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Silver September 14th, 2018 16:20

Warriorlock - Launched
The Warriorlock has launched on Steam. The game was originally Kickstarted as The Meridian Shard.



Launch day!

14 September - Fellstrike Games™

Hello Dear Player, today is launch day and I am as excited as I am exhausted! My name is Justin, and I made The Warriorlock™ because I love a good story, a good challenge and a good laugh. If you enjoy anything about the game, please leave a review!

Just a reminder that I am only one person doing all of this, so please be patient, and I will get back to you asap. I do care. Thank you.


Thanks Couchpotato!

More information.

ikbenrichard September 14th, 2018 16:20

anyone played the game and willing to tell how the game plays?
looks interesting.

Couchpotato September 14th, 2018 16:32


Originally Posted by ikbenrichard (Post 1061528814)
anyone played the game and willing to tell how the game plays?
looks interesting.

I played a few minutes so-far but it's the usual RPGMaker. The devolper here just used better assets then the vast majority of them. Cant tell what version he used though?

ikbenrichard September 14th, 2018 17:15

Better assets is at least something. too bad i cant try a demo. guess i have to wait some. back to ghost of a tale (awesome game)

Ripper September 14th, 2018 17:24

It receives points for this screen.


forgottenlor September 14th, 2018 18:03

I backed this one years ago on Kickstarter. It was called the Meridian Shard back then. The developer spent a great deal of time creating his own art assets. I think that's why the game took so massively long to finish. I'm guessing its RPGMaker VX Ace, that's what I own, its what was the newest product when he began his development, and some of his art assets are from Pioneer Valley Games. If you've played City of Chains or Atonement, you've probably seen them. They were sold for RPGMaker VX, though Pioneer also has created art sets for the latest engine. Just like in Atonement, the developer has used these as a base and altered them quite a bit. My backlog is so big though, that this will have to wait a bit till I get around to playing it.

I occasionally back RPGMaker games on kickstarter, because I like to see what other people can do with the engine. And occasionally some people do a really good job. City of Chains and Ara Fell are both good examples.

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