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lackblogger September 20th, 2021 16:15

Can you unlock a thread please?
I logged in to post a reply to a thread in the news section about Divinity Sin 2, only to find it locked.

I had something useful to say to to someone talking about the relative merit of game scores and review averages, one of my specialist subjects. I wanted to draw attention to the context in which those scores arise, which, in DivOs1/2's case was after a very long period of RPG drought, a moment in time we've mostly forgotten over the past 6 or 7 years.

Anyway, I saw that the thread had the usual problem of people complaining about people saying a few bitchy things to each other (or whatever the male version of bitchy is etc), which I wasn't reading as troublesome, the problem mainly seemed to be the escalation of people coming to the thread to escalate the fact that two people had a brief swing at each other with some bitchiness.

The actual exchange of bitchiness was nothing particularly exciting or note worthy, the usual brief two and from from usual suspects. It's the drama-hungry in-waders who made a mountain out of a molehill and who've now talked themselves into locking the thread it seems. (as is usually the case).

If it's not unlocked I'll start a new thread or something to continue the 'normal conversation' that most of the thread was before this point, so no biggy, and I have zero interest in moderation policy or people, just I had a point I felt it important to make that is relevant to the thread and needs to be said IMO & now I feel 'silenced' for committing the sin of getting to the thread too late.

Ripper September 20th, 2021 16:29

No, I'm not unlocking that thread, I'm afraid. I don't like having to press moderation buttons, but sometimes it's necessary. I'm not going to debate it, and I'm not having that aspect of the thread continue anywhere else.

Feel free to discuss DOS2 and game scores in another thread, but please no further references to this nonsense.

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