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dmonin September 4th, 2017 21:35

Sands of Space - old school TBC RPG
Hi everyone!

Currently I'm working on my scifi RPG "Sands Of Space". It will be cyberpunk turn-based combat, like Fallout 1-2 or Underrail, as you can see in video below:

Right now I have already implemented a combat mechanics, basic control and dialog system. Next step will be inventory. And also I have a draft with my ruleset and perks. Ruleset and perks I guess it's one of the hardest task ever. So thats why I'm here to post my progress sometimes and get any help with correcting ruleset :)

Thanks for watching and any suggestions are welcome!

Kordanor September 4th, 2017 23:10

Graphcs, Movement and Sound are quite smooth and cool.

The combat itself looks lackluster though.
-The Enemy Attack is as boring as it could get (boring sound, and no projectile or anything like that)
-I don't see any tactics envolved. It seems to be: Shoot until everyone is dead. With the only tactical decision to decide whom to kill first. So maybe add in some skills to make the combat more interesting.

I can recommend to check out Underrail as well as Balrum, which both offer quite good single character combat. Might give some inspirations.

dmonin September 4th, 2017 23:36

Kordanor, thank you!

Well, it's only beginning of combat mechanics. And yes, now it's a lil boring, but I'm planning to improve.

And yes - Underrail is a great game! This game one of the main reference I use.

daveyd September 6th, 2017 02:55

Really nice atmosphere. Is it going to be strictly single player character or might you recruit some companions / party members at some point?

I've only played the alpha demo of Underrail a bit. Was kind of put off by the sheer amount of combat & I normally tend to prefer turn-based combat w/ multiple party members, so I haven't bought it yet. I'd definitely be more interested in something structured like Fallout 1 / 2.

dmonin September 6th, 2017 20:50

Hi, daveyd!

Thank you for your response!

Actually in technical build there will be no multiple party members. But when all mechanics will be done - yes, you will get party members.

dmonin September 10th, 2017 18:43

Hello everyone!

Development progress on 10.10.17

It's small update but very important:
1. Enemy new statistics - screenshot
2. Path costs and highlighting - screenshot

More info at IndieDb:
Path highlighting and new enemy statistic

Thank you!

dmonin September 12th, 2017 19:33

Hi everyone!

Just want to share some updates:

1. Path highlighting
2. New enemy statistics

Thank you!

dmonin October 1st, 2017 18:08

Just sharing development process here!

1. Speech bubbles added! NPC shows random phrases now!
2. Added path highlighting and path cost. I mean it's in combat mode of course.
3. Dialogs! We have a dialogs! But UI will be modified in a future, but functionality now working properly.
4. Added action pie menu! Do you likes pies?
5. Combat mode improvement - now you can hit the enemy throught a window, glass etc. Yeah!
6. Barrels now are explosive and it's your friend in combat. Just hit them and it will show the holy fire!
7. Fixed bugs. You really don't want to know what it was.

Just check it out on this video:


posfan12 October 1st, 2017 18:42

Looks very good! GL! Destructible environment is very nice!

dmonin October 1st, 2017 18:59

Thank you! :)

dmonin October 21st, 2017 18:11

Hi there! Just small update of progress!
Working on new monster - Derelict. It's muted human living in dark places such as caves and urban sewage.

To see him in action:

dmonin November 6th, 2017 22:26

Hi! Yet new progress!
Long story short I have added a outliner for objects that player can interact with, new monster Derelict and Psy Derelict with invisible feature, new HUD, ammo reloading, new UI for dialogs and notifications for quests.

And here the timeline
00:00 - 02:18 fight with Derelicts and Psy Derelict
02:18 - 02:54 new UI for Inventory
02:54 - 03:28 big badaboom

The outliner works like in Underrail. You can press Tab and it will highlight the objects near the player to reduce pixel hunting. Also the color of outliner is depending on what object it is. For example
1. None NPC (lockers, stuff on floor etc.) — blue outline
2. NPC not in battle mode with player — green outline
3. NPC in battle mode with player — red outline

As you can see the new enemy Derelict is in a game, two version of him actually. Psy Derelict and Derelict. The Psy Derelict is invisible and he is the leader of group. Thats mean other Derelicts near the Psy Derelict attack with more damage. And if Psy Derelict is dead they become weaker.

Thank you!

dmonin March 10th, 2018 01:52

Hi guys!

Well, all this time I have been working on a code behind. And right now, I finished most of all basic game mechanics that all rpg games must have.
Just quick status of my work:

1. Quick responsive on player action. I really don’t like games with a bad response
2. Pick up objects, drop objects from inventory, etc. UI of inventory still in progress
3. 'Fog of war' and dithered transparency of NPC who is not in the visible range of the player
4. A lot of work with pathfinding and bug fixes. So right now, all "remote" pick up objects and falling throw the textures in a past!
5. Mechanics of psy attack. The vfx in the video is temporary and it will be changed. It's just for test right now

Here is the video. I used booooring test location. And that's only for the one reason - show the progress.


From now on I have started working on visual part - models, arts, concepts, animation, sounds, vfx and other cool things!
And here you can see the first concept one of the Power Armor - "Kernet":


Futuristics car's:


It was designed by https://kvaksagon.deviantart.com art artist!

Also, the new UI, decals are already in progress.

In the next update I will tell more about characteristcs, perks, levels and combat details


dmonin April 28th, 2018 21:18

Working on new location


Couchpotato April 29th, 2018 14:29

Just found out about this game today and I must say I like it. I'm curious if you have a release date in mind? Also I love the setting, and hope your game gets completed.

Carnifex April 29th, 2018 16:25

This looks pretty cool, and something that is right up my alley. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to playing this at some point!

Pongo April 29th, 2018 16:30


Originally Posted by Couchpotato (Post 1061501717)
Just found out about this game today and I must say I like it. I'm curious if you have a release date in mind? Also I love the setting, and hope your game gets completed.

Completely agree, it looks great and wasn't on my radar either. I'd be interested in hearing about the timescales for development as well!

dmonin April 29th, 2018 17:01

Thanks for supporting!

It's hard to say when it will be finished. Probably in the end of the year alpha version will be.

ToddMcF2002 April 29th, 2018 18:08

It sure looks promising. Please keep the updates coming.

dmonin May 13th, 2018 17:17

Thanks for your support!

I'm finished new props :) Creating wire models are personal hell for me








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