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JemyM March 1st, 2007 13:01

Last game you finished, tell us about it
I was missing this thread on this forum. This is a thread for thoose who like to finish games on regular basis, where you can write the game you finished as well as a short review.

To get things going I will list the last 5 I finished from most recent and then back in time.

Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy (9/10)
Metal Gear Solid meets Jedi Knight in a game about a special operative with psionic powers. Decent story and superb gameplay. Sad that so few know about it.

Sanitarium (7/10)
Bizarre horror adventure with decent graphics and a deep disturbing story.

Runaway 2 (9/10)
Possibly the best adventuregame I have played in years. Glorious 2d art, advanced storyline/plot, loveable characters, hillarious jokes.

Halo (7/10)
Some features such as vehicles was ahead of it's time save this FPS from complete boredom. Possibly the most repetitive shooter I have ever played. The story was nice though and the last level was truly epic.

The Suffering (8/10) + Ties That Bind (6/10)
The Suffering was a quite decent horror game. Dark disturbing story, spooky atmosphere, twisting storyline with multiple endings, nice storytelling techniques and pretty good controls. Questionable graphics was the only flaw.
The sequel (Ties That Bind) improved the graphics, but dropped everything else, including ripping apart the satisfying ending of the original.

My personal score system (no need to follow this):
10 Game History (Worth playing, even if you hate the genré)
9 Excellent (A must play if you like the genré)
8 Good (Recommended if you like the genré)
7 Timewaster (Visual flaws but some saving qualities if you like the genré)
6 Cracked (Only worth checking if you love the genré and can stand up with open flaws)
5 Failed (Warning, even fans will hate this one)
1-4 Poor (Games I would not even finish)

JDR13 March 1st, 2007 14:05

I thought Halo was great. Yes, some of the levels were extremely repetative, but it had a good story behind it, and some cool large scale battles.

Last game I finished was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, for the Nintendo Wii.

I don't play very many console games, but once in a while I a need a break from the PC. Twilight Princess was pretty good, I'd rate it a 9 for a console game, but my standards are slightly lower for console games because I don't expect as much. If you're a fan of the Zelda series then I'd say that you have to play this game as it might be the best Zelda title.

Jaz March 1st, 2007 15:39

I usually finish the games I buy, unless I really, really dislike them, which happens rarely enough.
As I won't count replays, the last game I finished was Dark Messiah (back in January I think).
Graphics were nice and bled Arx-flair, the story was your regular save-the-world-plot-with-a-mean-twist, characters were one-dimensional and boring. All in all a mediocre game, good for killing a few hours, but nothing more - the only character I remember is Duncan, which doesn't exactly speak for the cast.

txa1265 March 1st, 2007 15:41

My last finish was Sam & Max Season 1: The Mole, The Mob and the Meatball for the PC. Actually in the past few days I've played all 3 released episodes (Ep 4 is on GameTap now and gets general release next week) - and I could probably include all of them since I spent a total of ~8 hours playing all 3.

I'd rate it as 4/5. (sorry, the majority of sites I write for a */5 based so I think that way). The writing was tight, the humor top notch, but it is very small and short, and in the second and third episodes that starts to impact the gameplay a bit. There are few items to discover, which limits the overall scope. But still … it is loads of fun and for $8.95 an episode I still think it is a great value.

Kendrik March 1st, 2007 16:05

Dawn of War - The Dark Crusade. (9/10)
Love the whole dawn of war series. Will replay to see all the 7 endings (I know I could use You-tube but where is the fun in that). Best Stratagy game ever and reingnited my interest in the Warhammer Lore - so I'm currently reading Warhammer 40K books like they going out of print

Danicek March 1st, 2007 16:37

The last I finished (something like 1 month ago) was Gothic 3. I would rate it 8.5/10. I really enjoyed it and had no real issues and encountered no bugs (even though the game is considered buggy).

The gameplay itself was one of the best. The story and mainly the feeling + music was top in my opinion.

narpet March 1st, 2007 16:39

Last game I finished was NWN2…

Score 8/10:
I really loved the game. It had a lot of choices to make, really good combat (IMO), a good story that was well developed (once again IMO), and great character interaction and development. I was very impressed, considering that I really didn't expect much from it. It's the first CRPG where I played a spellcaster (of sorts). I always choose melee type characters as my main character in CRPGs, but I went with a chaotic good Warlock, and I loved it. He was the perfect mix of magic and melee for me (the way I developed him).

I also liked the ending (I know a lot of people didn't like it). I thought it was unique and still allowed for a sequel or add-on's.

Corwin March 2nd, 2007 00:28

I'd only give NWN 2 a 7/10 for all kinds of things I didn't like!!

Sorcha Ravenlock March 2nd, 2007 00:39

NWN2 is the last one I finished as well.
I rate it 9/10, it would have been 10/10 if it wasn't for the ending. The difficulty was just right for me, and I adored the story and the companions. Best RPG I've played in a long time, posssibly my most favorite RPG of all times :blush:

magerette March 2nd, 2007 01:04

NWN2 was the last I finished as well. I enjoyed it, and like narpet, probably more so in that I didn't expect much. I was pleasantly surprized by the writing, I thought it was faithful to all the Forbidden Realms games that had gone before without being too slavish, and I even enjoyed the cut scenes, something I generally don't care much for. The ending was rather silly, but it didn't really spoil the game for me. I would rate it in my top ten rpgs.

dteowner March 2nd, 2007 01:40

If a replay of Wiz8 doesn't count, and I'm not sure FastCrawl really qualifies, I think the last game I finished was Dungeon Siege 2. I really finished that one since I played and completed all 3 levels of the game in order to collect as many set items as I could.

