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Silver May 6th, 2021 14:40

Kenshi 2 - New Screenshots/Concept Art
The latest community update for Kenshi has some new screenshots/concept art for Kenshi 2.


The Official Kenshi Discord is here

We have launched an official Kenshi Discord server.We're not looking to replace the community Discord in the slightest, and we have the utmost respect for its moderators and participants, thank you for being part of something very special! Instead, we'd like to create something complimentary: a place for mini updates from us and somewhere where you can quickly and easily have a direct line to Lo-Fi Games (though we do have a sequel to a certain game to make so forgive us if we're not always too quick to respond).

We're very keen to hear from you about what you'd like to see the Official Kenshi Discord look like, so do please jump in and let us know.


A smidgin of Kenshi 2 content


From Environment Artist Oliver Hatton: "At the moment we're putting together two adjoining biomes so we can get to see all the amazing buildings and characters in situ, doing their thing. This biome blending will also help us identify any problems that are bound to arise, things like town sizes, over-budget texture limits and so on.

The voxel terrain can be fun to work on, with overhangs and caves being possible and re-editing areas much more hands-on than with elevation maps."

And now towns and settlements are beginning to emerge on the map, we should begin to get a much clearer view of the world. It'll be like our own little working death valley where we can test out a lot of the pain and suffering to come."




Look, it's a gate! Here's a few words from Concept Artist Christopher Schlesag on how the design of the gate came to be:

"The design of the gate was mostly influenced by the architecture of the main faction, which was already established. It is visually very sturdy and has simple geometry. For these defensive walls I wanted to incorporate more metal in comparison to the civilian buildings, which gives an even more militaristic feel.

These are the highest and thickest walls you will encounter in the game. We wanted the walls to be customizable to an extent, so they will consist of optional place-able modules like bastions, towers, and anti-climb extensions that will give advantages in several areas. For example, placing a tower on your wall will not only provide cover from ranged attacks and protect from environmental effects, but also increase the number of turrets you can place on this part of the wall. How much extensions the walls and bastions of a town have will also be a great indicator for how dangerous the surrounding lands are. We are also working on resolving placement-issues the walls in Kenshi 1 had."




Some, er, mishaps along the way

We also thought you might like to see this happy little accident tentatively titled "I'm just going to spin my arms in the air as I run and if you get hit, it's your own fault!" (thanks Craig):


From Technical Artist Victor Goossens: "What was meant to be happening was literally that the guy was just supposed to be running somewhere, but some animations broke in a bind pose. To explain a bind pose: it's the thing that an animation is relative to. So if, for instance, an animation was animated with an A-pose as bind-pose, but then the bind-pose in engine is a T-pose (arms are higher), the arms will tilt up when playing that animation in-engine.

I think at that point in time half of our various reference poses (we use a cool blending system under the hood) were borked, so animations ended up being… Magical.

We also had people growing and shrinking vertically as they breathed because of this…"



More information.

crpgnut May 6th, 2021 14:55

Okay, to be honest this doesn't look any better than the first game. Not sure what the dude has been doing with all his time.

Ripper May 6th, 2021 16:18

I'd say the engine's seen an upgrade. The lighting and landscape look much higher quality.

Couchpotato May 6th, 2021 16:45

Yeah the landscape looks to be upgraded but not the character models. Anyway I never finished the first game just played if for a few hours and lost interest.:(

Carnifex May 6th, 2021 17:36

The first Kenshi took me some time to get into, yet in the end I got months of enjoyment out of the program. There was much to explore, and if this sequel is anything like the original, I'll be playing it at some point.

Capt. Huggy Face May 6th, 2021 20:09

Kenshi's got some hurdles for the player to get over, but it's a brilliant game. And those screenshots do indeed look significantly better.

JDR13 May 6th, 2021 20:31


Originally Posted by crpgnut (Post 1061640029)
Okay, to be honest this doesn't look any better than the first game. Not sure what the dude has been doing with all his time.

Well.. he took like a decade to make the first game. :)

crpgnut May 6th, 2021 20:37

Yep, so I'll be 67 in 2031. Think I might wait and see if I'm still kicking :D

wolfgrimdark May 6th, 2021 23:18

I never could get into the graphics of the first one. Maybe if they are improved I might give it a try.

Silver May 6th, 2021 23:38

If anyone has seen Attack on Titan the spazzy running guy gives a good impression of an abnormal.

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