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Arhu August 9th, 2021 18:25

Finished reading Robots and Empire. 3/5, like almost all the Robots books. They just didn't age too well compared to Foundation. Still, it was the first novel I finished in a very long time.

Carnifex August 10th, 2021 17:49

I finished the "If You Tell" book I was reading, and needed several showers afterwards to feel clean. It's like Mommy Dearest, Arsonic and Old Lace collaborated and made up an even worse story together. I learned a great deal, yet I don't think I'd ever reread the book.

Now I'm reaading Constance, which is a book that posits the question: How would clones might actually function in society? It's set about twenty years in the future, so far I'm enjoying it a great deal.

Carnifex August 12th, 2021 17:39

I completed Constance, what a nice, sophisticated read that was. I'm not entirely thrilled with how it all ended, yet the story of the whole, "what if?" clone question I thought was nuanced rather well, with ample coverage on both sides of the issue at hand. Well worth checking out.

And I've threatened to do this for years, last night it began…..finally, I'm reading book four of the Expanse, Cibola Burn. I've already watched the telly version of this novel, so I've somewhat spoiled myself, and a mistake I'll not make with the next book in the series!!

Carnifex August 16th, 2021 21:31

Thirty minutes ago I finished Cbiloa Burn, and man, what a fine read that was!! Even though I'd always watched the four series of the Expanse, knowing I was going to regret it, yet doing it anyway, much of this book gives the reader new and vital information. Want to see what happens when pioneers, a corporation, and a feisty sheriff all converge on a mineral-laden planet eighteen months distant from our own solar system? Read this and thus be enlightened! Like me, if you've watched the particular series already, I'd still highly recommend the book, you'll get new information and points of view that are seriously abbreviated or missing from the telly show.

And now I'm certain I won't be watching the fifth series until after I've read the book. Lesson learned!

Pssst….slight spoiler…..Crisjen is po'd at the end!! =p

Redglyph August 17th, 2021 10:18


Originally Posted by Carnifex (Post 1061651017)
And now I'm certain I won't be watching the fifth series until after I've read the book. Lesson learned!

We must have a different approach to this :) It didn't bother me at all to read the books after watching the series because the books are much deeper and the story different enough. But maybe it's even better to discover the events in the books.

I'm currently 3/4 in Abaddon's Gate, there's quite a variety in the main characters and their personality (like Anna for instance, so different than a Bull or Holden, it's nice the author can provide a larger spectrum than the typical space heroes).

Maybe I have a chance to catch up with the books before season 6, that's a lot of reading though ;)

Carnifex August 17th, 2021 17:39

Honestly the Expanse novels are pretty swell to me, I've really only encountered one character I didn't care for, and that was Elvi in book four. She has, if I remember correctly, multiple degrees from university yet, in her mind and voice, she often acts like a teenager. It's so jarring at times that it literally snatches me out of the narrative and has me shaking my head ruefully. That's a rather small complaint and literally the only one I can think of right now in the entire series.

And yeah I much prefer how the characters are portrayed in the books rather than the telly series. Which makes sense I guess, you spend a lot more time getting to know their respective backrounds, goals, and life experiences in the novels than you'll ever get in the telly series. I will watch the fifth series at some point, yet I know this time I'll read the novel version first.

Carnifex August 19th, 2021 17:40

In between Expanse books I decided to read a thriller called Thief River Falls. The book starts off well enough, yet roughly halfway through you'll see that something else entirely is going on. I did finish the book yet wasn't pleased with how it all worked out in the end, wouldn't surprise me though if this turns up at a film or a television version at some time in the future.

xSamhainx August 20th, 2021 22:00

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Listened to the audiobook, twice (it's about 2.5 hrs long)
This book describes a big problem I'm having - I'm creative, artistically inclined, and once i start doing it I actually like doing it.

It's just that picking up that damn pencil or stylus is so difficult. They might as well weight 100 lbs. And really, that's ANYTHING that will lead to me actually breaking out of the 9-5 thing and doing something creative for a living. Anything that would help me further a creative dream that I may have, my entire being fights against it. It's like a self defense mechanism that insists I stay trapped in a job I hate.

This book, for the most part, nails it. Better yet, he quotes The Odyssey, and bizarrely does the Invocation of the Muse before he starts working. It's interesting.

That's where he brings in the supernatural, and initially i was thinking "okay, that's interesting" - but truthfully it's nothing I havent thought before. Fortune favors the bold. Providence rewards effort. When you act, the universe reacts.

I've actually started up in Illustrator again, nothing big, but I started. This book has helped

Redglyph August 23rd, 2021 13:47

I've finished Abaddon's Gate by James Corey, and enjoyed it.

That was a murderous one! And I missed characters of the previous books, but I know some of them will come back. I had some doubts about Anna, I was worried it would become a drag to read those chapters, but it turned out fine even if she's not my preferred part of the story. Again, it's a quality of this series to present such variety in the characters and to present their point of view of the story.

