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Inauro June 29th, 2007 01:00

Guild Wars - Eye of the North FAQs @ Official Site
The official Guild Wars site has been updated with a series of frequently asked questions about the upcoming expansion, Eye of the North.

<strong class="gold">Do I need to own a copy of one of the previous Guild Wars campaigns in order to play Guild Wars: Eye of the North?[/b]
Yes, because Eye of the North is an expansion rather than a new campaign&mdash;and because it is intended for your high-level characters&mdash;you need to own at least one of the Guild Wars campaigns&mdash;Guild Wars (the original campaign), Guild Wars Factions, or Guild Wars Nightfall&mdash;in order to play Guild Wars: Eye of the North. However, you do not need to complete any of the previous campaigns to play GW:EN.
More information.

Cm June 29th, 2007 01:00

Just a note. Besides the new expansions you can also buy extra character slots so you can have more then the four builds that are allowed with the original purchase.

I found it nice that they have tweaked and added items to the original world as well. Not a lot of major changes but it was nice to see they didn't forget those of us who don't play it enough to buy addon's. :)

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