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Carnifex May 7th, 2022 18:46

I completed Fifth Season last night, for the first book in a series it was pretty decent. I found the world setting to be compelling, and if the local library had the next book in the series, I'd be reading it now. I'll be keeping an eye out in case they ever do acquire the rest of those novels.

Now I'm back to Longmire with book ten in the series, Any Other Name.

Carnifex May 8th, 2022 18:17

I wrapped up Any Other Name this beautiful morning while on the porch. This tome finds Longmire on the heels of trying to solve a suicide/murder, and finding some potential kidnap victims. It's a rather nail-biting entry to say the least, and at the conclusion we find out if Cady had her child!

Now I'm on to a new series, the Last Policeman. It seems to take place while a planetary body is streaking towards earth, the population is well aware and acting accordingly, so yeah, it's different.

Carnifex May 9th, 2022 22:33

I concluded book one of the Last Policeman, it was ok. I quite like the premise, an interstellar body hurling towards earth, and everyone kind of having to cope with that. I'll be checking out the next book to see what happens. The detective part was good also, it was fun trying to solve it along the protagonist.

Now I'm back to Drizzt with the follow-up to the last book I finished, Neverwinter.

SveNitoR May 10th, 2022 10:54


Either your reading speed is phenomenal, and/or you spend a lot of time each day reading. How many pages do you read an average day? 500? How many hours?

I started reading again after a long hiatus where I played a lot of Pathfinder:WotR, but just can't get into the book I'm reading right now. It's a completely different genre to what I usually read, so it was a bad idea to start with that after a break. But I want to push through and see if I can start to enjoy it.

Carnifex May 10th, 2022 17:58

I do read fairly fast, noted by both friends and professors at school. I might spend an hour or two a day watching tv, or using the computer, yet on average I'll spend eight to ten hours a day on the porch reading outside. Years ago when I was in Canada most of that time was indoors and using the computer, now being in Florida the weather is a bit more agreeable to me. In that time spent reading I can easily go through at least one book or make a serious dent in one.

Alrik Fassbauer May 10th, 2022 18:01

Translated version of Kobold Handbook Of World Building. Nice read for everyone who wants to build an own setting.

Carnifex May 12th, 2022 23:06

I finished off Neverwinter today, and Drizzt is making some new mates, now that the Companions of the Hall is, well, basically just down to him, the last drow standing. So Dahlia is now with him, and it looks like Barrabus/Artemis might be a recurring guest-star, for a human he's showing remarkable longevity. I miss the old gang yet the new folks are interesting, I'll be picking up the third book at some point.

Now I'm back to the Last Policeman series, Countdown City. This is a decent police/detective series, with only a few months left until an asteroid hits Earth, how would you spend that time?

Arkadia7 May 13th, 2022 02:21

Ok, so I will list some recent books I have read and been reading.

Thrillers category;

A Team of One: An Unsanctioned Asset Thriller
A Team of Two: An Unsanctioned Asset Thriller Book 2
by Brad Lee

If you like thrillers, this is a pretty good series. What I like about it is that its straightforward and not too convoluted, the plot line is not some hard to follow thing like in many thrillers that are too complicated, but its basically evil guys who want to take over and ruin the world. The main hero is well done and he has a good and well written female sidekick, that he takes under his wing to teach her the killing arts. (he is former special forces CIA -- typical stuff for this kind of book)

The Tears of Odessa: A Vigilante Justice Thriller (Atlas Hargrove Book 1)
by R.B. Schow
So this is a thriller, but its much "bloodier' and more violent. This is like almost violence porn because the main guy goes after world wide pedophile rings and he takes out vengeance on them just like you might expect. Very brutal and bloody. So I would only recommend it if you are ready for that kind of thing. It was a bit too over the top for me.

The current horror suspense book I'm reading:

It Came With The Crash (Creature Encounters Book 1)
by Boris Bacic

Ok, this is a horror book that is better than it has any right to be. Its surprisingly good for a suspense/horror book. Its about an unexpected and sudden plane crash in some deep woods in the middle of nowhere, and then in the aftermath there are various survivors, each one really well drawn and having different type of motivations, and what happens when they have to come together to try and survive the plane crash.

There is also a creepy monster that is out there, (not really a spoiler because look at the title) but to be honest, the monster isn't that scary, but the suspense and the way the characters have conflicts in the story line, out in the scary desolate woods and they don't know where they are at all, or if rescue is even coming or will come or not.

This whole setup and the characters part is just very well done by the writer, I gotta admit.

The monster part…meh take it or leave it. But I do recommend it for the reasons I mentioned, its a page turner.

Carnifex May 13th, 2022 23:02

I polished off Countdown City, this entry saw our former policeman trying to find a missing husband. His client was the former babysitter for him and Nico, his sister, so there's a personal stake there. All sorts of twists and turns pop up, it's a quick read yet enjoyable. I'll be getting the third book at some point.

