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Rills August 25th, 2009 05:57

Marcus Is Long Dead: What to do with the Fire Chalices?
Way back -- I mean waaaaay back -- when I teleported into the Vengard Temple and talked to Marcus he gave me his Fire Chalice. Then the orcs attacked outside the temple and Marcus went to it. He died in that fight but since I don't use walkthroughs unless absolutely stuck nor do I read spoilers unless I have to, I wasn't fully aware of the significance of his death.

You got it, that game save is long gone. I know one can do "spawn Marcus" but from what I understand these spawned characters are only a shell and not the full fledged character with dialogue. Is this true? Do I need to forget Marcus and concentrate on the other 11? What are the game consequences of this loss?


Maylander August 25th, 2009 09:34

Aye, though it's not really that important. It might seem like a very important quest, but it's just a side quest with no real importance, other than the fact that the Paladins are now able to use spells, increasing their value in combat by quite a bit (they become very tough followers after they get spells, probably the best followers in the game).

Rills August 25th, 2009 15:49

Thanks for the reply. Anyone want to buy left-over fire chalice? :D

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