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Couchpotato June 13th, 2020 22:43

Baldur's Gate 3 Random News
Seems Larian did another demo presentation of BG III.


A bunch of articles about EA in August as well.



Another Video update was released as well.


Get ready to venture forth. Baldur's Gate 3 is planned for an August 2020 Early Access launch on Steam and Stadia.

Couchpotato June 18th, 2020 21:08

Baldur’s Gate III - Swen Vincke Interview - Twitter interview

While you wait for Baldur's Gate 3 LIVE at 10am Pacific Time tomorrow, June 18th at https://twitch.tv/dnd - catch up on the latest gossip.

Couchpotato June 18th, 2020 21:53

Full Baldur's Gate 3 Live Gameplay Presentation


Baldur's Gate 3 will be showcased live by Larian Studios. We hope to see more Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay so stay tuned!
Baldur's Gate 3 Is More Like D&D The More It's Developed


Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke speaks with us about telling a story in a game where you're free to do anything, and how Baldur's Gate 3 is becoming more like Dungeons and Dragons over time.
Baldur's Gate 3 Aims to Take the Best of Divinity and Make it Better


BioWare's original Baldur's Gate games set a high bar 20 years ago, but Larian Studios talks to us about bringing their experience building Divinity: Original Sin to bear in order to make Baldur's Gate 3 even better.

Couchpotato June 18th, 2020 23:36

Baldur's Gate 3 - D&D Live 2020


Get an exclusive look at Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay in this live stream that kicked off D&D Live 2020. Larian Studios' Swen Vincke plays the game and gives fans a great look at the upcoming game.
Baldur's Gate 3 Is Far Bigger And Stranger Than We Thought


After a short Baldur's Gate 3 demo we sat down with Larian's founder Swen Vincke to talk about the early access plans as well as the huge scope of the game.

Couchpotato June 28th, 2020 05:10

Baldur’s Gate 3 Plot Twist Hints Explained - Screenrant

There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to Baldur’s Gate 3, the latest installment in the Baldur's Gate RPG franchise. Baldur's Gate's gameplay cleverly replicates the idiosyncrasies of tabletop Dungeons & Dragons in a virtual environment, and its epic plot highlights psionic antagonists like the Mind Flayers and the Githyanki while hinting at the future importance of fiendish devils and other villains from classic D&D.

crpgnut June 28th, 2020 17:22

If I was actually interested in the game, I wouldn't watch all this stuff. By the time the game has come out, there won't be anything new to learn. It is in the 4 million press releases :p

Of course, I have zero interest in party-based games, so I can watch all of them since I don't intend to play the game. I never finished DOS 1 or 2, so don't see the need to play DOS/BG 3.

Couchpotato June 28th, 2020 17:25


Originally Posted by crpgnut (Post 1061608087)
If I was actually interested in the game, I wouldn't watch all this stuff. By the time the game has come out, there won't be anything new to learn. It is in the 4 million press releases :p

I'm conditioned nowadays that spoilers don't matter to me anymore. I like to know beforehand if the game/movie sucks before I play/watch. Not everyone does of course.

Couchpotato July 9th, 2020 13:14

Larian Answer Our Biggest Questions (Part One)


New Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay? Go on then. And loads of new Baldur’s Gate 3 information as we quiz the game’s lead system designer about combat, stealth, classes and, er, how vampires work in Baldur’s Gate 3. Loads of juicy stuff here, and more to come!
Larian Answer Our Biggest Questions (Part Two)


Our first Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay breakdown explained stealth and combat, and now we look at Baldur’s Gate 3 spells, death, alcohol, reactions, halflings… all the words that get your video flagged. I hope you enjoy this Baldur’s Gate 3 features deep dive with Larian Studios' Nick Pechenin.

Couchpotato July 13th, 2020 03:10

Baldur's Gate 3 Live Presentation


Couchpotato July 15th, 2020 05:43

14 New Things You Need To Know About Baldur's Gate 3


Some new gameplay of #BaldursGate3 was released recently, so Zoe Delahunty-Light has done a run-down of the 14 biggest (new) things you need to know about Larian Studio's game! From how sneaking works to changes to dialogue and initiative, these 14 details about Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay will keep you up to date about the Dungeons and Dragons game, to sate you until more information about the Baldur's Gate 3 early access comes to light. Enjoy!
Baldur's Gate 3: Everything we know - PCGamer

It's real. One of the best RPGs ever is getting a sequel made by creators of our number one pick in our top 100 games list.

Baldur's Gate 3 will be the successor to the old Infinity Engine games that we remember so fondly. You'll gather your party before venturing forth, complete with modern touches like fully voice-acted characters.

Larian Studios is adapting Dungeons & Dragons tabletop rules for the next RPG and it sounds like they've taken a few creative liberties to translate the D&D experience to PC much like they did with Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Larian have been showing off more and more gameplay as we get closer to early access launch. Here's everything we know based on what they've shared so far.

Couchpotato August 1st, 2020 11:33

Larian did a Reddit AMA

Here's an edited (non-related Baldur's Gate questions were left out here) compilation of the AMA with Larian Studios regarding Baldur's Gate.