Next up for me is a Longmire tale, Dry Bones. One of the supporting cast members has passed and right now Walt is investigating to see if it was an accident or…..

Carnifex May 15th, 2022 22:27

This morning I wrapped up Dry Bones, and man, the emotional hits in this one take a toll. One of the Moretti clan dies, and that's going to have lasting repercussions like, forever for the Longmire family. And while not known for certain, it could be part of a personal vendetta against Walt, so yeah, just ouch. Dry Bone will wring you out and leave you wanting more.

Up now for me is book three of the Neverwinter Saga, Charon's Claw.

Carnifex May 18th, 2022 18:17

I completed Charon's Claw this morning, a good entry as the third book in the Neverwinter saga. Most of the book is concerning various factions trying to reclaim the re-lost dwarven forge, with lots of memorable battles along the way. The goal for the companion trio of Drizzt, Dahlia and Artemis is to destroy the sword which will either wind up freeing Artemis or killing him, yet at the end you're not really sure what happened. I'll have to read on to find out.

Up now for me is the next Reacher book, Without Fail. Reacher gets tasked with doing an audit for the Secret Service, so far I'm a quarter way through and it's hard to put down!!

SveNitoR May 18th, 2022 18:42

I finally finished The things we cannot say, by Kelly Rimmer. Decent book, quite emotional, but hard for me to relate to one of the two main characters, who is a stay at home mom.

Now I'm going to read a Swedish book with a 17th century nordic setting and fantasy steeped in nordic mythology. A completely new author to me. It will be very interesting to read.

Carnifex May 20th, 2022 03:29

I wrapped up Without Fail, book six of the Reacher saga this afternoon. This book was a mixed bag for me, as I had a real problem accepting that the Treasury department would work with people not established within its own ranks like they did in this novel with Reacher and his friend. I understand both of having some serious qualifications, yet I still don't think it would work out like it did in the story. Other than that part of the premise the book was a decent read, and gave some more back history on the Reacher clan. I was also rather astonished with how quickly the end of the tale went down, it was resolved in like three pages.

Now I'm back to the Dresden chronicles with Peace Talks!

Carnifex May 22nd, 2022 03:53

I finished off Peace Talks earlier today, a great read with not a whole lot of action yet what appears to be a huge set-up for the next book. Harry seems to be doing a good job of juggling all his current careers, namely PI, Wizard, Winter Knight, Warden of the Council, and probably a few other jobs that I've forgotten, like governor of his own freaking island!

Now I'm onto the next Longmire book, The Highwayman. This seems to be a shorter book, maybe a third or half the size of a normal novel in this series, so I expect to be done quickly.

Carnifex May 22nd, 2022 18:19

And yup, I plowed right through the Highwayman, which is a different kind of Longmire tale when compared to many in the past. The focus here is on a policeman that died some years ago, and a theft which took place nearby, with many wondering if the law officer had been involved. It's a short read yet astoundingly good.

Next I've started book three of the Last Policeman series, World of Trouble.

Carnifex May 23rd, 2022 18:19

World of Trouble came to an ending this morning, and it didn't go the way I thought it might. Most of the book is concerning Henry trying to figure out what was going on with his sister and her plan to "save the world", and that ended about as bleakly as one might imagine. I thought maybe we'd get to see some of what the world would be like after the catastrophic event, yet that never manifested.

Now I'm starting a new series for me, book one of the Mountain Men by William Johnstone.

Alrik Fassbauer May 24th, 2022 10:51

Just finished the Tall Tales by Jeff Smith, the creator of the BONE saga.
Inclusive a tale why there is no man in the oon but rather a woman in the moon …
If you love BONE, then make sure to get this book as well !
(Some of these short stories had been published elsewhere already, though.)

Carnifex May 24th, 2022 22:58

I completed book one of the Mountain Men series today, it's pretty good. The protagonist, a bloke named Preacher, is tasked with guiding a bunch of so-called "pilgrims" from the west of the Big Muddy to Oregon area, via Big Medicine Trail. Along the way you'll encounter and read about real life folk in the area at the time, this is a nice story with historical acknowledgements along the way.

Now I'm back into the Longmire tales, with book what is considered book twelve, An Obvious Fact.

Alrik Fassbauer May 25th, 2022 11:01

… Found yesterday that Tall Tales 2 is in the making …

Carnifex May 26th, 2022 18:21

I polished off An Obvious Fact yesterday, another splendid entry in the Longmire tales. This story sees the introduction of Lola, yes, THAT Lola, the namesake of the Cheyenne Nation's automobile and the name of Cady's daughter. This yarn takes place in Sturgis, during the annual bike rally, so lots of testosterone, witty remarks, and drama are flying about.

Now I'm reading book one of the Codex Alara, Furies of Calderon. I'm not sure if I've ever read the entire series before, I know I have read this specific book before and enjoyed it, as Butcher never seems to disappoint.

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