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Myrthos October 16th, 2018 18:00

The Waylanders - Kickstarter Live
The Kickstarter for The Waylanders is live now.


Time-Travelling Fantasy RPG, The Waylanders, Launches its Kickstarter Campaign

A Coruña, Spain - October 16, 2018 - Announced in August 2018, The Waylanders has seen its development team at Gato Salvaje Studio hard at work preparing for the launch of the game's Kickstarter campaign which is going live today! With former Bioware lead, Mike Laidlaw (Dragon Age: Origins, Jade Empire, Mass Effect) on board as a creative consultant (as well as a few other high profile writers we can't mention yet), The Waylanders is aiming for a $150,000 USD goal and will provide players with an engaging narrative featuring impactful character development, unique companion romance options, and a deeply technical combat system.

An exciting fantasy RPG, The Waylanders showcases a unique, party-based experience that time travels between two distinct eras - Celtic and Medieval - covering a rich history that has been largely overlooked in video game lore up to this point. Choices made in one time period can have dire consequences in the other, meaning players will feel the impact of their decisions in surprising and shocking ways.

One of the game's biggest features is its new and innovative approach to battle with the inclusion of combat formations. Fusing combatants together into a combined, more powerful character offers players a deep combination of tactics when approaching conflict. You can find out all about the combat formations in the Kickstarter video;

  • Real-time combat with tactical pause, character creation, and 36 classes (6 basic and 30 advanced)

  • Play from a top-down isometric perspective that can be shifted to a third person perspective on the fly

  • Story and combat inspired by RPG classics Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights 2

  • 12 different combat formations (2 per class) sees players fuse characters to provide varied and technical combat options

Here is the video on combat formations:


Also check out our Gamescom article.

More information.

Couchpotato October 16th, 2018 18:00

Yes the thread is back up. Was wondering why it got deleted.

Anyway despite a few misgivings it has my money already.

daveyd October 16th, 2018 18:13

Since it's RTwP I'm not really interested but even if I was, I'd be very wary considering the developer. Gato Salvajes Studio previously Kickstarted a point & click adventure game "AR-K" over 5 years ago… And just announced that the final 4th episode of AR-K will supposedly be released in February 2019 (as well as sending physical copies) after absolutely no KS updates for 3 years.

Assuming they actually release part 4 in February they will several years beyond the estimated release date (which wouldn't necessarily be a big problem if the game was any good), but Steam reviewers certainly didn't praise the game… The studio hasn't done anything to indicate they're capable of creating a decent game of any genre, let alone a CRPG spiritual successor of DA:O, BG2, etc.

They have also never released a DRM-free copy of AR-K which was promised to backers. Apparently there was a Humble DL of the first two episodes at some time but it's not available at present. I contacted GS about the DRM-free version a couple of years ago & never received a response. KS comments about it also went unanswered. Finally, I reached out again last night and actually received a response this morning:


Hi Dave, you're right, we promised DRM-free release, we announced the steam store to showcase game development but it doesn't imply we forgot about DRM-free version, don't worry because you'll get it for sure.
Their only other released game is Bullshot which seems to be a Contra-like shooter.

Even if this was my dream game I wouldn't trust this developer with my money considering how they handled their last Kickstarter. It boggles my mind that a developer can run a Kickstarter so poorly and launch another crowdfunding project, when they're still years behind on the first one… Sadly they might succeed because they hired an ex-Bioware guy.

I just advise anyone who is thinking about backing to check out reviews of their previous games first.

Myrthos October 16th, 2018 18:33

There was a confusing mail about an embargo on the news, which led to deleting the news and thread. In the end it should not have been deleted probably.

Ripper October 16th, 2018 22:24

I see they are also Kickstarting the boardgame.


Ripper October 16th, 2018 22:28


Copper Coin October 16th, 2018 22:49

Backed. I don't know about their past games, but what they've shown looks decent. I'm also happy to support an RPG studio from Spain.

purpleblob October 16th, 2018 22:52

I think they should focus on one project at a time *shrug* it doesn't really interest (both PC & board game) so not backing. I think it will be funded though (PC version at least)

Copper Coin October 16th, 2018 22:53


Originally Posted by Ripper (Post 1061535224)
I see they are also Kickstarting the boardgame.


Technically two different companies

Capt. Huggy Face October 17th, 2018 00:31

I know overall it's probably a good decision to hire Laidlaw. As Daveyd mentioned, I'm sure it will help them raise more money, and I might not be here even thinking of backing the game without it.

However, I'm told I often look at things a little differently. I won't back this game because they hired Laidlaw. That guy is full of an inordinate amount of shit, and I would never trust a single thing he has to say. That doesn't mean the game will be bad, as Laidlaw is likely nothing more than a spokesman, the Vanna White of cRPGs.

But, even just a PR move like this puts me off a little when it's Laidlaw, and the balance doesn't have to be tipped much, since I don't back many Kickstarters anymore. If the game is actually good, I'll buy it at release.

Ripper October 17th, 2018 00:37

Yeah, I certainly found that the pitch had an oily salesman vibe to it.

Carnifex October 17th, 2018 02:28

I'm not as big of fan of this pitch as I am of the Realm's Beyond one, but these kinds of projects I cannot ignore. Backed!

Saxon1974 October 17th, 2018 05:17

Realms beyond more my style but will keep an eye on this one too.

khaight October 17th, 2018 07:33

Pledged, but at a low level. This has potential but not enough to get me to go all-in.

Gokyabgu October 17th, 2018 16:20

Is there an "awesome button" in the game? If not I won't pledge. If something awesome not happens whenever I press a button everytime, what is the point of playing an RPG? :) Anyway, I pledged Realms Beyond instead of this one. Devaluation of our national money really hit my economy and the value of 20 $ is not same as it was 2 years ago when I could easily pledge more than one game. RB seemed much more solid than this one. But I will buy Waylanders if it hits the Steam Early Access at some point.

daveyd October 17th, 2018 17:05


Originally Posted by Gokyabgu (Post 1061535374)
Devaluation of our national money really hit my economy and the value of 20 $ is not same as it was 2 years ago when I could easily pledge more than one game.

I wasn't aware Sigil had its own currency, I thought you guys just used gold, silver, and copper pieces like the rest of us. :S

Gokyabgu October 17th, 2018 17:18


Originally Posted by daveyd (Post 1061535386)
I wasn't aware Sigil had its own currency, I thought you guys just used gold, silver, and copper pieces like the rest of us. :S

Good one. :D Corpse tradings really went down these days. Mortuary decreased corpse quotas. :)

Couchpotato October 17th, 2018 17:21

Almost $30,000 in one day not bad. Still has thirty days left to get fully funded.

you October 17th, 2018 19:54

Is this going to be a long or short adventure ?

daveyd October 17th, 2018 20:22


Originally Posted by you (Post 1061535434)
Is this going to be a long or short adventure ?

Well, if AR-K is any indication, it's going to take a long time… to come out.

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