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Kamaz October 24th, 2021 17:33

Continuing on the topic…


If you are drunk when talking to an NPC, you get an additional dialog option - an insult.

While usually, this will close any future conversations with the person, it grants you a temporary confidence boost in form of a bonus of 5 maxHP. While it may not sound much, remember, some characters start off with 9 maxHP, so it's not nothing.

Why did we add this?
1) Look what you are saying - if you are drunk, your impulse control is lower and you may accidentally piss some people off. This is essentially it.
2) Sometimes you just want to say something insulting to another person. Because it's funny, because you can or because you hate the guy - does not matter.
3) This +5 maxHP mechanic might work well with certain character builds adding to the overall diversity.

Of course, you have to be confident and not ugly to even get to a point where you spit out your insult.

Kamaz October 30th, 2021 16:26

There are a lot of mechanics in Space Wreck but you don't have to use or even learn about them to enjoy the game. That's why there isn't really a tutorial for that. But I still wanted to at least give a hint to players what kind of options they have.

Because our loading screen was not doing much, I added a roster of Did you know… type of hints like many other games do. However, every tip has a nice, short clip (GIF) associated - over the years I've created quite a selection. I think this is subtle enough and sort of entertains you while the game is loading.

Kamaz November 6th, 2021 15:53


Basically, with high FOCUS, your character can smell the bullshit from afar.

Lie detection is now automatic. And, yes, it sometimes opens new options to confront the NPC.

Context: previously detection was manual but it did not fare well in the testing, so we changed it.

Kamaz November 28th, 2021 11:08


NPCs don't take it kindly if you barge in with a gun in your hand.

Be careful when meeting new people in Space Wreck - to show your friendly intentions better holster your gun, otherwise, they get all tense. Additionally, if you try to talk to someone while holding a gun in their face, you'll get a situation-appropriate reaction and options to say.

Also, note the "shoot" option. If you succeed in a FOCUS roll, you deliver a fatal shot from point-blank range. While that is an effective way to get rid of one NPC, you, of course, will become a faction enemy if there are witnesses.

Kamaz January 23rd, 2022 18:33

Once again we have reworked our UI, this time changing the layout so that all on-screen interface elements are grouped around the screen slate. This way all you need is in one place.


Kamaz February 5th, 2022 08:23

If you step out in the vacuum of the space, your helmet's visor slowly fogs up.

This helps to identify change of the environment - which is important, considering that outside you need a space suit or you'll take damage. And, also, I feel it adds a bit of immersion. I have glasses and live in country with cold winters and the fogging up can be a real pain in the ass.

Kamaz March 5th, 2022 12:50


Disabling security in Space Wreck is not just an ON/OFF option. After you pass the initial scitec check, you can
  • disable the bots right away
  • turn the robot friendly with an additional scitec
  • take over cambot directly with additional tools (Soldering iron) and component (R/C controller) and succesful tinker skill check

Each of these options has its own nuanced benefits. For example, if you disable the bot, you can scavenge it for parts. If you turn it friendly, it will attack your enemies. If you take them over directly, the bot actually is "neutral" and that allows you to scout an area ahead without engaging in direct combat.

Rook March 13th, 2022 01:35

Im following along. Thanks for making a linux version available on itch. The steam windows+proton version works flawlessly for me too, but I'm happy theres a liux build available.
Keep up the good work!

Kamaz March 15th, 2022 15:34

Thanks for noting the Linux version - I will add it to Steam eventually as well, just wanted to "soft-launch" it on itch.io first, there are fewer people and hence smaller impact if I screw up.

Kamaz April 8th, 2022 22:10


In Space Wreck you get experience ONLY for completing todos (quests). That means combat is not a source of XP.

Quite often in RPGs, it is disproportionally lucrative to murder anything that moves, because it grants XP and thus makes your character more powerful. Sometimes it even prompts some meta-gaming. We wanted to avoid that and, also, escape associated XP inflation. No matter if your character is Rambo or Gandhi (non-Civ version), you'll have the same XP potential. (Well, sort of. Depending on your WORK attribute, your XP rate can vary very strongly - from 80% to almost 200%. But that's a different story.)

Kamaz April 30th, 2022 06:07


Space Wreck is a non-linear game. It is short but full of content.

This star map shows some (but not all) of your decisions that form your unique story.

Note: this is still WIP.


We often have a problem with the game's length - people keep asking how long is the game and the honest answer is - it's short. We are speaking about 5 hours to complete the story. However, that does not mean that there are only 5 hours of content in the game, because it's non-linear, with self-excluding paths and very fringe subplots available only in certain cases.
To mitigate this, we created this star map which should better convey the real situation.

Few comments - the stars on the map are arguably more important plot (or subplot) points, many of them are the "ending slides". If they are small, it means this plot point has not yet been "explored", basically, not yet unlocked. Bigger stars - you have unlocked this story point at some time - it tracks this across playthroughs. And the line ("trek") is formed connecting the current save game's decisions.

This is a work in progress and currently represents, at best, 30% of the whole game.

Rook April 30th, 2022 06:37

Please allow me to give you monies for this game.

Kamaz April 30th, 2022 10:12

I wish I could ask money for it right now :D but we are still testing/debugging it.

Who knew non-linear almost-immersive-sim-rpg is a pain to debug?

Kamaz May 22nd, 2022 07:03


1.1.96 Starmap update

Decision map, character marks, weapon holster and many other changes.
While working on the full version of the game, many more minor and bigger improvements have piled up and will be released to the demo version in this major update. That includes:
  • Star map with your story decisions mapped out and visualized.
  • The new level-up system with positive/negative character marks.
  • UI adjustments - notifications, new inventory/looting interface layout.
  • New starting preset for "combat" char.
  • Holster/unholster weapon button to avoid weird hostile reactions.
  • Updated also some demo quests with additional options, particularly Finn Alley's arc.
  • Obstacle highlighting while targeting or zero-G leaping.
  • NPC behaviours in combat and as companions.

Here is the news post on Steam (with pictures!):

Kamaz June 4th, 2022 06:39


Junk items can be a useful distraction. Handy, if you want to lure unsuspecting NPCs to a more favourable position.

This is a small mechanic but it 1) makes `junk` items more useful; 2) gives you tools to manipulate character positions.

This, along with location design - small sandbox hub worlds with absolute freedom to explore, functional items - poisonable bottles, floor cutting tools etc., and many ways to approach the objective, multi-layered story structure - have been inspired by Hitman games.

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