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Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 17:13

Traditional gender roles and why are they cool and sexy.
Note: This is a continuation of a conversation on the RPGCodex social group, because the 1000 character limit was being a bother. This isn't mean to troll anyone, this is just a discussion on what I believe after someone asked me about it. If you don't like it, well, I'm terribly sorry but there's nothing I can do about it.

@ RK47

No, I'm promoting the girls are girly movement.

A manly man is suposed to be a creature of direct action with a fiery soul and endless daring, facing all his enemies with power and a defiant smirk. He makes choices for both, he throws himself against all foes, he carves his way through random encounters like a storm of blood and rage and hot coolness and then brings down holy beatdown upon the level bosses, etc. That's how he loves his girl, too: With power, with dominance, with passion. He is the active half of the couple, he who provides and he who faces against the external world, he who destroys and he who protects. That's why men, in the old ways and traditions, are always fire.

A girly girl, meanwhile, is a creature of indirect action, a creature of beauty and charm and sorcery. Where her man is a storm of blood and hatred and passion, she's a creature of manipulation, of cruelty, and of devotion. That's why girls usually received the element of water instead, the element of manipulation and ilusion, of chaos waiting to be acted upon by the divine fire to manifest her power and potential in response. A girly girl is expected to be a creature of cruel lust, yet she doesn't take the initiative on such lust but manipulates the man into doing so. In the same way, she is always two steps behind her man, as his actions are the logos that shape the chaos of her soul: She manipulates, she backstabs, she turns brother against brother, father against son at the convenience of her beloved. He turns enemies into friends, and turns friends into weakened and feeble victims when they are no longer of use to her man. She supports him when he's weak, she inspires him when he's doubtful, etc.

In a perfect couple of real man and real woman both are active, because she is dominated by him and, at the same time, he's dominated by her in a dance that is like the dance of creation, like the Dao dancing upon itself. However, they aren't both active in the same way: To do it like that would make the man a fag and the girl a tomboy.

The girl is an active and dominant girl, as a girl is ought to be, not a dominant man. The man is a dominant man, as a man is ought to be, not a dominant girl. Equality doesn't mean homogeneity, it just means both are equally free to follow their true natures wherever they may lead.

Andhaira December 27th, 2011 17:29

When a girl gets out of line, a good hard smack teaches her her proper place.

That's all a real man needs to keep his bitch in line.

Humanity has risen! December 27th, 2011 18:32

Traditional gender roles doesn't mean a dark triad type man and a conniving harpy. These archetypes exist, but they're a phase that stubborn young adults keep engaging into. Life isn't something out of a cheap Harlequin novel. Can you imagine grown adults still trying to cling to these personas?

Won't you grow up already… you're in to be sorely disappointment once this lifestyle won't be sustainable anymore.

Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 18:45

Allow me to roll my eyes if you take what I said literally instead of symbolically. Just translate what I said into whatever banal life you live, instead, and be done with it. It's kind of amusing you guys aren't still familiar with me always writing in an overblown style just to have some fun.

Other than that, why should I lower my lifestyle to the expectations of others? I can keep my lifestyle up pretty well, even when I probably have the most extravagant one in this thread. Why shouldn't I enjoy the gifts I have been given, and the guys and gals I have won the friendship of? You enjoy your banal life of merry xmas, let me enjoy my life of cool people doing cool things until death does what death does.

aleph December 27th, 2011 18:45

With such threads the place already feels like Codexia.

Black Cat is Japanese? Explains a lot about her rather "traditional" view on gender roles.

Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 18:47

Argentinian, not Japanese. The Japanese, in particular, and the asian, in general, seem to like me a whole lot, though, so I guess I must be doing something good enough.

And the KKKodex can't die while we live. Anywhere we go, the KKKodex follows like a terrible storm. Under the skies it covers never again will something grow, never again will laugh be heard. Only the howls of the damned and the icy wind, and the ocassional rolling peeble or crushed leaf telling us of that which stalks and waits just outside the light and warmth of the fire.

dminorkey December 27th, 2011 19:12

Why was my post deleted? I spoke only the truth. Do RPG Watchers fear the truth?

Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 19:14

What truth was that?

Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 19:24

Ehm, no. I was just asking what did the post they had deleted said. Are we feeling defensive today?

And you seem to have misunderstood. I'm not talking about how guys must look but about how they must act. And, in any case, a men's concept of how a man's ought to look is worthless, given you don't potentially want to go to bed with him.

I hope.

dminorkey December 27th, 2011 19:31

Just a misunderstanding m'dear, the air here is getting to my head.

And I'm entirely talking about behaviour. I mean, have you ever seen asian porn? The 'man' is in more pain than the woman.

oldmansavage December 27th, 2011 19:43

I enjoy tradition gender roles myself. I would hunt deer and do manly shit and the female would clean the blood out of my clothes. When she is finished making me a delicious dinner she will clean off the table and do the dishes. After I have digested she would be face down ass up in the bedroom. On birthdays and holidays we would snuggle and possibly allow her an orgasm.

I miss the 1950s. Also miss having colored people do odd jobs for no pay.

Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 19:56

Andhy, you should really get new tricks. Oh, well, maybe the Watchers will fall for them.

rk47 December 27th, 2011 20:01

Man is fire: that..only works in fighting games..or anime. In real life, prolonged conflict would only risk your entire career progression and constant backstabbing. The straightforward men would've been taken down cause they never bothered looking behind their back. A fiery guy may get his points across, like my boss did, but nobody would ever admit liking him. I don't want to be him when I get old. He doesn't even have real friends to drink with.

As for dominant women, yeah. I guess I experienced that at work with lady bosses. I feel kinda happy if I could understand half the time what they wanted. But the problem is really: they never get to the point and love the attention people shower them with. I fucking hate being watched like that. It makes my mistake more obvious. Best to be quiet, not get in some pointless confrontation when all both sides wanted is the clock to strike 6. We go home and forget each other existed. I decline lunch and dinner invitations cause splitting bills is a bitch with cents. Women isn't worth figuring out. Like tagging along with one for shopping. There's no pay off watching her hug that damn hand bag that would get replaced within a month.

Frankly, maybe it's just my personality, but I really dislike being pushed or pushing others back. So at the first hint of meeting an asshole, I just black list the dude from my life and minimize interaction. So far it worked out.

This approach only applies in real life you see. Cause in the internet, they can't possibly punch your face or shout, drawing crowd attention. CAPS LOCK doesn't do shit to my ears or blood pressure. I met some jerks in high school before, lost control, and nearly stabbed one on the eye with a penknife. That was probably when I realized, I should've walked away instead of listening to bullshit. And life got better. You just gotta know when to back off instead of charging in headstrong.

HiddenX December 27th, 2011 20:03

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Nothin' is cool and sexy - learn the ugly truth :)


Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 20:13


Man is fire: that..only works in fighting games..or anime. In real life, prolonged conflict would only risk your entire career progression and constant backstabbing.
There's always constant conflict, the only difference is whether you are attacking, defending, or trying not to be noticed. And that about fighting games and anime comes from a misunderstanding of the elemental symbolism: It isn't about being over the top and hot blooded, is about being aggressive and expansive. A hostile takeover is as much fire as conquering a neighbouring country is. The keywords for the symbol of fire are expansion and hunger, and zeal.

You don't need to be Bang Shishigami.

And what you said only reinforces what I meant: The current social and cultural context leads to men being timid and cowardly, shy like puppies and fragile like little flowers, caring more for stability than conquest. Virile men are in the endangered species list. :(


You just gotta know when to back off instead of charging in headstrong.
That's what I will never be able to understand of you people who aren't in the left hand. What's the point of living life as if you were something fluffy, scared, and small, always running away from predators and never taking the truly heroic chances? What have you won when your life ends? You have lost the chances to do great awesome thingies, just to be able to not do them for a longer time?

Maybe that's why all my friends are from the left hand. The basic ideology is you either obtain what you lust after or are destroyed, if possible destroying everything else with you. In the end they have done so many cool things, and lived so many awesome experiences, because they did.