Participants include:
  • Swen (Founder & Creative Director)
  • David (Producer)
  • NickP (Lead Systems Designer)
  • Adam (Senior Writer)
  • Jan (Writing Director)

Pongo August 1st, 2020 13:19

Thanks Couchpotato. This bit was good to read:
Let me just say that we touch upon the story of BG 1 & 2 in meaningful ways, there are returning characters and what happened in BG 1/2/tob leads to what happens into BG3.

I had wondered whether they'd planned to have any connection. I'd hoped you could copy over some save state stuff - eg, name of the bhaalspawn - but I don't get the impression that's the case sadly.

Couchpotato August 1st, 2020 13:25

Found one more article about that AMA.:)

Baldur's Gate 3 might not cap player levels to ten after all - RPS

It’s not just a numbers problem. Any tabletop fan will tell you that they’ll always outdo video games with their room for negotiation, improv, bending the rules, and generally simulating and accounting for anything a set of laws can’t. The higher a player’s level gets, the more access they get to open-ended or abstract abilities. “You get closer to spells like Wish [a high-level spell whose limits and consequences are defined by the whims of the DM running the game, and can be ironic], where you go, like, ‘what do we do? Do we accept emails from people with their wishes and quickly patch the game?’ So we have to do a lot more thinking about what would be exciting and reasonable things that a DM would let you do with these kind of spells and high level creative features that classes get.”

If you’re not familiar with The Dungeons And The Dragons, ten sounds like a very low cap for an RPG. It’s actually the exact middle, as the tabletop rules treat level 20 as the end point for player progression. Even then, it’s uncommon to take a character that far. Most campaigns are ready to tap out many levels before then, and a game that covered the full range would have to be extremely long. There’ll likely be disappointment whatever Larian go with, not least as some classes really hit their stride later on, and level 11 specifically is a notable power bump for many. But a sub-20 cap is near inevitable. Exactly where it’ll land though remains to be seen.

Pongo August 1st, 2020 13:27

I'd be more than happy with a level 10 cap, that's higher than BG1 which I've sunk hundreds of happy hours into. There's still plenty of scope for progression. In terms of my doubts about BG3, it doesn't make my list at all.

Couchpotato August 2nd, 2020 04:39


Originally Posted by Pongo (Post 1061611133)
Thanks Couchpotato. This bit was good to read:
Let me just say that we touch upon the story of BG 1 & 2 in meaningful ways, there are returning characters and what happened in BG 1/2/tob leads to what happens into BG3.

I had wondered whether they'd planned to have any connection. I'd hoped you could copy over some save state stuff - eg, name of the bhaalspawn - but I don't get the impression that's the case sadly.

Seems three dark gods might be influencing the current events. Also Based on current information your character from BG II might have became the dark god Bhaal. We'll see.

JDR13 August 2nd, 2020 08:32

That's not spoilerish at all… 😉

Couchpotato August 2nd, 2020 08:34


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1061611198)
That's not spoilerish at all… 😉

Nah it's not confirmed just based on a few developer tib-bits, game lore, and my guess.

Couchpotato August 2nd, 2020 08:51

Anyway another RPS article about dying early.:)

Watch out! You can die in the first 15 seconds of Baldur's Gate 3 - RPS

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll be able to play as an almost-vampire. His name is Astarion, and he’s technically a vampire spawn rather than a fully-fledged blood sucker, but like vampires across all sorts of fantasy media, he can’t go into places without being specifically invited and, more importantly, he can’t cross running water. Unfortunately for Astarion, there just so happens to be a large river right next to where you spawn in the very first section of Baldur’s Gate 3. According to the game’s lead systems designer, Nick Pechenin, it’s possible to kill the poor vamp within 15 seconds of spawning in.

“If you’re not careful you can die in Baldur’s Gate 3 as Astarion in the first 15 seconds of the game,” he told RPS VidBud Matthew. “If you click on the river, that’s the Chionthar river that’s going past you, and if you just don’t pay attention you will dissolve in acid, right there on the spot where you spawn.”

Not ideal. Who’s idea was it to make vampires so squishy? Being weak to sunlight and impoliteness sounds silly enough, I didn’t even know they couldn’t hack a bit of water until today.

Pechenin tells Matthew the devs at Larian had to go through every single piece of water in the game to figure out what was running and what was still. Can you imagine if they missed any? The crushing defeat of death as the hundred year-old vamp wanders aimlessly through a puddle.
Yes looks like another spoiler.:p

Couchpotato August 3rd, 2020 14:57

Time for a little humor.:biggrin:


Seems Larain is bold enough to write that.

Nereida August 3rd, 2020 15:31

They seem proud of their BG3 IP. :)

On the level cap topic, I'd be happy for a dynamic level cap somewhere between level 10 and 15, with no real hard stop, just limited by the amount of XP you can actually earn, add diminished returns and whatnot. Hitting the point where you stop gaining XP never feels good to me, but neither does getting into DnD high end spells such as Time Stop/Rain of Vengeance etc, which just trumps over all the fun you can have, at least gameplay-wise.

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