I enjoyed the game a fair bit. Sure, it was RPG lite, but the "mindless click-n-watch combat" actually worked for me. Prior to that, I had been playing several brain-intensive rpgs, so a nice relaxing killfest fit the bill nicely. Character development actually made a difference in the way you played (even if you had to pick a path and follow it religiously rather than becoming a generalist) and the ridiculous amount of phat lewt kept outfitting the troops a continual adjustment. The game does what it does very, very well. I've been careful recommending it to folks because their enjoyment will hinge on whether they want what DS2 does. Someone looking for in-depth stories and complex strategy is going to be very disappointed, since that's not was DS2 is about.

Dez March 2nd, 2007 16:23


Oh my..what could i possibly say.. I totally loved it, simply put one of the best roleplaying games i've played all time and best star wars since the orginal trilogy :)

The game has all what i'm looking from a proper crpg game. Good dialog, diverse quests (trial was my favorite btw!), multiple choises and consequences, moral aspect (Sometimes it is VERY difficult to stay lightside).

And lastly but not least the storyline blew me away! You can actually find a sw game that has a storyline worthy to orginal trilogy. Writing is stunning quality whether judging by npcs or storyline.. I only wish npcs in latest tes or gothic 3 were same caliber. Voice acting was top notch as always in lucas arts games. My favorite npc was this HK-droid who claims not be an assasin droids since they are illegal :p "Do you wish me to get rid of this meatbag master?"CLASSIC STUFF. I bursted in laughther more than once during a game when he made those lovely remarks of his :D

Only downside i can think of is the first planet. It doesn't feel very belivable because it is supposed to be a huge city planet, yet you can only explore few streets and buildings.. Luckily locales get a lot better when you fly off…

I'm already playing kotor 2 and can't wait kotor 3! :)

xSamhainx March 2nd, 2007 17:55

Tomb Raider - Legend

In a way loved it, but had some problems too. It's Tomb Raider for the new crowd. You tend to be lead by the nose a bit more than I would prefer. End up just flipping around thru conveniently-placed poles everywhere, it becomes rote repetition. Just learn when to release, and youre all good. Keep going forward, jump, release.

Overall I liked it tho, fun combat and just the exploration aspect of the TR games always keep me happy. I like the character of Lara Croft too, she's one of my all-time fave game toons.

txa1265 March 2nd, 2007 18:57


Originally Posted by xSamhainx (Post 21236)
Tomb Raider - Legend

Hey Sammy - did you play on PC or console? If PC did you use keyboard & mouse or a gamepad?

Dez March 2nd, 2007 19:12

First tomb raider is a classic, second one was good entertaiment, but from there the series went downhill. I never finished 3:rd part… Maybe i should give the latest tomb raider a chance? Although i will likely wait a budget release.

xSamhainx March 2nd, 2007 21:00

I played it on Xbox.

I bought this one for $30ish, and consider it worth it, I'll run thru it again eventually on the harder difficulty. Plus, there's a "Lara's Mansion" level accessible between missions that has lots of secrets you can unlock that provide more outfits, weapons, extras, etc. The environments are really cool, and it's sort of a return to what the series was originally all about - adventuring in ancient ruins, w/ lots of high-flying cliffhanger type stuff. I'm a nailbiter when it comes to the heights stuff, even in games, so it's pretty thrilling for me when leaping from one really high area to another or whatever.The game is gorgeous too, which almost goes without saying these days. The story is pretty flaky, w/ the legend of King Arthur and such tied into the death of Lara's mother. It serves it's purpose tho, shipping you to one cool locale after another.

You can choose to not use the "mechanism detection" type feature in Lara's binoculars that make some of the puzzles too easy, that's what I personally do to provide a bit more of a challenge.

txa1265 March 2nd, 2007 21:21


Originally Posted by xSamhainx (Post 21252)
I played it on Xbox.

I only asked because I played it on PC (natch) with Key&mouse (like everything) … and there has been some debate about controller use for PC games. Personally I stuck with keyboard only for FPS until RtCW so I can stay entrenched with a control scheme for a while ;)

JemyM March 3rd, 2007 00:37

I only played the first bit of Tomb Raider before I jumped to Tomb Raider Legends and I have to say that TR:L is a very good game. A very good story, nice controls, glorious graphics, lots of fun bonus content etc.

I would probably give Legends a 9/10 and I do not care if it's "short", it's awesome while it lasts.

Moriendor March 3rd, 2007 01:00


Originally Posted by JemyM (Post 21282)
I only played the first bit of Tomb Raider before I jumped to Tomb Raider Legends and I have to say that TR:L is a very good game. A very good story, nice controls, glorious graphics, lots of fun bonus content etc.

I would probably give Legends a 9/10 and I do not care if it's "short", it's awesome while it lasts.

Fully agree, though I'd subtract one more point for the PC version because it was suffering from serious consolitis. The PC version was poorly optimized and you did get occasional stuttering in next gen mode where no stuttering should have occurred. Might have also been the copy protection (SecuROM) messing around in the background… I don't know, but there was something that prevented the game from running as smooth as it should have (and it was not my hardware… one could tell that it was a different kind of "lag").

Also, it seemed like the collision detection (maybe due to the higher resolution on PC and sloppy resolution scaling?) and key press/input delays or responsiveness were not quite optimized for the PC.
Otherwise it was great fun all the way through to the end though :) . I'm looking forward to the 10 Year Anniversary edition that is supposed to come out in May. Just hope they put a little more work into polishing the PC version this time (yeah, I know how likely -or not- this is to happen… *sigh*).

Lucky Day March 4th, 2007 23:00

Savage Island Part I

I managed to finish it after 23 years.

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