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Arhu November 9th, 2006 15:49


Originally Posted by Ubbax (Post 6485)
However if I switch off wysiwyg using the "A/A" button the text I type appears as very light grey against the white background, almost not visible.

Oops. That was a bug I seem to have introduced yesterday. Solved now.

dteowner December 28th, 2006 23:08

Are you perhaps archiving older threads? I did an open search based on my username and only got 49 hits going back to late October. Don't know that it matters, just curious.

Corwin December 29th, 2006 02:17

So far as I know, we aren't, but Myrthos would know for sure!!

Jaz December 29th, 2006 07:33

The default search result setting is 'display results as threads', meaning that you posted in 49 threads since October. You can search for posts, too - just check the option in the lower left corner when doing a search.

Wulf December 29th, 2006 14:26

Whilst on the subject :) do 'wild-cards' also work in the search facility…..eg: (*.) etc'?

dteowner December 29th, 2006 15:08

Sorry, misunderstood what "display as threads" meant. Pass that dunce cap this way, please.

Jaz December 29th, 2006 18:13

*passes dunce cap to dte ;)*

@Wulf: Yes. The asterisk wildcard does work.

dteowner December 29th, 2006 18:16

You're slipping, Jazzy. I figured I'd receive a temporary alteration to my avatar… :)

Jaz December 29th, 2006 18:33

I figured your current avatar was punishment enough! :p

Ozymandias January 3rd, 2007 14:36

Most of Dhruin's newsposts about Space Rangers are messed up on this page:

Myrthos January 3rd, 2007 18:23

But apparentely only in FireFox. Have to check that.

Myrthos January 3rd, 2007 22:55

Fixed it. There were some 'Funny' characters in some of the posts. This is caused by transfering newsbits in the early stages when RPGWatch was being designed. These 'Funny' characters had to be fixed by hand. Guess we missed a couple…. could be we missed a few other posts as well, but it's too much work to search the database for it. So if anyone spots them let me know.

Thanks for spotting these.

Cm January 4th, 2007 20:02

I noticed when I used the "grab" option in the G3 wiki for a few of the tweak posts to print them, I ended up with all the editing text and posting scripts as well. Is that a have to for the wiki or can that be fixed?

Myrthos January 5th, 2007 12:31

What do you mean with "grab"?

Danicek January 5th, 2007 12:49

I would say there is a Grab button under each 'code' section like on this page:


Myrthos January 5th, 2007 15:16

Oh….. That looks like a useless functionality indeed :)
Have to look into it.

Lucky Day January 25th, 2007 08:10

Again, I'd like to request more specific information on the Genre each game is posted as.

The term RPG means a lot of things these days.

For example, Silverfall. I have no idea what kind of game this is. Is it an Action RPG or a Traditional one. Will it be Consolish or Japanese style with the focus on Cutscenes. Is it a hybrid? Is it First Person?

I would suggest at least three categories for RPG Genres: RPG, Action RPG, Console RPG.

With this sites prime focus on RPG's we cover everything under the gambit and a lot of different types of games call themselves RPG's as we all know.


Danicek January 25th, 2007 09:49

@Lucky Day - This sounds pretty reasonably in my opinion but I wonder if it can be really implemented. The problem with this is that the news poster would have to know what type of game he is actually writing about and this may be unknown for fairly large part of all the games we are writing about. Most of them are actually not yet released…

Lucky Day January 25th, 2007 18:19

Danicek. I can't argue with that, however the news post or database entry could simply say RPG if they don't know until someone who does know better is able to update it. Most of the developers seem to be making a point up front of saying their games are Action RPG's when they are in order to ward off the perceived RPG stigma to investors.

Danicek January 26th, 2007 09:46

Yes, I guess that would work…

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