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HiddenX November 14th, 2021 18:44

Thank you - old friend.

Carnifex November 14th, 2021 19:02

HiddenX, may you have an excellent birthday!!~

Myrthos November 14th, 2021 23:33

Happy birthday HiddenX

HiddenX November 15th, 2021 00:46

4 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Carnifex (Post 1061663029)
HiddenX, may you have an excellent birthday!!~

I had one - I got these dishes:

Ripper November 15th, 2021 00:51


Carnifex November 15th, 2021 04:21

Oh man, that's some sweet looking loots!!~

Hastar November 15th, 2021 15:21

Looks like you had a great birthday. Congrats :party2:

Ripper December 29th, 2021 00:54

Happy Birthday to pibbuR!

Do you receive a double-loot bonus during the festive/Birthday period?

Myrthos December 29th, 2021 01:04

Happy birthday pibbuR

HiddenX December 29th, 2021 02:40

Happy Birthday PIBBUr :)

Carnifex December 29th, 2021 04:22

Indeed, I hope you had an excellent day, PiBBuR!!

Thrasher December 29th, 2021 05:20

Happy Birthday Pib!

Redglyph December 29th, 2021 11:01

Happy Birthday pibbuR! :D

purpleblob1 December 29th, 2021 12:45

Happy birthday Mr Pibs :)

henriquejr December 29th, 2021 13:56

Happy Birthday Dr. Pibs :) :thumbsup:

JDR13 December 29th, 2021 14:04

A joyous birthday to you, Sir pibbuR!

JDR of the 13th who doesn't celebrate his own birthday but celebrates others'.

pibbuR December 29th, 2021 18:24

Thanks everyone. A very nice day so far.

Having my birthday just 5 days after christmas eve has had its benefits and not-benefits (aka disadvantages).

The bad:
  1. I suspected that having spent all their money on christmas, my donators would have less (insufficient) spendable money.
  2. Nobody sang a happy birnthday tune for me at school.

The good:
  1. Unlike all my friends/relatives who regretted that things were over after christmas eve, with another 365 days to go be fore christmas again, I could look forward to another session of presents just 5 days after. (That the others could look forward to the same in >5 but <365 days, while I after the 29th had to wait for 360 days before more presents were due, apparently didn't cross my mind).
  2. Nobody sang a happy birthday tune for me at school.

pibbuR who wonders who PiBBuR and PIBBUr is. Hah!

Corwin December 30th, 2021 00:03

Time to retire and move to sunny Australia Mr Pibs!! :D

Hurls December 30th, 2021 00:48

Happy, belated birthday pibbuR!

HiddenX January 3rd, 2022 13:28

Happy Birthday, Pladio :party: :beer:

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