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Nerevarine November 8th, 2015 04:53

Can't launch Alpha Protocol
Hey all,

So I've run into a rather frustrating problem: I purchased Alpha Protocol from Gamersgate a while ago (already played AP on PS3 years ago), and the gamersgate 1.10 patch won't download from GG's site. I can't find a patch that will work, and without the patch, the game will not launch due to DRM bullshit.

Anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions?

crpgnut November 8th, 2015 06:45

Found the post below which seems to say you might need to download a more recent version of PhysX:

So, here's a strange error. The version of PhysX that comes with Alpha Protocol isn't detected by Metro 2033 causing it not to load. Going the other way, the driver installed by Metro 2033 wont allow Alpha Protocol to load.

I've found that if I install the newer official PhysX drivers from nVidia (http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx-9…13-driver.html) this issue goes away, allowing players with both games to play them without issue.

Valve, assuming there are no other games that are broken by this solution, do you think you could update all games that install PhysX as part of their 'first run' to use this new driver set? Might save some people a LOT of hassle!

Nerevarine November 10th, 2015 06:31

Thank you nut, I really appreciate the help, but unfortunately that wasn't the problem. The issue was that the DRM for AP has been deactivated, but only for those with patch 1.10. Unfortunately, Gamersgate's download system won't download patches currently, so I was sent on a wild goose chase through the interwebs trying to find a working (and safe) patch to disable the defunct DRM.

I finally got the game running, after a ridiculously long time searching to fix the DRM issue. I'm pretty pissed off that it took so much effort to get a purchased game running, and that Gamersgate apparently can't properly support the games they have. After a quick check, it seems that I am unable to download official patches for any game from them. I guess this is why Steam has a monopoly…

daveyd November 10th, 2015 16:12

This is why I only pay for games on GOG. I have some games on Steam but they were either extra keys from Kickstarter or gifts from contests etc. Haven't run into any major issues with Steam versions but I don't like that I'm forced to install patches either. And there's always the thought of "what if my account gets hacked"? With GOG it wouldn't be as big a deal because at least I could still play the games I own.

Unfortunately, AP isn't available on GOG so there's no legal way to get a DRM free version. I Still haven't played that game.

Nerevarine November 10th, 2015 19:34


Originally Posted by daveyd (Post 1061366601)
Unfortunately, AP isn't available on GOG so there's no legal way to get a DRM free version. I Still haven't played that game.

Well, Obsidian/Sega released a patch for AP to technically make it DRM free - but Gamersgate never bothered to just update to that version as the base download, using 1.00 instead. Laziness, perhaps? Instead, Gamersgate's AP requires a patch, which then removes the DRM, making it entirely DRM free. The problem is that Gamersgate's patch site seems to be down, at least for the past several days, making this patch inaccessible from them directly.

Thrasher November 10th, 2015 21:06

Ugh.., Gamersgate… I suggest buying from them only as a last resort. Too many games have been poorly supported…

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