And that, I believe, is part of being a man. That's what I like in a man. Is hot, and awesome, and sexy. Who want's to date a bloody accountant?


There's no pay off watching her hug that damn hand bag that would get replaced within a month.
You should come shopping with me someday. You will lose all hope in a capitalist world with a single date. :P

I don't mean any of this as an offense to you, in any case. Just to be clear and stuffies.

CrazyLoon December 27th, 2011 20:23

Black Cat is a crazy loon.

Oh… wait…

GameBrian December 27th, 2011 20:34

Sometimes I like to frolic in the woods wearing women's filmy underthings.

CrazyLoon December 27th, 2011 21:43


Originally Posted by Black Cat
you either obtain what you lust after or are destroyed, if possible destroying everything else with you.

Ever disappointing. Such selfishness. Such arrogance. Cool things, well, I guess if being a thug and beating up random people in the streets count as doing cool things, your friends have certainly done plenty. The fact is, when life terminates, you have nothing and are nothing, regardless of what you did previously during existence. Your world doesn't exist when your consciousness is no longer. The world will continue to exist, however only in the perspective of others' consciousness. It is incredibly selfish to only care about how many cool things you are able to accomplish, be it ruining others' life and negatively affecting others, you obviously don't care, as long as you consider it cool. So you leave your shit for other people to clean up, how delightful. Not to mention you are irresponsible. Taking heroic chances? What a joke. In a hypothetical battle, should a general carelessly order his troops to "take a heroic chance" under the circumstances that the best strategic move is to retreat? Had rk47 charge into a fight where he had little chance of winning, the ones affected the most besides himself, would be his friends and family. If his leg was crippled in the fight, who is going take care of him? All for the sake of taking that heroic chance of personal glory, how fucking selfish are you?

You can come out here and say you and your friends know eight, nine languages, but, being a human teleprompter doesn't hide the fact that you guys are thugs. How much you know doesn't dictate how much you think. This is pathetic. With all that being said, I think gender roles are a good thing. There we go, one thing in common.

Wicked Witch of Loliland December 27th, 2011 22:04

People should pick names similar to their KKKodexian ones, I don't like not knowing who I am talking to.

That aside, I wasn't talking about being a thug. Where did I say anything about hurting anyone but those who try to keep that which you desire from your reach? And I wasn't talking of Heroic Chances in an hypothetical battle. I was talking of heroic chances in your daily life. To risk everything to have that which you dream, not to conform yourself with a life devoid of meaning just because it's easier. If you are not going to have your dreams you are better dying for them than living like a defeated little husk.

Maybe you should stop jumping to conclussions and being hostile. Maybe even read what I wrote, that would be helpful.

Finally, I'm not for assumptions one way or the other. Whether there is, or there isn't, more afterwards change nothing. Everything that will not exist forever may as well be dead already, so what's the point of embracing desperately to die a bit later instead of earlier? What's the point of living a life other than what you dreamed of just to have safety and die, which is all you are going to get, later? Once you die, if there's nothing else, not only you are no longer, but you never were.

CrazyLoon December 27th, 2011 22:48

This is the same callsign I use on the Codex. I mostly lurk the playground and barely ever reply, other than the notorious dietary topics. And yes, the "Wicked Witch of Loliland" is so reminiscent of "Black Cat." ;)

I agree that people should chase after their dream. But here's thing, detach from the notion of people living life avoiding risks. Although true, what I'm emphasizing on though, is that your desire, can very well be unhealthy to the people that surround you, in both life and in the hypothetical battle I brought up. Rather the action is difficult, impossible, easy, a walk in the park, it doesn't matter, what matters is the consequences it has on people other than yourself. If a person lives for rape, under your philosophy, he should stop being a bitch and start raping. However, what makes his own dream more valuable than others, giving him the right to satisfy his own lust at the expanse of scarring other people? Same thing with the battle scenario and daily life. The heroic chances in daily life as you have put it, will have consequences, both intentional and unintentional, and you are responsible for them. To not consider, and not care to an extent, about the potential consequences to the surroundings, is selfish.

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