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danutz_plusplus October 28th, 2020 01:45

Ross's Game Dungeon Series
I remember reading about this game 20 years ago, in one of my old gaming magazines. I never had the chance to play it, and hot dang is it hardcore.

I really enjoy Ross's game videos, but this one is particularly hilarious. God, gaming was hardcore back in the day. Highly recommend watching his playthrough, if you have 40mins. It's hilarious what he has to put up with.

Ross's Game Dungeon: Clans

Couchpotato October 28th, 2020 04:14

I still own the original CD version with its opened Box in my closet somewhere. All I can remember is I hated the game and never played it again after I unboxed it.:(

JDR13 October 28th, 2020 19:59

Never seen or heard of that one. It looks like a cheap Diablo knockoff.

danutz_plusplus October 28th, 2020 22:00

Not sure if it's just nostalgia, for remembering seeing the game as a much younger self, but those 2D backgrounds really remind of Infinity Engine games. And I really like them. I think I would've liked to have experienced the game back in the day. But I also appreciate not having to bash my head against the difficulty wall.

danutz_plusplus October 29th, 2020 18:56

Another great episode about another rpg that I've been pondering about for a long time. Revenant. Ross's video are all kinds of excelent. Highly recommend them.

Ross's Game Dungeon: Revenant

Couchpotato October 29th, 2020 19:48

Another classic gem that I own as well from when it was first released in 1999. It was buggy as hell but I enjoyed playing it. Nowadays not so much. Might play it again.

danutz_plusplus October 29th, 2020 21:42

Yeah, it looks like a lot of fun. A cult classic if I ever saw one.

Ok, another hilarious one by Ross. This one actually brought me to tears from laughing. (rofl)
Ross's Game Dungeon: Quarantine

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