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Pongo July 2nd, 2020 18:11

Are there any watchers using Antstream? https://www.antstream.com/

Its a streaming service for old video games, primarily C64, Spectrum, Amiga and arcade classics. I signed up recently, and I'm having a blast despite my initial reservations about streaming. The selection of games is good and the global leaderboards and big tournaments are quite good fun.

I currently have the high score for the C64 versions of Eliminator and Who Dares Wins 2… although in both cases my score is pretty crap so it can only be because no one else is really playing those games. :) On the proper classics, like the arcade version of Bubble Bobble, I normally end up sitting around 80th or something.

If anyone else is on there, look me up - username is pongo there as well as here - if you want some good natured leaderboard challenges.

Couchpotato July 2nd, 2020 18:17

Hmm never heard about this. I'll have to take a look at those streams.

Ripper July 2nd, 2020 20:16

That game nostalgia reminded me of this. @Pongo appears to be a fellow Brit, so might get all these local references, but I reckon most folks from the 80s will get the sentiment.

We Didn't Own an iPad.


Pongo July 2nd, 2020 23:35

ah indeed. Happy days. Good video. Although… no Dangermouse? That can't be right!

lackblogger July 3rd, 2020 21:54

Yes, that's a great vid, and yes, even with so much stuff in it there's still tons it's left out.


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