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Hamsternator March 30th, 2007 17:11

Dark and Light now free…
Well I guess on some level kudos for actually taking action on a part of the game (and I use the term lightly) which has caused unending torment for such a high percentage of their players.

DnL - a host of good design ideas with the most incredibly inept and amateurish actual bringing to sordid life of them, coupled with direct hostility and lying on the part of the moderation team and the devs to cover what could often go to court as fraud.

Imo stay well away from this, even if it's free. There's nothing to be had there, and the past experience with the devs shows so little concern for paying customers that I wouldn't trust them to not install a new payment plan retroactively including your forefathers…

txa1265 March 30th, 2007 17:26


Originally Posted by Hamsternator (Post 24206)
Imo stay well away from this, even if it's free.

That is what I have heard …

Thaurin April 8th, 2007 14:51

It was supposed to have these procedurally generated locations and landscape, right? Might be interesting just for the engine, or what…

nameless hero April 10th, 2007 03:56

Whats the combat like in the game? has anyone played it yet?

Thaurin April 24th, 2007 10:48

I downloaded the client and tried the offline tour, showing off the engine. Neat idea, but it performed horribly and had too many graphical glitches. Control was awful and I was generally disappointed by the looks of the engine, too.

It has a nice premise and the things promised by the engine are great, but this game was clearly released unfinished under pressure of the investors and publishing company.

I don't understand how investors and publishing companies can be so blind as to expect a good return for their investments when they release a bad product that nobody will want. Or maybe it's just a "SELL NOW, FOR GOD'S SAKE!" reaction to save as much of their money as they can and leave ship early.

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