Carnifex August 23rd, 2021 17:30

A few days ago I picked up a freebie from the Amazon read list, something to divert me so I didn't plow through the fifth Expanse novel too fast. So now I'm reading the Sword of Kaigen, part of some universe called Theonite, and I'm about half-way through the book. I've not read the other books set in this universe, yet if the rest of this novel continues as well as it has, I'll be checking out the other books at some point. This book is great so far, very eastern in the telling, a world with sword and sorcery well mixed, excellent characters, and a gripping tale.

Carnifex August 25th, 2021 17:33

I finished the Sword of Kaigen yesterday, and I'll be checking out the other books set in that universe for sure. I think the one I finished is a stand alone book, and then there's also a three book trilogy in the same world.

This morning I started a new book entitled The Haunting of H.G. Wells. I'm only about thirty pages in yet enjoying it so far.

Carnifex August 27th, 2021 17:47

The Haunting of H.G. Wells turned out to be quite good, I like a novel that mixes some historical fact with fiction, and you must decipher which is which. It's s good technique of testing just how much a person really knows about the protagonist in a given story. I might have to check out some of the authors other works.

Next up for me will be book five of the Expanse, Nemesis Games. I'm quite looking forward to this one, the previous book was really good, and of course the initial trilogy is well worth reading.

Redglyph August 27th, 2021 18:48


Originally Posted by Carnifex (Post 1061652204)
The Haunting of H.G. Wells turned out to be quite good, I like a novel that mixes some historical fact with fiction, and you must decipher which is which. It's s good technique of testing just how much a person really knows about the protagonist in a given story. I might have to check out some of the authors other works.

I quickly read a synopsis, seems quite the supernatural & evil vs good.

It's always a pleasure when an author can insert fiction into historical events. It's also a good motivation to get to know a part of history. I read a few books by C.J. Sansom and S.J. Parris (S. Merrit is her true name), though they're further back in history.

Except a couple of books by Sansom, one during the Spanish Civil War, and another one which gives an alternate reality of WWII after Churchill fails to become first minister (Dominion) and UK is invaded. This last one made me think of The Man in the High Castle ;) The others are firmly set in UK when Henry VIII was king. Main character is fictional though.

Carnifex August 27th, 2021 21:29

That alternate version of Churchill and the UK sounds like something I could really enjoy. I've always liked What If's, from the comic versions, to the Lost Regiment series, even Newt Gingrich's novels are of interest. And of course the Wild Card series wouldn't even exist without this premise.

I'm already a hundred pages into Nemesis Games, and loving ever word! Looks like the Rocinante family is taking a leave of absence from one another, you can almost feel the drama in the air. Makes me wonder how the telly version might play out, which I'll view after the novel.

Redglyph August 27th, 2021 21:47

To be clear and avoid false advertising from my part, Dominion doesn't have much that is historically accurate, only a brief introduction then it goes to the alternate version. It's not usually his style, the other books are placed in historical events. Sansom has a PhD in history, so it's really his thing.

Shagnak August 28th, 2021 02:26

Spore by John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow
Not your run of the mill zombie novel, unless people being forced to snort a coke-like substance that takes over their body with a weird fungus that makes them join a hive mind and impels them to make other people snort the fungus, is your idea of an ordinary zombie novel.
Some fucked up fun from the godfather of splatterpunk and some other dude.

JennieW9 August 29th, 2021 00:21

I'm currently reading a book named 'The Mauler' about a Swedish MMA prodigy named Alexander Gustafsson becoming the world champion in his weight division.

I also highly recommend The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It literally changed my life :)

philpulman August 31st, 2021 08:54

I'm started with a couple of Robert E. Howard novels. What would you recommend to read by him?

Carnifex August 31st, 2021 17:27

I put book five of the Expanse series to bed this morning, Nemesis Games was a really good read. In fact, it made me think of something that doesn't really happen all that often: a series that, as the books accumulate, actually get better! I'm talking about such storied series as the Amber Chronicles, the Thomas Covenant series, the First Law Trilogy, the Wild Card universe (up to book twelve, after that it gets a tad sketchy).

The Expanse is that good. And if there's every a spin-off featuring my favorite two characters, Peaches and Amos, I'm already on board!

Next up for me will be a visit back to the Wild Card series, with book seven, Dead Man's Hand!

Shagnak August 31st, 2021 22:26


Originally Posted by philpulman (Post 1061652572)
I'm started with a couple of Robert E. Howard novels. What would you recommend to read by him?

Don't know about "novels" (wasn't really his specialty), but I've read all his Conan stuff, and some of his Kull, Solomon Kane, and Bran Mak Morn stuff. I also have this collection of miscellaneous fantasy and horror stories.
I'd recommend just start by reading his Conan stories. Grab this list and systematically work your way through!

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