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Zloth February 5th, 2018 06:54

The Doctor (Spoilers!)

I think I just came within a hair of losing this game!

At level 19 I tried going into the Doctor's house. That ended very badly, very quickly. Six nurses (loved the solfège!), four soulhunter demon things, and The Doctor… all level 20. Worse yet, about two rounds in The Doctor would demon charm Lohse and the game ended immediately! I did manage to pull three nurses out of the house and finish them off (getting me to level 20) but the rest were too close together.

So I tried to out level the thing. No dice. I did everything I could find to do in Arx - even taking the Trail of Blood down to the point where the game tells you there's no turning back and I was still only two thirds of the way through 20. I even killed quite a few paladins!

So back to the Black House I went. It wasn't even close. The Doctor has armor values in the 10s of thousands - there's no way I can get through that in two rounds! OK, so try and tempt a few more down into the basement… still no dice. So I try to tempt some into the back room with Lohse downstairs and out of the way. Not only did that work out badly for my 3 characters but Lohse STILL got possessed, even though she was on another map! How am I ever going to do this!? Should I just try to complete the game and hope becoming Divine will let me smite the Doc?? I doubt it. Am I actually going to lose this thing!?

But then I found it: a helmet that blocked charms! I still had the Face of Battle helm from waaaaaay back at level 13! I kept it specifically because it made the wearer totally immune to fear and charm! She can just plop that on and…

Frak. Requires 12 strength. Back on the Nameless Island, Lohse took the option to crank up her Int in exchange for -5 strength and she had never put a point into the stat. I managed to get her back up to 10 with various items, including an old shield that added 3 but that still wasn't going to do it. Then I noticed the old shield had a slot. Ah ha! A giant masterwork rune plus a frame and I had a +3 strength rune. I could wear the helm!

And it worked just fine. Not only that, the Doctor kept trying to charm her over and over - turning him into a great big practice dummy. There were still a lot of nurses and demons to deal with but a summoner's storm plus a geomancer oil splash thing ripped off three of the demons' magic armor and I let the charms and mind maggots fly. Once they were all dead, I simply pounded away on the not-so charming doctor until he fell.

When I looted him, there was Lohse's lute! Concert time!

I'm still dancing. What a game!

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