its so hard to find any forum or anyone who would discuss old jrpg from ps1 era.

I have played the game as a little 8yo girl long time ago but now 15 years later i have replayed the game and i really like the game but i think the game have some issues with the story at the end.
Mainly Feena leaving Justin behind and going on a suicide mission with Mullen, that was so out of character. She wanted to be always with Justin exploring the world and having adventures forever believing no one can tell them where to go and what to do, free as a wind. Then she chooses to do what is her *duty* as an Icarian and her fate.
During first half of the game there was something growing in Feena and Justin, something romantic but on the second disc all that is trashed aside.
Anyone else was also annoyed by Feena calling out his name and caring for Mullen though he was basically a stranger to her?
Please be free to write how you saw the story and characters, i know its an old game that almost no one plays now but i would really like to know opinions on the Grandia story and characters.

Sorry for all the grammar/spelling errors XD

joxer November 4th, 2017 21:09

Sadly, I played only Grandia 2 on PC so cannot comment on it's predecessor.

wolfing November 5th, 2017 02:11

I played all Grandias but that was like 15+ years ago so at this point I only remember the name of the game.

Damian November 5th, 2017 02:17

Well, fate and duty are big motivators. It may be out of character, but people can change their tune easily when it comes to things like this. Definitely not the most bizarre things that can happen.

gothicsammy November 5th, 2017 23:53

Ty guys for your comments!
@joxer Ive played grandia 2 as well and i liked that game as well. I think i love the first one more because its more lighthearted, its about two teenagers who decide to go on adventures together and eventually fall in love. The second one has much darker and serious story.

@wolfing Oh it was the same for me until i decided to replay the game recently

@Damian Yes you are right i just think somehow that ending was weak. I finally understand what they wanted with the ending but it wasnt well executed.

When Justin finally gets the spirit sword and goes there and saves Feena she doesnt even says ty and she doesnt even seem glad to see him again after she said goodbye to him because she thought she wont see him again.

Its really a pity since the game till then was really good.

joxer November 6th, 2017 00:55


Originally Posted by wolfing (Post 1061479832)
I played all Grandias but that was like 15+ years ago so at this point I only remember the name of the game.

Not remembering anything? Man you soooo… Suck? :D

Grandia 2 game, by today's (okay, by mine) standards, wouldn't be that good game. Grind, respawns and checkpoints. I'd probably uninstall it after an hour if it was happening today. ;)

But there was something in that game noone who played it can forget. It's just not possible. The soundtrack.
Definetly do check Stemage's cover on a few scores from it if you need some "modernized" arrangements.

Again, I didn't play the first Grandia so can't compare or say anything.

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