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you September 5th, 2019 15:43

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These are two of my three aquariums (they are 29 gallons and the third tank is 120 gallon). The white one has a pair of rams, some kuhli loaches and a couple of snails. The black one has an emperor pleco (very handsome small pleco) and 4 guppies.
My hope is the rams will breed and well it is hard to keep guppies from breeding if you have both sexes.
The sponge filter (the thing with bubbles in the black tank on the right side will be removed in a week. The tank is new and I didn't want the fishes to suffer from poisoning - esp given that the Emperor pleco can be difficult to replace.
The white tank has been setup for a while now and while the plants are live and always in an evolving state we hope this is more or less the character it will sustain. The black one is a bit new so it is not clear how it will develop over-time.
I'm sure other folks have aquarium (everyone really should have one) so feel free to post images.

crpgnut September 5th, 2019 17:49

This is the dawning of the thread of Aquariums, the thread of aquariummssss! Aquariumms, Aquariumms :D

Corwin September 6th, 2019 00:00

So, there should be Harmony and Understanding!! :)

purpleblob September 6th, 2019 01:22

We have two small tanks but the smaller one is empty at the moment after a sad incident….

When we got home after work one day, we found that our little Fighting fish, Tiny, jumped out of the aquarium and died…. :'( We have no idea why and how - there's only tiny gap and there was no issues with water parameter. Very sad… this one was a baby fish we rescued from the pet shop - it was suffocating from terrible water condition. When we brought this little one home he was in very bad shape - he was so pale, his back was bent, and so malnourished its head was bigger than the body. A year later, he turned into a beautiful blue coloured fish, his back no longer bent and swimming around strong. We miss this one a lot.

The larger one only have 1 shrimp at the moment since 2 other shrimps and another Fighting fish (named Baron Bon Teapot, lol) have passed away of old age (yes, we love fighting fish!)

I will post the photos later along with our first Fighter (named Swirly) who passed away few years ago (also of old age - he was with us for 4 years).

you September 6th, 2019 10:55

I presume 'fighter' fish is beta; when i was 10 or 12 we had a small beta in an aquarium that also had other fishes. It was a long time ago but I remember after 3 or 4 days it (like yours) jumped out of a narrow crack in the back - the only thing i remember was that it was blue and extremely nice looking. I had been warned that we could only get one (we were going to buy 2) but they did not warn me it would jump out - in our case there was a window behind the tank and I think i read that the light help encouraged it to jump - but in general there are certain breeds that will jump if they can - loaches are another such fish to be careful with - an acquaintance told me his 13 year old clown loach jumped out (these fishes live 30+ years - the ones you buy in the petshops - are normally less than a year old and it is not legal to farm full grown samples from their native habitat - it takes a while to raise a fish to 13 years - 13 years to be exact so it is a bit pia when it jumps out and you have to wait 13 more years to raise a new one to 13).

purpleblob September 6th, 2019 12:31

4 Attachment(s)
Yes, Fighting fish = betta.

Here are pictures of our Fighting fishes :)

First picture is Swirly, our first fighter - he used to live in a tank with silk plant but we soon gave him a home with real plants.

The second is Baron Von Teapot, a beautiful blue-red fighter.

And the last two are of Tiny - one of when he first came home and the other about a year later.

you September 6th, 2019 16:24

So tiny was clear and then turned blue - did you know his final colour before he turned ? Very nice fishes esp Teapot. Have you tried putting a female in with the males ?

Ripper September 6th, 2019 18:45


Originally Posted by you (Post 1061580540)
Have you tried putting a female in with the males ?

That should get a scrap going. :p

you September 6th, 2019 21:15

If you time it right you get little beta.


Originally Posted by Ripper (Post 1061580552)
That should get a scrap going. :p

purpleblob September 7th, 2019 00:34


Originally Posted by you (Post 1061580540)
So tiny was clear and then turned blue - did you know his final colour before he turned ? Very nice fishes esp Teapot. Have you tried putting a female in with the males ?

Tiny was only clear because he was so unwell. Over time, he slowly gained colour as he got better. So he went from clear to light blue, then blue then dark blue later.

No females, we only kept 1 fighter per aquarium - I heard they can still fight and kill each other.

DarknessAmbassad October 23rd, 2019 08:36

The blue and red one is so beautiful.

you October 23rd, 2019 20:55

2 Attachment(s)
Here is a minor update (the black tank from above and a new tank i setup last week for lost souls). No update on the ram tank since it hasn't changed a lot - i get ram eggs but they are a bit confused right now and so i'm not getting baby rams. However, I have lots of baby swords in the black tank with lots of baby guppies. Anyone want a baby ?

firetiger December 6th, 2019 08:08

Nice aquarium setup. :)

you December 22nd, 2019 13:53

So I've run into a bit of a problem. The guppy tank (the one on the left above) has about 60 guppies. I have two swordtais in the tank and they are suppose to keep the guppies under control - but they have decided they rather spend all day chasing their tails than little guppies. So the little guppies now swarm them (why I don't know but it is sort of like 50 calfs walking up to a gigantic T-REX knowing it will ignore them). I have little guppies everywhere and they don't even bother to hide in the plants anymore. Anyone want a little guppy ?

Eye December 22nd, 2019 20:26

Hahaha. Poor you. The mysteries of nature. :)
Keep us updated!

you December 22nd, 2019 22:00

1 Attachment(s)
Well one of my guppy mutts actually looks really nice but i have to wait 2 more months to see how his colours fill out. I also have 4 platinum angels in the 20L and they are doing well 'cept for two of them that spend all day bickering. Here is a picture

This is actually about 3 weeks ago - they still bicker but not quite so much but they have nice colouring in the tails.

Eye December 22nd, 2019 23:47

Ah, beautiful! The aquarium and the fish, that is, not the bickering. :)

When I was a child my father had a huge aquarium of 2 mtrs wide (6.5 feet).
There was a lot to see, sitting on a chair watching the movement of the fish was very enjoyable and relaxing.

you January 23rd, 2020 02:18

1 Attachment(s)
Oh well my blacks decided to lay eggs; i was kind of hopeful they would hold off for another year. They are gonna make a mess of their tank mates - oh well maybe i'll remove the eggs tomorrow morning. The white speck on the lower one's head is actually a nerite egg on the glass.

Eye January 23rd, 2020 10:19

Aw, poor parents, poor eggs. You’re too harsh! Just buy another tank. :)

you January 23rd, 2020 16:08

I've reached my weight limit for the condo so no more tanks until i move which will be in 20 months. The parents are ok but everyone else - well that is another matter. At least this pair is less aggressive than my other pair and hasn't actually killed anyone.


Originally Posted by Eye (Post 1061593865)
Aw, poor parents, poor eggs. You’re too harsh! Just buy another tank. :)

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