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smallmajicsmall March 25th, 2010 21:05

getting outside
I have rescued Dork for the second time and he is to follow me outside. How do I get "outside"? I think there should be an opening in the wall outside his cell in the volcano caves but I can't find the method of activating it. Please help. I don't want to abandon my game after all this work. I am at chapter three in the "Search for the map" quest.

JDR13 March 25th, 2010 21:09

I thought I remember his cell being right next to the cave exit. Is there a gate over it? Perhaps there's a key on one of the Lizardmen in that area.

smallmajicsmall March 25th, 2010 21:24

There is a different texture to the wall just outside his cell but it wont become a door or I can't break it open. There was a key on the lizardman but all it did was open Dork's cell. Dork keeps leading me to the wall but all the wall rings or switches do not work. ?????

Maylander March 26th, 2010 09:52

Huh? This sounds very strange. The 2nd time you rescue Drok should be something like this:

Lizardmen ——— Exit ——- Drok in a cell
—————————| |—————————
———————-—- | | —————————
————————— /*\ —————————

/*\ This is where you enter from the lizardmen cave.

The exit is not supposed to be covered by anything. It's just an opening leading out. Also, Drok is not "leading" you anywhere at this point, he's just following.

You're supposed to go out the exit and find the lizardmen that hunt for humans.

smallmajicsmall March 27th, 2010 00:06

The wall you mention is blocked and I don't know why.

JDR13 March 27th, 2010 06:01

How is it blocked? Is there an obstruction, or is it just solid wall?

smallmajicsmall March 28th, 2010 21:12

solid wall but it looks different. Ithink this should be an exit.

JDR13 March 29th, 2010 23:05

That is very odd. There shouldn't be a wall there.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I've never heard of this before. You're playing the PC version correct? Have you tried posting on the official forum?

smallmajicsmall March 30th, 2010 16:50

No I will try that. Oh one other thing. When I opened the gates to the cavern the Inquisitor did not follow me and does not talk to me any more. I got through the gates and then they closed but opened when I found the lever. Did this set up some series of events that resulted in the wall not being open to the outside. (justy a theory) How dos one use "setqueststatus" ?

JDR13 March 30th, 2010 21:46

You mean the very large gate where you had to activate 2 seperate winches to open? The Inquisitor and all his men should have followed you, after you used Telekinesis to deactivate the trap.


If not, then you might have to go back to an earlier save. I'm not sure about using a console command, but you can probably Google it.

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